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Delicious restaurants in Bac Ha is famous and popular

Traveling to Bac Ha , you can not only discover poetic and dreamy landscapes, learn about the interesting cultural beauty of the indigenous people, but also enjoy countless delicious and attractive dishes. . However, if you are wondering where to eat, then immediately save the list of the most famous delicious restaurants in Bac Ha below.

Address of delicious restaurants in Bac Ha

1. Hang Suoi Nguon

What to eat, where to go to Bac Ha?  Perhaps this is a question that many visitors are interested in and the first stop you should consider is Suoi Nguon restaurant. The restaurant has a large area, built according to local architecture, so it has bold features of the Northwest mountains. The restaurant menu is quite diverse and rich, there are many delicious and attractive mountain dishes, but the most famous are still dishes with sturgeon, salmon,… All of these are dishes. Bac Ha’s specialty. When coming here to enjoy food, diners are not only attracted by the aroma but also impressed by the eye-catching layout, making the dish more lively and special. 

In addition to the main field of food business, Suoi Nguon restaurant also rents a cheap Homestay with full facilities for visitors to meet their needs. Therefore, this will be a resting place and  a good restaurant and restaurant in Bac Ha  you should go to.

Delicious restaurants in Bac Ha is famous and popular
Outside space of Suoi Nguon restaurant

Suoi Nguon restaurant address: Located at KDC No. 2 – TT. Bac Ha – Bac Ha.

2. Samu Restaurant

Exploring Bac Ha cuisine is an indispensable experience in the trip and to be able to enjoy the most delicious, attractive, as well as typical dishes, you should not miss Samu restaurant. Because the dishes in the restaurant, mostly using local ingredients, should clearly show the flavor of the mountains. However, the dishes here are equally delicate, thanks to the hands of talented chefs, who always want to bring the most perfect dishes to customers. Some dishes you should enjoy here include: Dishes with black chicken, thang co, carp hot pot,…. Overall, this will be the address of a delicious restaurant in Bac Ha that wo  n’t disappoint you. hope.

Homestay rental area of ​​Samu . restaurant

Samu restaurant address: Located in TT Bac Ha – Bac Ha.

3. Chung Chi Restaurant

Among the delicious restaurants in Bac Ha , Chung Chi restaurant always receives special attention from diners, especially tourists. Because of its prime location, near the bus station, tourists often stop by the shop to rest and eat. Coming to the restaurant, you will see that the restaurant is spacious and airy, you can choose a table or sit on the couch depending on your preference. The staff is enthusiastic, fast, always creating the most comfortable feeling for customers. As for the menu, it is impeccable, the dishes are very rich, but the most prominent are still mountain dishes such as: Lam rice dish, Thang Co, sausage, ….

Visit Chung Chi restaurant to enjoy Bac Ha cuisine

Address of Chung Chi restaurant: Located at Nam Cay Street – TT Bac Ha – Bac Ha District.

4. Bright Train Restaurant

If you are looking for a famous restaurant in Bac Ha  , the name Sang Tau is a great stop. The owner here is of Chinese origin, but the restaurant specializes in dishes of the Northwest region and attracts a large number of diners to the restaurant. Perhaps thanks to the eagerness to learn, serious investment from the preparation of fresh ingredients, to the recipe for creating specialty dishes, in order to bring the best taste. When coming to Sang Tau restaurant, diners can consider dishes such as: dishes with bamboo worms, evil chickens, pig underarms, Thang Co, …

The restaurant is decorated simply, but the food here is delicious

Address of Sang Tau restaurant: Located at 148B – Ngoc Uyen – TT Bac Ha – Bac Ha district.

5. Bac Ha Lake View Restaurant

Where should Bac Ha travel to eat and drink?  Another choice for diners is Bac Ha Lake View restaurant. Owning a solemn, peaceful space, not too busy, this place is suitable for those who love lightness and romance. Along with that, Bac Ha Lake View restaurant also has a team of experienced chefs who, through their skillful hands, help to add more flavor to the dish. Perhaps it is because of those factors that help Bac Ha Lake View always be crowded, even on weekdays. Regarding the menu, besides the mountain dishes, the pho dishes at the restaurant are also very famous for their taste and richness. Therefore, if you have a chance to come here, don’t miss it. Surely, this delicious restaurant in Bac Ha  will not disappoint you.

Discover Bac Ha cuisine at Bac Ha Lake View restaurant

Address of Bac Ha Lake View restaurant: Located at D2 – Nam Sat 1 – Bac Ha TT – Bac Ha District.

6. Tuan Van Restaurant

The last suggestion is Tuan Van restaurant, this is also the ideal place to eat in Bac Ha for you. The restaurant is designed simply, not too fussy, but the food at the restaurant is extremely delicious and receives very good feedback from the diners. Along with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, the staff is always happy to create a comfortable feeling for customers. If you come to Tuan Van restaurant, you must definitely enjoy dishes such as: Thang Co hot pot, black Banh Chung, pig under armpits,… Each dish has a distinct flavor that makes diners eat. once is forever remembered.

The space of Tuan Van restaurant is rustic and idyllic, but the food is quite good

Address of Tuan Van restaurant: Located at house number 002 – Nam Iron Road 1 – Bac Ha Town – Bac Ha District.

With the above suggestions, have you chosen  a good restaurant in Bac Ha yet? Hope you will soon find a suitable dining spot and fully enjoy the culinary quintessence of the Northwest mountains. Wish you always have a good meal!

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