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A two-day, one-night journey through the forest to conquer the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam

Nhiu Co San (Son Trau Mountain) is the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam, with majestic and poetic beauty, a destination chosen by many mountaineers to conquer.

A two-day, one-night journey through the forest to conquer the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam
As a mountain peak in the Hoang Lien Son range extending from Lai Chau to Bat Xat (Lao Cai) with an altitude of 2,965 m above sea level, Nhiu Co San is the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam.
In the language of the H’Mong ethnic group, Nhiu Co San is Horn Trau mountain. The mountain is located in the northwest of Nhiu Co San village, in the territory of Sang Ma Sao commune (Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province).
Not only Vietnamese people, this place has long become an attraction for international tourists who love to climb mountains and wish to conquer the high and majestic mountains.
The road from Den Sang commune to Nhiu Co San is considered the first challenge for climbers when the distance is about 10 km is full of rocks, must be very hard and experienced to go there. without falling. Passing that route, visitors will start the journey through the forest to conquer the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam.
The road to conquer Nhiu Co San peak has jagged rocks, some slopes are almost vertical… but the poetic beauty, the immense green color of the mountains and forests mixed with colorful flowers seem to give strength to the people. each member of the climbing team.
To get to the top of Nhiu Co San, according to the instructions, the delegations go through Ong Chua waterfall and back through the goat grazing yard or vice versa.
According to locals, in the past, on the cliffs, there were giant honeybees and honey bees, so people named it the Ong Chua waterfall.
After immersing in the beauty of Ong Chua waterfall and taking a break for lunch, each group of tourists continues their journey along the trail through the primeval forest to arrive at an overnight stay before climbing to Nhiu Co San peak. According to many backpackers, this is not a difficult road, but requires climbers to have health and endurance.
Along the way, the enchanting scenery of mountains, clouds, vegetation… makes visitors unable to miss any frames.

To conquer Nhiu Co San, climbers often go two days and one night and spend the night in a shack halfway up the mountain to continue their journey early the next morning.
Here, visitors are prepared by the Porter (who leads the group for a group of tourists) ready to eat, a specialty of the mountains that Porter carries from the foot of the mountain.
To watch the sunrise on the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam or hunt for clouds, visitors have to start from the shack at 4 o’clock and take about 2 hours to climb.
Having “pocketed” a lot of climbing experience when conquering Fansipan peaks, Bach Moc Luong Tu, Ms. Vu Ngan (Hanoi) said that in order to hunt clouds on Nhiu Co San peak, visitors can choose. give me the time to go in October, November. At that time,
At the end of the climbing journey, visitors return to the shack for lunch. On the way back, the groups can go through the goat grazing field if the way to the mountain is through the Ong Chua waterfall. The journey through the forest to conquer Nhiu Co San peak ended, everyone was tired but left them with a feeling of joy and satisfaction because they had successfully conquered the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam.

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