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Explore Choan Then Y Ty to see that Lao Cai still has many beautiful places like love language

Discovering Choan Then Y Ty only once, you will fall in love with the beautiful terraced fields, and the poetic precarious hills in the sunset.

Where is Chon Than?

In recent years, discovering Choan Then Y Ty has become a trend of many tourists when they have the opportunity to return to Lao Cai. Y Ty is one of the most beautiful and famous coordinates of Bat Xat district. It has majestic and magnificent nature, friendly rustic people and a lot of experiences for tourists. 

Explore Choan Then Y Ty to see that Lao Cai still has many beautiful places like love language
Choan Then village is located in Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district. Photo: @linhthocam

Choan Then is a village located with its back on Nhiu Co San mountain range, Y Ty commune. This place owns an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level, mainly inhabited by Ha Nhi ethnic people. From the center of Y Ty commune to the village is only about 2km, the road is not too difficult, so you can rest assured to explore. 

Chon Then is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level. Photo: @ngaoo.99

In recent years, Y Ty tourism has gradually developed strongly, traffic is also more invested. There is no longer a precarious dirt road, instead it is a clean concrete road, taking visitors through the villages. Coming to Choan Then, you will return to the most simple and rustic things. But it certainly is not miserable or too difficult.

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Discovering Choan Then Y Ty, hunting beautiful clouds in the sky 

Currently, Choan Then village has been recognized as a community tourist destination with proper investment in transportation, accommodation and basic services for visitors. Therefore, people come to Choan Then Y Ty more to explore the life of Ha Nhi people, to see the beautiful and beautiful picture here. 

The peaceful scene of Choan Then. Photo:

Discovering Choan Then Y Ty , visitors can almost fully enjoy the characteristics of the Northwest tourist land. This place is located at an altitude of 2000 meters, so the climate is always cool and pleasant. In the early mornings and evenings, the air will be colder, the right quality of the Northwest highlands.

Chon Then is also a beautiful cloud hunting paradise in Y Ty. Photo: @jul8x

Nature has really been very gracious when giving Y Ty a beautiful picture with undulating hills, in the distance are dark green forests, covered by white clouds floating magically. In Choan Then, people mainly cultivate terraced fields, no wonder why this is one of the coordinates to see beautiful terraced fields in Lao Cai.

This place has mountains and hills, and poetic terraced fields. Photo: @_xuan.2903

Walking along the roads around this village, everywhere you will see terraced fields stretching along the mountainside. Depending on the season of the year, the rice fields are sometimes green, sometimes yellow. As for the water season from May to June, the terraced fields in Choan Then are like beautiful sparkling colored boxes. 

Innocent children in Choan Then village. Photo: @viettran.269

In the journey to discover Choan Then Y Ty , visitors cannot ignore a destination located at the end of the village. This is a fairly large vacant lot that tourists favorably call “Choan Then Park”. This place is rumored by people to be the second most beautiful photography coordinates in Y Ty. 

Beautiful spring in the land of Choan Then. Photo:

From this vacant lot, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the vast natural picture with terraced fields, with high and low mountains stacked on top of each other. In the cloud hunting season, this is a great place to watch the dense, white sea of ​​clouds appear. 

Chon Then lies in a sea of ​​white clouds floating. Photo: @phongkimdaily

Young people tell each other that this “park” is always beautiful. In winter there is a sea of ​​thick white clouds, in the early morning there is a misty mist, in the afternoon there is a very romantic red sunset. The poetic and rustic nature of the Northwest is also thanks to the small hut with thatched roofs and neatly arranged firewood fences. 

At the end of Choan Then village, there is a “park” which is a beautiful vacant lot. Photo: @p.tuann

Choan Then is the residence of the Ha Nhi ethnic group, so the empty space at the end of this village is also a place for cultural activities, a place where religious ceremonies take place in the new year, ripe rice season or traditional festivals of the country. Ha Nhi people. If you come here on these occasions, you will experience jubilant activities with relatives.

In winter, you can also hunt clouds. Photo: @changvang_

If you have time, you should stay in Choan Then for a few days to live like a local. It is known that this village has a history of up to 300 years, is ancient, warm and retains many long-standing cultural values. Here, visitors can also admire the traditional walled houses with earthen walls, cool during the day, warm at night.

The tiny house is located in the middle of a sea of ​​clouds. Photo: @p.tuann

The more you explore Choan Then Y Ty, the more you will fall in love with the beautiful scenery and preserved cultural values ​​here. In this village, the local government has built cultural activities houses, community tourist houses with bold architectural impressions, both serving the local residents and serving tourism activities. 

Y Ty land really contains many interesting things. Photo:

In particular, when you have time to visit the village, you also encounter the elderly in the village with the craft of making rattan trays, knitting, embroidering flowers, and making traditional wine. All are occupations passed down from many generations, creating the typical cultural identity of the Ha Nhi ethnic group.

Experience going to Choan Then Y Ty 

If you want to explore Choan Then Y Ty , every season of the year is beautiful to visit. In the summer, there are terraced fields with sparkling water. Autumn has golden ripe rice season with jubilant festivals. And winter is an ideal time for tourists to come and hunt for clouds.

Coming to Choan Then, you can combine trekking Nhiu Co San. Photo: @dinhminh15 

If you are a fan of mountain climbing, combine exploring this village and climbing Nhiu Co San peak – one of the high and beautiful mountains in the Northwest. However, when going climbing, you need to choose the dry season, it does not rain to ensure safety and easier climbing journey. 

Carefree children play in the most beautiful village of Y Ty. Photo: @maikahbm

Choan Then has now become a community tourism destination of Y Ty, so there are enough homestays to serve visitors. Here, you can stay at Choan Then Homestay, San Lu or Community Tourist House. Restaurants are also diverse for visitors to enjoy the delicious dishes of the Northwest. 

Traveling to Lao Cai, you must visit Choan Then Y Ty once. Photo:

Discovering Choan Then Y Ty  will surely be a beautiful journey that visitors cannot ignore. It is not only the beauty of nature, but also the beautiful photos you bring back, the beauty of the culture of the Ha Nhi people here. So if you have the opportunity, once you visit Choan Then Y Ty in Bat Xat, Lao Cai. 

Photo: Instagram

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