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Revealing the experience of climbing Lao Than, checking in the roof of the beautiful Y Ty house forgot the way home

Lao Than is a very hot name for young people who love trekking thanks to the possession of complex roads that require many skills. To make the journey to conquer the roof of Y Ty’s house becomes easier, do not miss the experience of climbing Lao Than below the rope from the previous ones.

Introduction to the place of Lao Than

Location: Phin Ho village, Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province

Coordinates: 22.610420◦, 103.686535◦

Altitude: about 2,862m

Difficulty: medium

When planning to travel to Lao Cai, everyone immediately thinks of Sapa city hidden in the fog, charming Muong Hoa town or peaceful Y Ty land. And Lao Than mountain is considered the roof of this area, with an altitude of 2,862m, ranked 14th among the highest mountains in Vietnam. A famous tourist destination in the territory of Phin Ho commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province is a quite prominent place in the tourist map of the North in general. For many locals, the name of this mountain has the meaning of a sharp peak, standing tall among the clouds. In addition, people also used many other names to name this place such as Nhì Co San or Hau Pong San.

Revealing the experience of climbing Lao Than, checking in the roof of the beautiful Y Ty house forgot the way home
Lao Than Mountain is known as the roof of Y Ty’s house. Photo vntrip

Possessing a wild and rustic mountain and forest landscape, but not lacking in poetic features, Lao Than has an impressive beauty, where mountain clouds blend with heaven and earth. Perhaps so, this place is considered one of the ideal cloud hunting spots in the Northwest mountainous region, where anyone can set foot. Although not as high as Mount Fansipan, not as difficult as Ba Den Tay Ninh, climbing the roof of Y Ty’s house also takes a lot of skills and time because it has a high peak and possesses many steep rocks. So you need to equip the Lao Than trekking experience to conquer the mountain top which is considered to be of medium difficulty but brings this wonderful natural experience.

Lao Than climbing experience: Which season should I go to?

The sky and the island captivates many visitors from afar with the golden forest on the way to the mountain, the golden terraced fields and the villages with unique reports, clouds, wind, fog and the strange peacefulness of the Northwestern region of the country. But not at any time of the year, you can also admire this majestic, magnificent or poetic beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right time to fully explore the beauty of the top of Y Ty’s rooftop mountain .

The time from March to May, hunting clouds is the most ideal. Photo hoileonui

According to the experience of climbing Lao Than , the ideal is to go from October to December and March to May next year. Because this is the time when the weather is dry, no rain, ensuring your trip is safe and the most appropriate opportunity to explore the beauty of the mountain. For each check-in time frame here, you will feel the unique characteristics of the natural scene and thereby have the most suitable trekking experience. Detail:

– Time from March to May: cloud hunting is the most ideal.

November – February: hunting for clouds and checking in with a forest of grass burning yellow.

– September – November: climbing experience and watching the golden terraces.

The improvisation scene on the way up to Lao Than. Photo: wetrek

How to move to Lao Than mountain

Before enjoying the tranquility, pristine and poetic beauty of the beautiful mountain top in the majestic northwestern land, you must go to Lao Than mountain according to the following instructions: First, depart for Lao Cai. Visitors can choose to move from Hanoi at the My Dinh bus station or Giap Bat. Next, you book tickets for the Hanoi – Lao Cai garage. Remember to refer to quality and reputable addresses such as Ha Son garage, Sapa Express garage, Sao Viet, Green Bus with an average ticket price of only 220,000 – 350,000 VND. Usually travel time is about 5 – 6 hours. So you should choose the bus from 10 to 11 o’clock at night to be able to arrive at the right time tomorrow morning.

Very hot name for young people who love trekking. Photo: bongtrankungfu

After checking in Sapa mountain street , you take a motorbike taxi or are chosen by many young people rather than renting a motorbike to go to Y Ty commune. Here, visitors will take about 4 hours to go through Ban Xeo, Den Sang. If starting from the center of Y Ty, then follow the road DT158 to Phin Ho village.

Lao Than is ranked 11th in the list of the highest mountain peaks in Vietnam. Photo: wetrek

One interesting thing is that if you depart from Sapa city to go to Lao Than – Y Ty , visitors will admire the poetic beauty of Muong Hum hill, Sam Ma Sao. Each scene seemed to be hidden in the morning mist among the beautiful Northwest clouds. According to Sapa travel experience and check in Lao Than, the distance from the center of the mountain town to Y Ty is about 80km, travel time takes from 2 to 3 hours.

