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“Little Ha Long Bay” is as beautiful as a fairy tale in An Giang

Possessing a charming landscape of the country and considered as a “fairy scene” on the ground, Truc Lam An Giang Zen Monastery is becoming a cultural – spiritual tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists.
“Little Ha Long Bay” is as beautiful as a fairy tale in An Giang
An Giang Truc Lam Zen Monastery is located in Dong Son 1 hamlet, Nui Sap town (Thoai Son) with a total area of ​​about 11 hectares built with traditional Buddhist architecture including two internal and external areas. (Photo: Lam Ngoc Thai).
The internal hospital area is located on the mountain with an area of ​​4ha including meditation hall, road rise … The highlight of this area is that on the left side there is a 13-storey stupa, the right is the 63m-high statue of Bodhisattva Quan Am.
The outer area of ​​the hospital is about 7ha wide on the lake No. 2 with the three-door gate, the main hall, the ancestor’s house, the hall, the meditation hall, the bell floor, the empty floor …
It has a picturesque natural landscape with charming mountain terrain, favored by tourists called “Ha Long Bay” in the middle of the Bay Nui region (Photo: Van Ngot).
This is not only a practice place, religious activities of Buddhist monks and nuns and people in the area, but also a cultural – spiritual tourist destination for visitors to come here to worship (Photo: Van Ngot) .
The more you go into the main hall, the more unique decorations you will admire such as red brick floors, wooden columns solemnly placed on the cloudy gray stone canopy, with flower carvings above. stylized lotus, … (Photo: Lam Ngoc Thai).
With a unique architectural complex and poetic terrain, this place also becomes an interesting check-in coordinate that many photography enthusiasts love (Photo: @ ntan.97).
Areas such as curves on the way to Zen Monastery, aquarium, lotus lake, three-door gate, … are all popular “hunting” photo corners to produce a series of thousands of like pictures. (Photo: @susubona).
Not only visiting the main hall to pray, visitors can also comfortably enjoy the spacious, green space and take a walk to admire the beautiful natural landscape in the midst of the spiritual land. (Photo: Van Ngot).
In particular, the campus of the monastery also has 2 aquariums, a Koi fish pond, pangasius and a catfish pond located behind the main hall. (Photo: Nguyen Duc Tinh).
Visitors coming here can experience a very interesting fish feeding activity or admire a herd of thousands of catfish rising to the surface in search of food. In addition to the pellets arranged by the monastery on the banks of the lake, visitors also feed the fish with bread, bananas, and other foods. (Photo: @ tuancute4596).

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