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Floods overflow the fields, and people head to the water source in the season of shoveling eels and catching field fish

At this time, the high flood water level covered the fields in the watershed of 2 border communes of Vinh Xuong, Phu Loc, and Tan Chau town (An Giang province).

…For more than a month now, from dawn, in the flood fields, people have come in and out to catch fish and aquatic products, creating a bustling scene in the watershed.

This year, the water comes back early and the water is deeper, so the livelihood of fishermen in the flood season is convenient. The diverse products that nature gives during the floating season have helped many fishermen live by fishing to catch a lot of shrimp and fish, people are happy because “This year the flood season caught a lot of shrimp, fish…”. 

Each family prepares a few dozen sets of fishing gear, fishing nets, and fishing nets to catch shrimp, crabs, fish, etc. to earn extra income.

Floods overflow the fields, and people head to the water source in the season of shoveling eels and catching field fish
High flood water has covered the fields white, which is also the time when people in the An Giang upstream area go fishing, including field fish.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thao shared that every year when the two rice crops are over and the water overflows, his family starts to prepare the fishing gear, and mend the nets to prepare for the fishing season. produce. This is a profession that has followed him for decades when the flood season comes.  

Floating water season is the time when his family follows the water for a living, in the early morning he was present in the flooded field taking advantage of the time to bring to the market to sell, in the afternoon he and his wife repaired the fishing gear to prepare. being harvested the next day, his family also earns 400-500 thousand dong every day. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Thao. Living in hamlet 5, Vinh Xuong commune shared: “This year, the flood water came back early, I live here upstream thanks to the water season, my relatives work in fishing, and then set up wormwood, cast fishing, roofing, … the water is very strong, live upstream by the water season. 

This year’s water season has a lot of water, and a lot of fish, better than last year, every year when the water doesn’t come back, there are fewer shrimp and fish. Do go to sell all kinds of crabs, snails, anything can be sold, everything can be sold for 400-500 thousand dong, life is more comfortable. 

It is said that in the wet season, people go to the market to buy and sell seafood, which is also more crowded, and very happy, there are very few people in the dry season without water. 

Floating water season brings aquatic resources for people in flood areas, in which people catch field fish, shovel eels…

Products in the floating season are always abundant, each fisherman has a job, but everyone is happy because this year they caught a lot of shrimp, crab, fish… 

With the profession of placing crabs, every year when the flood comes, Uncle Nguyen Thanh Le also prepares a few dozen crab pots, has been with the profession for many years, every year, he keeps waiting for the water to come back so he can dive with some people. this jar. 

Every day with him, he can harvest a few dozen kilograms of crabs, and when traders come to his house to buy them, life in the floating season is also more comfortable. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Le – living in Phu Quy hamlet – Phu Loc commune shared: “This water season, people also look forward to the return of the country, it’s easier to make a living than in the dry season. I do crab roofing like that 02 then 02 One meal is enough to earn a few tens of kilograms and earn 400-600 thousand VND, which is enough to live, the water season is much healthier than the dry season. 

In the field, people cast fishing nets, people also look forward to the water season to make it easier to do. 

It’s also exciting for people to work with fish, fishing nets of all kinds, we are very happy when the water rises, here people watch the water season rise to do fishing. The country is still rising a lot, it’s easy to do when the water rises a lot, it’s easy to do floating fish.” 

Uncle Nguyen Van Hung, with the job of setting up eel mounds, every year when the water overflows the field, he prepares tools for the eel mound, every 2 days he goes to the field to unload the mound, also harvests nearly 200 seed eels. brought back to raise until grown up and sold for several tens of millions of dong. 

Uncle Nguyen Van Hung – living in hamlet 5, Vinh Xuong commune shared: “In the flood season, when fishermen come back to the country to work, they are also excited and happy, people spread their nets and fish, and their relatives are very happy. The uncle shoveled the eels back to raise, the ratio of shoveling also helped to raise them, it also got results, the day of excavating was also 100-200 fish, harvested a year and sold several tens of millions. 

This year’s water is coming, my relatives are very excited because living in the field, the relatives live by eating fish a lot of water, when they grow up, they are excited, doing business is also happy.” 

For generations, the flood season has been associated with the lives of fishermen in upstream areas. In addition, the floating season brings alluvium back to the soil, helping to grow crops, and also brings along the aquatic resources that nature gives to people in flood areas. Therefore, people always hope to have a beautiful flood season so that they can “live with the flood”.

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