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The moment of magical dawn on the sea of ​​salt mountain clouds

Journey to conquer Ky Quan San Peak (Bach Moc Luong Tu) at 3,046m high – Vietnam’s 4th highest mountain can not miss the wonderful moment when watching the sunrise on the sea of ​​clouds in Muoi mountain.

Among the trekking trekking high mountain peaks in the North of Vietnam, Muoi Mountain is one of the most beautiful places to watch the sea of ​​clouds and catch the sunrise, with an altitude of about 2,200m. Muoi Mountain is a very close stop to the upper shack area, or a 15 minute walk through a slope if you stay in the shack.
The most suitable season for cloud hunting on Ky Quan San in particular and the Northwest mountains in general is from November to the end of February. However, to have a beautiful sea of ​​clouds, a brilliant sunrise is a factor of luck. weather is also very important: low temperatures, high humidity, and sunshine.
The journey to conquer Ky Quan San peak is quite arduous, but at the sunrise viewing spot in Muoi mountain, you have not had to go through the high roads, steep cliffs.
Dawn in the winter mountains is quite late. About 5:30 to wake up, move up to the scenic spot, visitors start to see the first colors of the dawn on the mountain.
However, most visitors wake up early, trying to find themselves the most favorable places to watch and capture the sunrise. No one wants to miss the opportunity to admire the sunrise on Salt Mountain, before the next journey to conquer the 3.046m peak.
Dawn is the most wonderful moment on Salt Mountain. Light, color, mountains, sea of ​​clouds combine to create a scene that is both magnificent, romantic, magical and enchanting.
In the numbness of the high mountains in the morning, everyone took advantage of every moment to contemplate, admire the endless beauty, the magic that nature offers.
Dawn is also the best time to save unique photos. It is not difficult to have excellent images at Muoi Mountain: just a cliff and sea of ​​clouds are enough to create countless “unique” images.
With the background of the sea of ​​clouds and sunlight, some people choose to take pictures by the national flag leaves, others like to pose in a healthy “yoga” style.
No one wants to miss any scene, so the recording facilities are fully utilized: from cameras, phones, dash cams, drones …
There are people who simply sit for a long time, contemplate, with an open mind to reconcile with nature, creation, in the crystal, magic, rare dreams.
Up Muoi Mountain, everyone wants to take a “check-in” photo with the legendary wooden gate. Usually you will have to arrive early if you want to shoot comfortably, as later there will be quite a lot of people and have to queue.
Most interestingly, many of the people waiting to be photographed are the swings on the Salt Mountain. The feeling of swing on the sea of ​​clouds is really “adventurous” that visitors will remember forever.
The sun penetrates the sea of ​​clouds, shines the first rays of sunlight, starts a new day full of energy for enthusiasts, trying to overcome their own limits on the climbing journey.
The early sunlight makes the majestic mountain scenery put on the purest, most pristine beauty. You will feel your soul purified, want to open up the trachea to breathe the clear air.
So, in addition to the journey to conquer the 4th highest peak of Vietnam, you absolutely can stop Muoi mountain to live slowly, enjoy the pure beauty, pristine nature bestowed, to know that life is still still in the best moments. /.


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