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‘Buddha light’ on the top of Ngu Chi Son

LAO CAI – After 9 times conquering the Northwest peaks, I happened to record the rare phenomenon of “Buddha light” on the top of Ngu Chi Son on the afternoon of December 2.

In early December, our group of 6 tourists originally planned to conquer Ta Xua peak in Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. However, an hour before departure, there was news that the locality stopped accepting guests due to concerns about the Covid-19 epidemic, including those who have had enough vaccines and tested negative for nCoV. The group switched to climbing Ngu Chi Son peak in Ta Giang Phinh commune, about 25 km from Sa Pa , Lao Cai.

‘Buddha light’ on the top of Ngu Chi Son
Ngu Chi Son mountain consists of 5 main peaks, looking like a giant hand rising up in the Northwest forest land. Photo: Nguyen Duc Hung

Departing from Suoi Thau 2 village at the foot of the mountain at 10 am, after 4 hours of climbing and one hour of lunch break, the group arrived at the shack at 3 pm. The members of the delegation decided to stay in the shack to rest so that the next morning, they went to the top to watch the sunrise.

After learning that the shack was about an hour’s climb from the top and it was still bright, I invited a member of the group to climb to the top to watch the sunset. Two people started from the shack and reached the top at 15:05. After going a short distance, the companion decided to return to the shack to keep his strength for the next morning to go to the top to watch the sunrise. At this time, it was just me and Cu A Sinh (18 years old), the guide of the H’Mong ethnic group.

After about 50 minutes of continuous climbing through an almost steep slope and a ravine with strong winds, A Sinh and I reached the top of Ngu Chi Son, 2,658 m high, the 15th highest mountain in Vietnam but in terms of difficulty. belong to the first group.

At the top of the mountain at this time, the sunset has not yet come down, but there is a sea of ​​white clouds floating, overwhelmingly beautiful. Having conquered 9 mountains of the highest group in the Northwest, this is the first time I have witnessed the sea of ​​clouds.

“Buddha light” appears (located under the right arm of the character in the image). Photo: A Sinh

After taking a short photo and video of the sea of ​​clouds at the top, I came across a circular halo. When I came back to look at it, I realized that this rare natural phenomenon is also known as ” Buddha light “. It’s a unique optical phenomenon called a solar halo, which occurs when light interacts with ice crystals suspended in the air, creating colorful circles in the sky.

There are no tall trees on the top of Ngu Chi Son, so you can see far away. From here, you can clearly see Fansipan peak and Nhiu Co San peak. Although want to stay as long as possible to admire and enjoy every moment there. However, afraid of the dark and cold, we left the top at 16:30 and watched the sunset on the way down to the shack.

The next morning everyone wakes up at 4:30 and leaves from the shack to the top at 5:00. It was dark, so I had to use a flashlight to climb the mountain. At 6 am to the top and everyone can see the brilliant sunrise scene. Enjoying the vast space of the mountains for an hour, the group returned to eat and drink, then down the mountain, ending the journey of climbing Ngu Chi Son 2 days and 1 night. Follow (vnexpress)

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