23.02.2021, 15:40

The girl ‘painted’ the picture with scrap paper

HANOI – Make use of colorful pieces of paper from newspapers, magazines, leaflets … Nguyen Thi Kim Hong has torn and glued them into vivid pictures.

Nguyen Thi Kim Hong, 35 years old, from My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem is a teacher at Montessori Kindergarten. She has a habit of keeping discarded items for recycling into new ones. Particularly for old newspapers and magazines, Hong often cuts pictures, classified by topics such as animals, flowers … to make illustrations for teaching without spending money on printing.

“At the beginning of last year, because of the translation of Covid-19, so I had a lot of free time, I tried to take advantage of all available books and articles, tearing and gluing into pictures. The collage was not new, because since primary school, which one of them We have also been exposed to this subject, “said Kim Hong.

The feature of collage paintings is that there is no need to mix colors but use the colors available in newspapers, magazines, leaflets …

With the criterion of recycling, she does not use other materials in addition to paper to make pictures. She did not come up with the idea of ​​making pictures on a particular topic. Thus, she will have to spend time finding pictures in the right newspaper to do, will have to ask for and buy many materials.

With the books and newspapers available in the house, Ms. Hong spent hours tearing up and sorting it into color patches and images. Her painting ideas started from there.

“I do not want to do a painting because I have to bring a pile of old books and newspapers home and then do not touch it,” Hong said.

While tearing the paper with white polka dots on a black background, Mrs. Hong suddenly thought of the image of “hen’s tail”. So the picture starts with a ponytail.

To get a picture of the other parts of the hen and the image of this chick, she searched for more colors in her existing paper. Seeing which piece fits, she tore and glued it many times until she made the best shape.

Kim Hong made pictures entirely by hand-tacking. If she needs sharper details, she uses scissors. Paper is glued to the frame with plywood or cardboard with milk glue.

This simple painting tool she bought for less than 100,000 VND.

This painting was made by Ms. Hong for over a week. Having never studied through the painting industry, shaping a human face is the most difficult thing for Ms. Hong.

According to her, the color combination in the collage is the most difficult and takes the most time.

“If it is a normal painting, whatever color you need, you can mix the colors as you like. The collage pictures must choose the right color from the available paper pile, so it takes time”, Ms. Hong said.

To make the tail and feathers on the neck of the chicken in the picture, the preschool teacher had to try putting in hundreds of pieces of paper of different colors.

Ms. Hong usually only applies a small amount of glue and tries to test many small patches. When she was satisfied with a large array, she started to fix it in place, avoiding repeatedly gluing and damaging pictures.

Currently, Ms. Hong sees making collage as a hobby of herself. However, after sharing their products on social networks, many people offered to buy them.

“Painting just need to be framed, hanging in a cool place away from sunlight and moisture, it can be displayed for a long time”, she shared.

This painting, called Hope, was made in October last year by Ms. Hong. Painting was auctioned in support of the flood control house project and loved ones during the floods in his hometown of Nghe An.

From a young age, Ms. Hong has had an interest in painting but has never been to school and pursued this profession.

“Therefore, this paper painting helps me to unleash my creativity with my inherent passion. Each completion of the pictures is a time to discover my own limit, overcome the challenge of a person. paganism with art “, Ms. Hong shared.

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