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Muong Hoa valley – distinct beauty in Sapa

Muong Hoa Valley is one of the most attractive destinations in the Sapa travel journey. If you have ever been in love with the photos of the terraced fields full of golden rice, or the clear streams flowing in the middle of the village, this is the ‘vacation paradise’ for you. Not only that, the Sapa tour also takes you to experience the village life or enjoy the specialties ‘only eating in Sapa is delicious’.

1. Learn about Muong Hoa valley    

Muong Hoa Valley is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sapa. This place seems to be a pet created for the most beautiful things. The natural scenery is lyrical, the climate is mild, cool, the people are friendly, everything here is almost perfect, a safe place free from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Muong Hoa valley – distinct beauty in Sapa

Check-in at Muong Hoa valley

About 8km from the center of Sapa town to the Southeast, passing the rugged pass and going straight along the side of a high mountain, you will arrive at Hau Thao commune, which is also the location of Muong Valley Flower. The road to this Valley is also quite unsteady, but along the way you will have an interesting experience, watching the fantasy water of the mountain, seeing the treasures of the ethnic villages. . That is why, despite the difficulties, many tourists still have to come to Muong Hoa Valley and consider this as the top priority place in their Sapa vacation.

Beautiful mountains and forests here

2. Admire the beauty of Muong Hoa Valley

Impressive terraced field system

The question is that Muong Hoa Valley is nothing beautiful that attracts so many tourists. Definitely to mention the first is the system of terraced fields winding together like a giant curtain of the valley. Perhaps once coming here, admiring that beauty with their own eyes, visitors will fully absorb this specialness.

You can freely zoom out into a thousand eyes

It will be difficult to find where in Vietnam has such a unique terraced rice system. The adjacent fields, reaching out into high hills, even forming new mountains with different flora. In the green rice season, the whole valley is covered in immature colors, bending amidst the majestic nature. However, the most beautiful terraced system is undoubtedly in the ripe rice season. Because at this moment, the valley wears a yellow outfit, sparkling in the sunlight. It will be difficult for you to hold back this impressive beauty and also only to Muong Hoa Valley will you be able to find such a unique landscape.

Even so, the fields here are still beautiful regardless of time. When winter comes, the field is dressed in a thin layer of white and pure, even more heartwarming. All four valley seasons are changing different shirts, all of which are beautiful and difficult to not appreciate. That is why the terraced field system in Muong Hoa Valley has been voted one of the most beautiful terraced fields in the world.

Classic rocky beach

One of the more hallmarks of Muong Hoa Valley is the thousand-year-old rocky beach with many unique shapes. The rocky beach is located in the middle of the immense mountain, covered and protected by the villages. Mainly here is sandstone, most of the rocks are carved with strange drawings.

Together welcome dawn in the valley

This rocky colony is mostly concentrated in Ban Pho. The rocks are usually smooth round, a large block that creates excitement for visitors. One of the common drawings here is the figure of people with many different postures such as extending hands, holding hands, acrobatics, … even there are classic lines that once existed on Dong Son bronze drums. A search investigation took place showed here on the rocks there are about 11 strange human patterns. Currently, the Vietnam Academy of Science has not yet explained the meaning of these drawings, only knowing that it is the character that the ancients used to exchange with each other. Perhaps this topic will take decades or even a hundred years to have the answer, but before that, let us enjoy the beauty of what our fathers have left and what needs to be done is to preserve and protect them. This is truly a great legacy that ancient history hides,

Let’s check-in with all of our best friends

Discover romantic Flower Stream

With a length of 15km, Suoi Hoa is the main stream running through terraced fields and watering young rice plants. Seen from above, Suoi Hoa looks like silver threads across the hills, weaving a fancy picture. Suoi Hoa is poured by 22 other small streams, so it never gets dry. The stream has become an indispensable source of the Muong Hoa Valley village .

Enjoy the fresh air here

To facilitate travel, people have built many bridges across the stream. Every spring comes, Hoa stream becomes the marriage place of the couple in the village. They find out, date at this place, and stream Hoa like the apricot in beautiful love stories. Just like that, laughter echoed far and wide everywhere. Suoi Hoa is also a place to provide food for the people. The mussels in the villages often come here to fish. There is a myriad of freshwater fish in the stream that is loved, and after a catch, they will be brought to the market for many villages.

Suoi Hoa in Muong Hoa valley


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