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Change the wind for a day at the picnic area of ​​Wind Hill with a view of the whole city of Lao Cai 

Doi Gio picnic area, located near the center and has a direct view of Lao Cai city, is the ideal coordinate for picnic activities and fun during the day.

Locating the coordinates of Wind Hill 

Doi Gio picnic area is probably a “rookie” on the tourist map of Lao Cai . Because when coming to this place, tourists often choose to explore Sapa, climb mountains, visit villages. But if you have little time or are a local resident who wants to change the wind a bit, come to the beautiful picnic area called Windy Hill. 

Change the wind for a day at the picnic area of ​​Wind Hill with a view of the whole city of Lao Cai 
Wind Hill picnic area is located in the center of Lao Cai city. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

This site is located on a high hill in Khe Le residential area, right in the center of Lao Cai city. In the middle of a vibrant, developing city, there is a large, unspoiled hill that opens up to an extremely beautiful view. Here, visitors can breathe in the fresh air and take lots of magical photos. 

This is a green hill with a view overlooking the beautiful city of Lao Cai. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Unlike other tourist areas, Wind Hill develops based on natural terrain, following the direction of green tourism. All facilities of the resort do not affect the land, preserving the landscape and nature here. So when you explore this picnic area, you will feel the peace, freshness and closeness. 

What’s fun in the Wind Hill picnic area?

The Wind Hill picnic area was born in 2021 – a time when our country was straining with the pandemic. Since then, this place has constantly improved to better serve the camping and picnic needs of tourists and indigenous people. Coming to Windy Hill is to come to beautiful nature and can see the whole scenery of Lao Cai city from above.

Wind Hill picnic area is a beautiful hill, cool space. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Compared to many other destinations in Lao Cai , Doi Gio is still quite new. That’s right, this place has only been open for 1-2 years. However, if you want to have a “relaxing” day after stressful working hours, this is the right destination not to be missed. 

Wind Hill picnic area has a beautiful view like the European sky, suitable for picnics and camping during the day. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Wind Hill was originally a bare bare hill, after being invested as a picnic area, it was planned to plant more green grass, more romantic and sweet flower gardens. Because it is a high hill, visitors coming here can experience the sunset or sunrise, and hunt for beautiful photos. 

Here, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Lao Cai city, photograph the sunrise or sunset. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

The space of the Wind Hill picnic area is quite large and is divided into many campuses such as a camping area, a flower garden, a barbecue area, a children’s play area, an area for serving water for visitors. Because it is a picnic place, there is no luxury service here, but in return, you can enjoy the fresh and relaxed natural scenery. 

The hill is filled with bright yellow butterfly flowers. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

The most attractive thing for young people when discovering Wind Hill is the large flower garden, planted along the hillside from high to low. In the middle of the garden, there is a path for you to pose for photos, in the distance is the green scenery of Lao Cai mountains and forests, looking like the West sky. Depending on the season, the garden grows butterfly flowers, white mustard flowers, buckwheat triangles , cypress flowers, … extremely beautiful.

There is an area for guests to organize a barbecue. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

To serve the virtual living needs of young tourists, the picnic area also has a clothes rental service with ancient costumes, gorgeous dresses, traditional costumes of the Mong and Thai people, etc. Those are accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, lovely umbrellas. Visitors just need to come to this camping spot in Lao Cai to have many beautiful photos to take home. 

The picnic area has water service for visitors. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

If you are a lover of overnight camping, choose to stay here to experience because the picnic area is fully equipped with rental equipment for visitors. You don’t have to work hard to prepare because there are already boards, tents, pillows, cooking utensils, etc. Coming here, guests just need to rent according to their needs and have a really fun and complete camp night. 

What a romantic night scene. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Although not too comfortable or modern, Wind Hill has a clean and convenient toilet, dining area and water counter for visitors to experience as comfortably as possible. Just spend 1 day coming to this picnic area, you can have fun, take pictures and have memorable experiences with relatives and friends. 

Experience going to the Wind Hill picnic area 

Doi Gio picnic area is located in the center of Lao Cai city, so it is very convenient for tourists to travel and explore. This place is suitable for fun activities, camping, sightseeing during the day. Therefore, you can come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. If you want to spend the night, you should come from 4-5 pm to watch the sunset, the next day to catch the sunrise. 

Ticket price for sightseeing and taking photos is only 20,000 VND/person. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

The service at Wind Hill is also quite simple, so the ticket price is not too expensive. If you just visit and take pictures, the price is 20,000 VND/person. If there is a need to rent camping equipment, the picnic area also has a clear and reasonable price list. 

There is a full range of camping equipment and furniture for rent. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

This location is quite close to the center, so if you want to have a complete camping trip, you can prepare food and drink to your liking and come here to rent tents and processing equipment. Note, the space of the picnic area keeps the pristine nature of the mountains and hills, so visitors should join hands to keep the hygiene clean. 

Beautiful place in Lao Cai that you cannot miss. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Wind Hill picnic area is an ideal destination for short-term activities of families or groups of close friends, small-scale companies. There is a beautiful poetic scene here, a good view, a fresh space for camping, playing, etc. will surely bring visitors a lot of memorable memories. 


Photo: Facebook Wind Hill Picnic Area

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