The place where the sun rises earliest and goes to sleep latest is in Y Ty. Photo: Viettrekking

Attractive experiences at Lao Than mountain

The trekking trail crosses each of the weeds, the moment you catch a few bare branches on an empty hill or catch the right time when the sun rises, take pictures of dreamy cloud hunting, … “one-of-a-kind” experience is only available in this soaring mountainous Northwest region. Let’s explore with Vinlove below.

The trekking trail passed through each of the weeds. Photo: Viet Anh Duong.

Beautiful trekking road forgot the way back

The Lao Than trekking road is considered to have an average difficulty, compared to Ba Den mountain or the journey to conquer Mount Phanxipang . However, to ensure absolute safety for the trip, it is necessary to equip with Hao Than climbing experiences or at least have to be accompanied by people with good trekking skills. The foot of the mountain is mainly low grass hills, the terrain is not too complicated and near the top, there will be thorns and bushes. In addition, along the way, there will be stops to rest and explore.

The section from the foot of the mountain going up is mainly low grass hills. Photo: hoileonui

According to many visitors, the trekking Lao Than street is not too complicated, but there are many bushes and thorns, so it will make it more or less difficult for you in the process of moving. In addition, Y Ty’s roof topography has many grass hills and low uplands, so the higher the wind, the stronger the wind. Because of this, mountain climbers lose a lot of energy. Besides, although you can follow the trail to easily move, there are also many unexpected turns on the journey, easily making you lose your way. However, do not worry too much but ask the help of the porter (who is fluent in terrain if necessary) during your trip.

According to the experience of climbing Lao Than of many people, the first part of the road is quite gentle because it is flat. At this time, the climber’s stamina is also abundant, so you will find the way to go more easily. As you go further, you will find forests burned for cultivation with a characteristic burning smell, here and there scattered dry trees, scorched by the hot northwestern sun. But then, the scene started to become less romantic but became majestic with gradual steep slopes as if wanting to squeeze all your strength, making the journey to conquer the roof of Y Ty’s house seem to slow down.

The topography of Y Ty’s roof has many grass hills and low forest areas. Photo: cow.photoss

In return, the natural scenery will treat you with a rare beauty in the high mountains. It was the brilliant color of the azaleas blooming in the early sunlight, the camellia blooming white flowers hidden in the mist, the bright yellow, iridescent of the flower named lice. . It is a cool green forest surrounding the funny stream, here and there are dotted with a few wild flowers, making you feel so tired as disappearing and your physical strength recovers significantly. It seems the higher up, the better the view. All will make you surprised but passionate right after that.

Cloud hunting, sunrise watching on Lao Than

Recently, hunting clouds on the high mountains all over the country is a very “hot” trend. If the South has Ba Den Tay Ninh mountain, Chua Chan mountain, Co To mountain, the central has Que Peak, Ba Na Hill, Lac Duong or Trai Mat, the North, specifically the Northwest, calls the name Phanxipan cloud covered or Lao peak. Tham – is known as the place where the earliest sunrise and the latest sleep in Y Ty. It can be said that rattan hunting has become a characteristic experience creating a “brand” for this land.

Climbing Cao Tham is not too difficult a challenge. Photo: wetrek

What is better when you can visit the journey to the top of the mountain at an altitude of 2,862m above sea level at 6am. Not only can you see the rays at the beginning of the day, you can also witness with your own eyes the beautiful sunset when the sunset falls, in the midst of the wild, majestic nature but equally poetic here. Dao Tham Peak is also voted by Lao Cai tourist lovers as one of the ideal virtual check-in-living places.

Simple meal while anchoring Lao Than mountain. Photo: wetrek

At any time, whether the moment the sun just woke up behind rows of layers of large and small rocks or until the light was shining clearly on everything, each ray of sunlight passed through the dense clouds to warm each. the leaf was still drenched in morning mist, splendid scenery when the sun stood at the top of the mountain or when the sky was dyed with brilliant pink color and then momentarily yellowed at the end of the day before disappearing behind the mountains, all are magical and unforgettable moments for anyone so don’t miss you. Because after a long climbing trip, this beautiful natural picture is enough to dispel all the fatigue and difficulties along the way.

