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Visit Pha Long market to enjoy delicious dishes that are irresistible

For a long time, upland markets have always been an attractive destination for many tourists when coming to Lao Cai. Located in the upland commune of Pha Long, Muong Khuong district, Pha Long fair, meeting every Saturday, is not only a place to buy and sell goods but also a place to meet and exchange of ethnic minorities here.

Pha Long fair market is the main gathering place for trading and exchange of people in 4 communes of Pha Long, Din Chin, Ta Gia Khau, Ta Ngai Che … in Muong Khuong, Lao Cai.

On the day of the fair, from morning mist scattered on the roads leading to Pha Long, villagers wore fruits, vegetables or animals to the market in eye-catching traditional costumes.

If it is said that Muong Khuong is the place to keep the culinary culture of the Northwestern people, Pha Long fair has all the famous dishes in Muong Khuong and Pha Long’s market cuisine is a feature that cannot be missed. when traveling to Lao Cai .

Visit Pha Long market to enjoy delicious dishes that are irresistible
Overview of Pha Long market (Muong Khuong district)

1. Pho chua – A special feature of the cuisine of Pha Long market

People often refer to food in Lao Cai by saying: “Lao Cai men like to win, Lao Cai women like sour pho” . Therefore, it is not surprising that in the sour noodle shop, most of them are women and children.

Lying simply below the tent area, sour noodle shop simply decorated with some chickens dangling from the beam, freshly sliced ​​beef …

Lao Cai women gather around the row of sour pho

Pho Sour in Pha Long, especially in the chewy noodle cake, is hand-coated with Muong Khuong’s red rice but not as soft and flaky as elsewhere. The noodle broth is fatty and has a strange sour taste from salted kelp; those who eat more sour can squeeze lemon and eat with pickles. In addition, you can eat more raw vegetables, brewed soybeans, roasted peanuts and the famous spicy chili sauce in Muong Khuong.

2. Winning the late Muong Khuong horse at Pha Long

The famous H’mong horse winner is one of the specialties visitors should try in the culinary list of Pha Long market .

Thang Co is a delicious dish of Pha Long market cuisine

At the Pha Long market, there are stalls selling win, so simply put the pan right under a makeshift tent, a table with a pair of benches; The pans are smoky and have a very characteristic smell.

The savory dish here is made from meat as well as horse offal that has been marinated in a pan of boiling bone broth, blood and cardamom, anise, lemongrass, ginger and a special plant of the region. Northwest is a tree of victory.

The pans over the horse here have broth; Crispy horse viscera and soft, sweet horse meat served with vegetables … From the way of cooking, the finished product and the taste show the special feature of this dish that diners cannot find in the restaurants selling triumphs in the lowlands. .

3. Muong Khuong corn wine

Corn wine is another specialty of the Mong people living in Muong Khuong. On the fair day, the Mong people loaded cans and barrels of wine on the market stalls. Pha Long Market is also indispensable for this product.

Muong Khuong wine is famous for being a strong, aromatic wine that can awaken the smell of any wine connoisseur. Although people who are not used to drinking it may feel a burning sensation in the throat, but the taste left on the tip of the tongue still makes people enjoy it.

So strong, but even when drunk, people drink from Muong Khuong maize are not afraid of headache phenomenon. At Pha Long fair, the image of customers sleeping indifferently at the edge of the market when drunk is very familiar.

Corn wine – a familiar drink at Pha Long fair


According to Lao Cai tourism experience, not all occasions but only in the first days of the new year, visitors visiting Pha Long fair will have the opportunity to enjoy the seven-color Muong sticky rice.

4. Sticky seven colors at Pha Long fair

If there is five-colored sticky rice in Cao Bang, then in Lao Cai, there is sticky sticky rice “out of color” – characteristic of Pha Long market cuisine .

To create sticky rice with seven vibrant colors, people here have used completely natural ingredients:

  • To make red sticky rice, use sticky rice soaked with sticky rice leaves.
  • The sticky rice leaves are crushed with ash, mixed with the appropriate rice to turn purple.
  • The sticky rice leaves and flowers to pound with the ash and soak in a moderate time to make the rice green …

The seven-color sticky rice not only looks beautiful, but also has a delicious and nutritious flavor. This is a delicious dish that has long become indispensable in the Tet holiday of the Northwestern people.

Seven-color sticky rice is usually available in Pha Long market during Tet

Although the road to Pha Long fair is relatively difficult, anyone who visits even once will feel satisfied with the specialty rustic dishes of this upland land.

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