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Discover the pure white Bac Ha plum blossom season in February

These days, Bac Ha plum blossom season has arrived on the Bac Ha white plateau, making many hearts sob to go to check in right away in the picturesque white plum season.

Another season of Bac Ha plum blossom has arrived 

Another season of Bac Ha plum blossom is back on the white plateau, making everyone who loves this flower want to check in once. Along with plum gardens in Moc Chau, Bac Ha plum gardens are in the most beautiful blooming season, painting the scenery of the Bac Ha district in Lao Cai fresh.

Discover the pure white Bac Ha plum blossom season in February
In February, plum blossoms bloom on the Bac Ha plateau. Photo: @tavangohomestay

Every year, at the beginning of February when the weather gradually becomes warm, millions of beautiful white plum flowers bloom simultaneously among the immense gardens of Bac Ha land. In the midst of the majestic scenery of the Northwest, the pure white plum flowers adorn the natural picture here more poetic.

Plum blossoms show off their pure white color before the golden February sun. Photo: @moc.177

According to the Lao Cai tourism experience of many tourists, the area of ​​Ban Pho, Ta Chai, Lau Thi Ngai, Na Hoi, … is the place where plum gardens are in full bloom. If in Son La there are Na Ka and Mu Nau plum valleys, in Bac Ha, the above communes are the ideal coordinates for hunting flowers. 


Visitors are fascinated by the beautiful scenery of the beautiful and clear white plum blossom gardens. Photo: @thanhhoanguyenhuy

Bac Ha plum blossom season is beautiful but also fast to come and go. Each flower season only blooms for about a month before it begins to fade to bear fruit. Therefore, visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of this flower season must quickly plan a trip. Because if you slow down a bit, you have to wait another year to see the beautiful white plum blossom season .

The beauty of Bac Ha plum blossom season makes visitors fall in love

When it comes to plum blossom season, people often think of plum gardens in Moc Chau that have appeared a lot on visitors’ check-in photos. But you know, in the white plateau of Bac Ha, the plum blossom season is equally beautiful. It’s just that not many tourists come here, so tourism in the plum blossom season in Bac Ha has not developed strongly. 

Plum flowers bloom around the garden in the Bac Ha plateau. Photo: @_haohi_

In the Bac Ha region, there are mainly two varieties of plum, Tam Hoa plum and Ta Van plum. In which, Tam Hoa plum blossom season ended about 1 month ago. Particularly, Ta Van plum blossom season (a local purple plum variety) is at the most beautiful time. The pure white plum blossom color makes everyone think that the spring is still lingering, not wanting to leave. 

In Bac Ha, plums are grown a lot in Ban Pho, Ta Van Chu,… Photo: @tragiang183

Across the hills, plum gardens in Bac Ha are now “dyed white” by millions of delicate and pure flowers. Flowers bloomed on the branches, each white petal shyly showing off. Each passing wind swayed and dropped flowers on the red dirt road. The natural scenery is so beautiful and gentle. 

Plum flowers show off their white color everywhere, adorning the beautiful scenery of Bac Ha more poetic. Photo: @dinh.t.thanhthuy

If you travel to Bac Ha at this time, just roaming on a motorbike will bring you to the hills covered with white plum blossoms. Then, when weaving into the plum gardens, getting closer to the flowers, you can hear the scent of flowers in the wind, and feel more fully the captivating beauty of this white flower. 

Tourists walk among white plum groves in Bac Ha. Photo: @tavangohomestay

Although Bac Ha plum blossom season is not as famous as Moc Chau plum blossom season, more and more tourists know and look to the white plum gardens to take pictures. In bright dresses, the girls are shy next to the flower branches, creating all kinds of designs to save themselves a beautiful moment of youth. 

Experience discovering Bac Ha plum blossom season

In Bac Ha plum blossom season , tourists from all over come here more to see the flowers and take pictures. Indigenous residents also began to open the garden to visitors and charge a fee. In Ta Van Chu commune, there is a famous plum garden with a large area. Visitors can come to the commune and ask to take pictures for 30,000 VND/person.


Tourists are fascinated by the beautiful scenery of the white plum garden in Bac Ha. Photo: @thanhhoanguyenhuy

In addition, the road leading to Lu Than commune is also the coordinate for planting the most plums. Here, plum gardens bloom in white, planted in a straight line, drawing a ravishing landscape. In addition, the road from Bac Ha to Sin Cheng market also has many beautiful white blossoming plum gardens waiting for visitors to visit. 

The picturesque scenery in Bac Ha makes people just want to stay here forever. Photo: Mickey Pham

To take beautiful photos with Bac Ha plum blossom season, visitors should rent costumes of the Mong people and transform into village boys and girls. Besides, you can also prepare clothes with outstanding colors to get a series of beautiful photos amidst the pristine white plum garden of the dreamy Bac Ha region. 


If you want to see Bac Ha plum blossom season, you should go right away. Photo: @anhtamdang

Note, when taking photos at plum gardens, visitors should walk gently, avoid causing flowers to fall or intentionally picking flowers to break branches. Because plum blossoms will bear fruit after blooming, so visitors need to raise their awareness of flower protection so that a few months later, we will have fresh and delicious Bac Ha plums again. 


In addition to the white plum blossom season, Bac Ha also has a very beautiful peach blossom season. Photo: @k.linhhhh_

Another  Bac Ha plum blossom season  has returned, making many tourists “stand still” because of the beautiful scenery of plum gardens. If you have the opportunity, plan a trip to Bac Ha district right away to admire the full white picture of this land in February. 

Photo: Instagram

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