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Shopping at Buon Ma Thuot Central Market

From the past up to now, the market has always been the place that best reflects the customs and lifestyle of each land, so if you want to have the clearest view of “Mountain Street”, you absolutely must not ignore Central Buon market. Ma Thuot.

Located on Nguyen Cong Tru street, Tan Tien ward, Buon Ma Thuot city center, Dak Lak province , so C Market is often called by people the name is Buon Ma Thuot Central Market and attracts many people to come. shop every day.

Interesting points of central market Buon Ma Thuot

If you think that the markets in the Central Highlands must have stalls on display along the red dirt roads, you will definitely have to change your mind immediately when coming to the market in the center of Buon Ma Thuot city .

Because the roads here are all smooth, spacious and clean, the market is also built into 3 spacious and spacious floors, as spacious as commercial centers.

Shopping at Buon Ma Thuot Central Market
The road to the market is spacious and clean (Photo Fb of BMT CENTER)

The front of the market is designed with transparent glass to create elegance, modernity, with floral motifs in vibrant red and orange, and the market name is placed on the top of the building, making you even Standing from afar was also attracted.

The outstanding front of the market (Photo FB FAIR CENTER BMT)

Because of its spacious and airy design, the Central Market of Buon Ma Thuot also has a variety of goods for visitors to freely explore. Above all, it is divided into separate areas such as: fresh food area, dry food area, food court, fashion area or souvenir area … to help customers’ shopping experience is great. the best.

Super fresh fruits at the market (Photo: Tuan Duong)

Entering the market, the first thing that you can feel is its bustle and bustle. Because it is located in the center of the bustling city, whether it is day or night, the market has no shortage of passersby.

But the special thing of the C market in Buon Ma Thuot that you will not see in the lowland markets is ethnic people with colorful traditional clothes, carrying bamboo baskets on their shoulders. Food, and funny ethnic voices whispering, chatting among themselves, even juggling shopping, makes visitors who pass by cannot help but enjoy.

Moreover, the market also has a mixture of modern and traditional things, that is, it has everything that the Kinh market sells, but there will also be things that only in the mountains such as: forest vegetables, clothes, scarves or colorful brocade fabrics woven with the skillful hands of gentle ethnic girls … make the market space become more vibrant and more unique.

A lot of colorful brocade products (Photo FB FAIR CENTER BMT)

The most vibrant and bustling area in Buon Ma Thuot Central Market is probably the food court, because it concentrates a lot of Dak Lak’s specialties that are super delicious and exotic with the scent of the nose, made. Available for guests to enjoy.

With typical dishes that you should try are: green rice, grilled deer meat, stir-fried deer, chicken in Ban Don grilled with salt and chilli or lemongrass salt, bitter anchovy salad or stir-fried bamboo shoots … Is eating does not stop being shown.

The fragrant grilled dishes at the market

After you have finished your meal, do not rush to go to the souvenir section of the market to buy hand-made products of skillful ethnic workers such as ivory, wooden key mold, Ede sack, gourd, elephant statue or brocade bags … to make tourist gifts in Buon Ma Thuot for friends and relatives.

Unique souvenirs in the market

Once you are bored with the market, you can enrich your outing by visiting famous tourist destinations of this beautiful land nearby such as Sac Tu Khai Doan pagoda , a battle monument. win Buon Ma Thuot or a cultural house for children in Dak Lak … okay.

Super beautiful temple near the market (Photo @thuphuongggg_)

A few notes when visiting Buon Ma Thuot Central market

– The market operates from 5 to 19 hours daily.

– When going to the market, keep your assets, especially valuable things like wallets and phones, very carefully, because the market is quite crowded, it will be difficult to control.

– Normally crowded, but on the days bordering on Tet, the number of people who flock to the Central Nui Mountain market for shopping is even more uncountable, making the atmosphere extremely vibrant and bustling. Therefore, if you come here on this occasion, you must be prepared mentally that you will have to crowd.

– Bring a little more money because you can spend a lot of money before the super interesting and unique items in the market.

Coming to Dak Lak, do not just go to tourist destinations because the markets, such as Buon Ma Thuot Central Market , are also a place that contains a lot of interesting things about this land for you to explore. Please.

Photo: Internet

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