Cloud hunting on top of Dao Tham. Photo: Vntrip

Ideal virtual living angles

In the experience of climbing Lao Than , surely there is no shortage of check-in points, taking virtual live photos of the top. Because after a tiring climbing journey, climbers, especially young people, cannot ignore the extreme and unique angles here such as a bare tree path on an empty hill, virtual living trees. At A Ho shack, fishing cliffs, mountain camping, Phin Ho market and countless other destinations waiting for you to explore.

Phieu is in Lao Than. Photo: viettrekking

Some notes in trekking experience in Lao Than

The journey of climbing Lao Than is rated relatively easy when compared to conquering other towering mountains in the Northwest. The trekking path here is characterized by many low grass hills, forest ditches, but there are not many hollows or rocks like climbing Bach Moc Luong Tu . In general, the mountain topography is not too complicated. And another one is the way to the mountain with forests but quite sparse due to a lot of fire, quite hot and sunny, so remember to bring a hat, glasses, and a jacket.

Camp on the island of Lao Than. Photo: vntrip

The closer you get to the top of the mountain, there will be more thorny trees, thicker bushes than the bottom of the mountain, so this section will take much more time to travel, and even many turns, causing lost paths. However, through that stretch, you will come to a stop to rest and regain strength. According to local people, this place was originally a rock cave for a Mong couple with enough space for 4-5 people to temporarily stay. If you are afraid of getting lost, you should hire a porter to give them safety instructions!

What to prepare to conquer Lao Than?

Being appreciated by followers who love trekking and mountain climbing is not too difficult, but the journey to conquer the roof of Y Ty’s house is not easy. On the way, you will encounter certain obstacles. Therefore, in addition to equipping the Tao Tham climbing experience , visitors need to prepare the following necessary items:

– Trekking shoes: This is an indispensable item in any climbing journey, not only trekking Lao Than. Therefore, you need to choose comfortable shoes with the best grip.

– Travel backpack: It is recommended to use a backpack with a large capacity and design of many separate compartments so that you can carry many items and easily, quickly take out when needed.

Trekking Lao Than must have a very good backpack. Photo: wetrek

– Clothes: The trip to the top of the mountain must pass many sections with different weather, so you need to wear comfortable clothes to move. Besides, do not forget to bring warm clothes in the form of layers, sun protection shirts and accessories such as gloves, hats to make trekking easily on Lao Than mountain .

Drinking water and food: Because the journey is long, your body also needs to be provided with adequate drinking water and food, to avoid exhaustion. So fast energy-supplementing dishes such as chocolate, cakes, instant sausages, drinking water … should also be prepared in a backpack. If you intend to have a party and fast food, you need to bring more dishes.

– Medicines: Also, do not forget to equip pain relievers, headache medicine as well as insecticide sprays to ensure your safety while on the go.

Prepare all the necessary tools for the Dao Tham trip. Photo: vntrip

– Camping tents: Normally, the journey of climbing Lao Than usually takes at least 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights, many people will camp overnight, so it is necessary to prepare a dedicated camping tent to avoid frost and wind. or sudden rains.

– Sleeping bag: In addition to a tent, a sleeping bag is also an essential tool, helping you stay warm and have a better night’s sleep on the roof of Y Ty’s house.

Finally, do not forget the indomitable objects of virtual lovers including phones, cameras as well as power banks, and some other electronic devices. They will help you to ensure contact and save the best moments during your trip.

Each scene seemed to be hidden in the morning mist. Photo: @Max Vu.jpg

The cost of climbing Hao Tham mountain

Visit the land of Y Ty and check in Lao Than, you will be immersed in the mountain and forest nature, temporarily away from the urban smog, get many new experiences without being too expensive and costly. like when traveling to Da Nang or Da Lat. The average cost for the trip is only from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 depending on the number of people, the length of stay and the service you choose. Specifically as follows (calculated according to the most necessary fees for the trip):

Bus fare for Hanoi – Lao Cai route: 500,000 / person (including round-trip ticket).

Motorbike rental: from 300,000 / 2 people / car.

Porter local rent: 500,000 / porter.

Daily meal fee: 400,000 VND / person (including lunch, snacks and accommodation at the stopover).

Amounts incurred: 100,000 VND.

With the experience of climbing Lao Than about the way, the appropriate time to visit, as well as the preparation of items to conquer the roof of Y Ty’s house, Vinlove hopes with you that you will have a safe, convenient and convenient climbing trip. get wonderful experiences in this dreamy, peaceful but also very wild land.

Photo: Internet

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