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Forget the ripe rice season, Mu Cang Chai also has a beautiful season of forest digging!

Many people only know the beautiful golden rice season, but forget that the season of Mu Cang Chai peach blossoms is also enchanting, brilliant throughout the mountains and highlands every spring!

This Tet, you do not need to go to Sapa or Moc Chau to see the peach blossom season. Try to change the wind to visit the Mu Cang Chai cherry blossom season , you will definitely be amazed by the blooming pink flowers, blooming in the midst of nature.

The Cang Chai season has a season of wild peach blossoms. Photo: Tuoitreyenbai

Mu Cang Chai peach blossoms are also known as the flowers named “Me Thick”, every spring comes in bloom and brighten the mountains and forests. The color of the rose is so beautiful that everyone who looks at it is soothing and wants to record this beautiful sight.

There is a season of Mu Cang Chai peach blossoms that makes people bewildered!

If you have ever set foot in Mu Cang Chai land, you will definitely not be impressed with the terraced fields, or the yellow carpet stretching during the ripe rice season or the pouring season.

Pink colors bloom in front of the village people’s porch. Photo: Le Quyentran

Then, visiting this land in spring, you are even more impressed with the beautiful season of the peach blossoms in the forest of Mu Cang Chai . That is the beauty of the pristine, shimmering in the spring sunshine, and the H’Mong people here give this flower a special name – Me Thick !

The flowers that I am thick in bloom signaled the coming prosperous new year. Photo: Tuoitreyenbai

The “I’m Thick” flower belongs to a woody plant that grows and blooms only at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level. This type of forest flower belongs to the family of “peach blossoms”. The Mong people in Mu Cang Chai often call it “Pằng Toi thick” which translates in Vietnamese meaning as “Forest peach blossom”. Flowers usually bloom at the end of the year in the end of January. A typical flower in the Northwest mountainous region, including Mu Cang Chai district.

Forget the ripe rice season, Mu Cang Chai also has a beautiful season of forest digging!
The forest peach blossoms are also known as the Thick My Flower in Yen Bai

I am thick with cherry blossoms, 5 pink petals, bunched together in the middle, are long red stamens, combined in large clusters on the slender tree trunks, wide and high. However, because it grows in the harsh mountainous areas, this flower ‘equips’ with its stubbornness and strength in the fog.

You can watch the cherry blossom season of Mu Cang Chai in full bloom and thickest in La Pan Tan commune. Because here at the gate of each family’s house, people grow the Toen flower, when this flower bloom is a sign of a prosperous and prosperous new year. In addition, you can go to places such as Nam Khat, explore Lao Chai , or Pong Luong, … thick Me flowers also grow naturally in valleys and hills.

Hoa To Day in La Pan Tan commune. Photo: You Chu

According to the Hmong people, about 300 years ago, they settled here and this flower has grown and developed here. Every time the crop is finished, the paddy is full, and the rest time for Tet begins, this pink forest peach blossom blooms all over the mountains and forests. That’s why the Mong people have a verse about this flower:

“Making the season to watch flowers I Thick

Build a couple to see the hands “

Therefore, the people here have a special affection for flowers. I am thick, no matter how hard daily life is, every time the peach blossom season comes, the fatigue of a year will pass, Flowers signal good things spread to each house, each person.

Forest peach petals incense cherry blossoms. Photo: Yen

The most beautiful and brightest tree, the most beautiful, is alone on a dirt road in Trong Pao Sang village . The whole tree was so full of flowers, so many flowers that it seemed that there was no green leaf any more. At the foot of the mountain, not only a tree, but a forest of flowers was full of eyes. The thick slugs lying close together race to reach the sun and brighten a corner of the mountain foot.

The trees of Me Thick, standing side by side, bloom brightly in the forest corner. It can be admired easily from a distance, but it is a long way to get close to it.

Mu Cang Chai peach blossoms bloom in full bloom, with a pink glow in the sky. Photo: Le Quyentran

The season in which I have the thick of the Blind Cang Chai also shows the vitality of this flower. Because as soon as the deep cold passes, even snowfalls in the northern mountainous provinces  like Yen Bai, as long as you have power, the thick I flower will immediately bloom, the vitality of the flower is amazing. At the same time, sparkling and brilliant, the winter forests are green, suddenly wearing a new outfit full of energy!

Spring in the mountainous region suddenly becomes much more beautiful, the forest peach blossoms bloom, like melting the cold cold, gloomy monsoons.

Flowers bring strong vitality. Photo: Yen

In the coming spring, visit Yen Bai to admire the Mu Cang Chai cherry blossom season , you can also participate in the festivals of the local ethnic people, follow the footsteps of the pink and pink Mongol couples, immerse themselves in the sound. khen, the sound of lips, the leaf trumpets sobbed the whole village.

Mu Cang Chai is also a Tet tourist destination near Hanoi that you must definitely visit. Therefore, the journey of discovering spring travel will continue to roam on the famous passes of Mu Cang Chai like Khau Pha Pass – one of the four great mountain passes, up the hill to see the immense terraced fields. Then enjoy the local cuisine of Mu Cang Chai such as Tu Le nuggets, fresh boiled bamboo shoots, then taste the sweet and chewy hill chicken or the grilled fish caught from the streams on the hill.

See the flowers I am all over the highlands now! Photo: Winpro

Traveling to Tet 2021 , try changing the wind and watching the cherry blossom season of Mu Cang Chai to see the stars, which will make you be amazed by the fresh vitality of the mountain and forest nature!

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