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Do you know what to buy at Bac Ha market as a gift for your loved ones?

Bac Ha market is one of the unique markets of the Northwest region. Visitors here not only learn about the cultural beauties of the highland people, but also enjoy shopping and discovering interesting culinary quintessence. And if you are wondering what to buy at Bac Ha market, check out the suggestions below.

What should buy at Bac Ha – Lao Cai market is the most ‘standard’?

1. Bac Ha Brocade

Coming to  Bac Ha market,  you will see that people here use brocade a lot, so this is also a gift to buy when coming to Bac Ha. The brocades here have colorful colors and sophisticated patterns, creating a delicate beauty for each product. You can choose to buy for yourself the traditional costumes of Bac Ha people, or souvenirs such as wallets, book bags, hats, scarves, … also very meaningful. And that is also a suggestion to buy at Bac Ha market you should consider.

Do you know what to buy at Bac Ha market as a gift for your loved ones?
Visit Bac Ha market to choose and buy unique and impressive brocade products

2. Bac Ha dog

What should Bac Ha tourism buy?  Besides delicious and special dishes in Bac Ha , lovely and lovely dogs are also an ideal suggestion for you. Because it is known that Bac Ha dogs are famous for their intelligence and loyalty, many tourists from far away come to Bac Ha just to buy dogs. Bac Ha dogs also have many types for you to choose from such as big dogs, bulldogs, poodles, long-haired dogs, … You can go to the corners of the cattle market to choose your favorite dogs. Please. 

Bac Ha dog is an intelligent and loyal dog in the highlands

3. Bird’s foot mushroom

If you don’t know what to buy at Bac Ha market  , consider the crow’s foot mushroom (also known as split blade mushroom) – a unique mushroom only found in Bac Ha. This mushroom not only contains high nutritional content, but also has a delicious taste, which can create many attractive dishes, such as: Chicken soup, stir-fried bird’s foot mushroom with meat,…. To identify The crow’s foot mushroom is quite simple, because of the characteristic mushroom shape without a stalk, the cap radiates a fan shape, looking a bit like the shell of a mussel or a seashell. The outside is covered with a thin, smooth coat, which looks quite impressive. When buying bird’s feet as a gift, make sure everyone likes and remembers the taste of the Northwestern mountains.

Bird’s foot mushroom is a typical mushroom of Bac Ha

4. Ban Pho corn wine

What to buy at the most famous Bac Ha market?  Ban Pho corn wine is the perfect choice for you. This is a specialty of the Mong ethnic people in Ban Pho, with its pungent taste and mellow feeling, making wine connoisseurs fall in love. In particular, the corn wine here when drinking a lot will get drunk longer, but not making people tired and sluggish, but always keeping a refreshing, uplifting, strange way. Perhaps because of that, Ban Pho corn wine is always warmly welcomed by diners.

Ban Pho corn wine is known as a delicious and famous wine in the highlands

According to the concept of the people here, every morning you make a glass of corn wine will increase your strength, like having a god always by your side to support you. So you will not feel tired, but on the contrary, very energetic when working. In the evening, a glass of corn wine will help friendship and family love become warmer and closer. Therefore, in every meal of Bac Ha people, this corn wine seems indispensable.

5. Bamboo shoots

Bac Ha is famous for many attractive specialties, in which bamboo shoots are a dish that you should consider buying for family and friends. Because this is the most famous and delicious type of bamboo shoots of the Northwest region, although the taste is dark and bitter, it still conquers the taste of many diners. The reason people call them bamboo shoots is because they are taken from young shoots of bamboo shoots, only about 20-30cm long, so when enjoying, bamboo shoots keep their sweet and cool taste. With bamboo shoots, you can make many delicious dishes, but the most interested is probably still pickled sour bamboo shoots. The sour and spicy flavor will help you have a delicious meal, not bored at all. And that is also the answer to help you know what to buy at Bac Ha Lao Cai market ?

Bamboo shoots are sold quite popularly in Bac Ha market

6. Bac Ha plum

If you  travel to Bac Ha  on the occasion of May – June, then take advantage of buying Bac Ha plums as gifts for your loved ones. Because at this time the plum season is in full bloom, but the plums are round and plump, when enjoying, you will easily notice the crispy plum flavor, completely different from plums elsewhere. Perhaps because of that, Bac Ha plum is always sought after by tourists to buy and enjoy.

Come to Bac Ha, don’t forget to buy delicious plums to enjoy

7. Muong Khuong chili sauce

One more option, when you don’t know  what to buy at Bac Ha market  , is Muong Khuong chili sauce – A special chili sauce, unlike any other chili sauce sold in the market. Because this chili sauce is made from typical ingredients of the highlands such as: Garlic, coriander seeds, doi seeds, salt, alcohol, cumin seeds, … and indispensable is chili. All ingredients when combined together, create a spicy, rich flavor and become the most popular seasoning here.

Muong Khuong chili sauce – Specialty in Bac Ha

In addition, there are still many other attractive specialties you can consider buying more such as: kitchen buffalo meat, five-color sticky rice, lam rice, black rice cake, men men, cakes, ….

Bac Ha is famous for its delicious and attractive food, along with typical products, which you can buy to use or give as gifts to relatives and friends. And hope that with the above suggestions, you will know  what to buy at Bac Ha market  that is most suitable. Have a nice trip!

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