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All-day in the field, catching fish “from heaven”, pocketing half a million

The flood season or flood season in the West starts from July to October of the lunar calendar (about August to November of the solar calendar) every year. At this time, the fields outside the dyke were flooded with water. In watershed districts such as An Phu, Chau Phu (An Giang province), Tan Hong, and Hong Ngu districts (Dong Thap province), the water level is 3-4m deep.

During this time, people lived as “grandmothers” – fishing, netting, fishing, snaring, swarming, etc., racing to “go out to sea”; catch shrimps, fish, crabs, fish – the type of fish “given by God” to the people of the West in the flood season, increasing income at the end of the plowing season.

All-day in the field, catching fish “from heaven”, pocketing half a million
People clean and mend their torn arms to prepare to go fishing…

But this year, the floodwater came late, the water level was 0.4 m – 0.5 m lower than every year compared to the same period last year. Most people live fishing, fishing nets, “coal” when the amount of fish, shrimp … decreases by more than half compared to every year. But for people who order fish to catch spirit fish, they earn more than half a million dong/day.

Recorded in the flood water field of An Phu watershed district (An Giang province), in the early morning, dozens of households specializing in living in the fields of wormwood, etc., concentrated at the beginning of canal 13 (Phu Hoi commune, An Phu district, An Phu district). An Giang province), at exactly 6 am, the staff at this epidemic prevention checkpoint opened the door for people to go fishing until 6 pm every day.

This year, because of the complicated epidemic, the local government only let people go to the fields to place swarms, lulls, nets… from 6 am to 6 pm every day.

Mr. Huynh Van Khanh – Phu Thuan hamlet, Phu Hoi commune said that the flood season this year came late and the current water level is about 0.4m lower than the same period last year. However, the people who live in the profession of placing gourds, still, go to the fields to order and catch fish to make a living.

This year, Mr. Khanh ordered 20 pairs of worms (each pair of 4 hands), all day “swimming” in the flood water field, he caught 4-6 kg of young reishi (also known as fish from heaven, because of this fish). only appear when the flood comes) and sell it to the chiseled boat (the boat buys live fish) for 35,000 – 40,000 VND/kg.

 The floodwater came late and low, people lived fishing, nets lost significantly because the amount of fish and shrimp… decreased by more than half every year. Particularly in the profession of catching sharks, each hand earns 1-2 kg of young reishi.
The profession of catching young reishi fish can only be done for more than a month in the first month of the flood season.

The dead spirit fish and other small fish, he sold to traders as baitfish for about 6,000 VND/kg. Khanh’s total income is from 500,000 to 700,000 VND/day.

As for Mr. Nguyen Van Mat – Phu Thuan hamlet, Phu Hoi commune, the same profession as Mr. Khanh said, this year, people who work as roofing crabs and shrimp roofing are suffocated. Only the job of ordering dong, but also going to the field to “make a living”, because the average daily income is over 500,000 VND. But according to Mr. Mat, the profession of catching squirrel fish only has a good income in the first month of the flood season.

Young Linh fish is still alive like this, people sell it from 35,000 – 40,000 VND/kg

Mr. Le Van Huong – Phu Hoi commune, An Phu district with more than 8 years of making crab pots said, in previous years, every time the flood season came, he made and sold over 1,000 crab pots. In the past one or two years, the country has returned late, the water level is not high, plus the fact that people do not go through the Cambodian dong to lay a trap, so it greatly affects the income of those who sell traps, fishing, and nets like him.

Households that ignore crabs and shrimps… are facing more and more difficulties when border people no longer cross the Cambodian fields to fish as before.
or spit water lily, as usual, many people have to find other jobs to make a living.

Mr. Bui Thanh Son – Deputy Secretary, Chairman of the People’s Council of Phu Hoi commune, An Phu district, said that the whole Phu Hoi commune has more than 2,000 households, with a total population of over 9,000 people, of which about 30% of the population is fishing. net.

This year, small floods, plus the Covid-19 epidemic have greatly affected people’s lives. However, over the past time, from the Prime Minister’s Resolution 68, the Government’s policy of allocating temporarily stored rice to poor households and the policies of the An Giang Provincial People’s Committee on supporting the group of self-employed workers, households, etc. poor people, selling lottery tickets, etc. have helped people alleviate some of their difficulties.

But according to Mr. Son, although leaders of An Phu district People’s Committee and Phu Hoi commune’s mass organizations mobilized donors and businesses to support necessities for people, through statistics on the number of disadvantaged households, There are about 500 households in the commune in need of rice support and other necessary necessities. Follow Dan Tri

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