15.10.2022, 08:22

Items that should not be taken for travel

Reader Trinh Hang shares her travel experiences on what not to bring in your luggage.

You should consider the following items to make your travel journey the most convenient.

Thermal water bottle

Items that should not be taken for travel
Instead of a bulky thermos bottle, carry a handy and lightweight plastic water bottle.

Unless you’re picnicking in places with low temperatures, drinking water can freeze, otherwise, a thermos bottle is a burden in travel luggage. Some visitors just like to drink warm water, others like to bring a bottle of ice water to cool off. Many picky people even mix chilled fruit juices to enjoy on the road.

The reality is that the instant refreshment that the thermos provides is not worth the effort you put in to carry it. With the same amount of water carried, the thermos bottle is 3-4 times larger in size and weight than a plastic bottle, occupies a large volume in backpacks, bags and can make you tired if worn all day. Instead, you should carry a reusable plastic bottle, which is both compact and see-through, helping you to control how much water you drink and prepare to refill when needed. The sports plastic bottle has a fixed straw that can be attached to the shoulder or on the backpack for easy drinking without much manipulation.


Umbrellas can also be classified as “bulky and heavy luggage”, even folding umbrellas. It takes up a lot of space in the bag, but when opened to use, it “imprisons” one of your hands, making operations such as withdrawing a wallet, holding a train ticket, taking pictures, drinking water…. all become entangled. Not to mention when the wind is strong, the umbrella creates a great resistance that makes you have to work hard to walk on the road. What’s more, since it’s a portable item, it’s easy to forget or lose, which is both costly and frustrating.

To free your hands, replace your umbrella with a wide-brimmed hat that protects you from the sun, and bring a paper raincoat just in case the weather turns. When going sightseeing, it is best to go empty-handed, ready to handle any situation that arises.

Heavy clothes

No matter how beautiful or stylish the clothes that make you feel heavy, you should be brave enough to stay at home, because when traveling, you need to minimize the weight of your luggage and belongings. Heavy clothes such as denim clothes, leather clothes, evening coats, tweed shirts… are often many times heavier but keep warm less than windbreakers, sweatshirts, khakis or feathers. On the other hand, when those heavy clothes are unfortunately soaked in water, it will take a lot of time and effort to clean and dry.

Therefore, when traveling in winter, prioritize choosing lightweight clothes, wearing many thin layers will keep warm better than a thick big shirt. In the summer, choose clothes made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, modal…) to make the body comfortable when exercising, instead of materials mixed with nylon, though shiny and less wrinkled, but mysterious. poorly vented.

Tote bags and bags without zippers

Bags, backpacks with discreet buckles will be “reliable companions” on the way.

Going to a tourist destination, locals often easily recognize you through bewilderment. Therefore, many bad guys take advantage of this to “make money”. Therefore, you should leave at home bags that do not have zippers or buttons, or underarm bags that are easily stolen.

Bring your backpack, crossbody bag, stomach bag, both protect your papers and money, and free your hands. Bags should be sewn with sturdy and waterproof materials, so that in any case, the contents of the bag are not damaged, torn or smudged.

High heels, loafers, hard soles

If you decide to just stay in the hotel to rest, then you don’t need to care about shoes. But if you move a lot, especially in places where the terrain is not favorable, or you need to walk for a long time, then high heels and hard and heavy shoes will make you quickly lose strength, foot pain, headache, and even tiredness. After all, they are not designed to aid movement, only short-lived when posing for photos. You should give preference to soft-soled shoes and sports shoes to keep your feet comfortable.