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Change the wind to go camping, eat barbecue at a 5.25 km2 lake near Hanoi

With a distance not too far from Hanoi, Dai Lai Lake (Vinh Phuc) is about 5.25 square kilometers, this is an ideal spring camping spot for families in the capital.

Change the wind to go camping, eat barbecue at a 5.25 km2 lake near Hanoi
Located just over 60 km from the center of Hanoi to the North, Dai Lai Lake is a tourist destination near Hanoi that many people find. Dai Lai Lake is located in Ngoc Thanh and Dong Xuan areas of Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc. Dai Lai Lake is an artificial lake with an area of ​​​​about 5.25 km2 with captivating scenery.
Possessing a green, airy space with impressive natural scenery, in recent years, Dai Lai has become an attractive tourist destination for those who like camping and day trips around Hanoi. To have an ideal camping trip, it is indispensable to prepare camping gear. Items include tables and chairs, tents, most importantly food preparation and kitchen.
You can prepare a hot pot or barbecue depending on your preference. Food is very convenient when you buy it in supermarkets or markets. Attention, you should prepare a gas stove, alcohol stove, or coal for cooking.
If you are afraid to prepare food at home, there are many specialty shops such as buffalo meat, which is the most outstanding dish when traveling to Dai Lai Lake. In addition, rustic dishes such as hill chicken, lam rice, grilled fish, and roasted chicken are dishes you should try when coming to Dai Lai Lake.
With day trips, you can prepare food to save money and be more convenient for exploration.
Coming to Dai Lai Lake in winter or summer, visitors can enjoy the mild climate here. Especially, with its coolness, Dai Lai Lake will be a great destination for those who want to escape the sun of hot summer days. This is also considered the most suitable time to travel to Dai Lai Lake, from April to September. In addition to the above period, you can still go to Dai Lai Lake to enjoy the fresh air in the remaining months. in year.
Here you can prepare SUP to experience floating on the large lake. Inflatable boats, SUPs are easy to rent at camping shops in the inner city of Hanoi.
Here, the spacious space and poetic landscape bring a different feeling, calm and peaceful, which you can hardly find in a crowded city.
Taking a boat to visit the islands around the lake or cycling to enjoy the scenery are also suggestions for a complete and meaningful trip with friends and relatives when coming here.
For those of you in Hanoi, due to the relatively close distance, motorbikes or personal cars are the most convenient means for a weekend picnic here. It will take you about 1h30 minutes to go from Hanoi city center to Dai Lai lake.

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