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The idyllic beauty of Tra Su Melaleuca forest

AN GIANG – In a green and quiet space, visitors can mingle with nature, and listen to birdsong…

Tra Su Melaleuca forest is about 30 km from Chau Doc city, planted according to the ecological model of the wetlands west of the Hau River. Visitors here will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tree-lined natural space, and discover a series of water birds, rare animals…

Locals will use motorboats to take visitors deep into the melaleuca forest. Sitting on the boat, you will see birds perched right on the tree trunk, many kinds of colorful lotuses… If you like, you can ask the motorboat driver to stop to feel the quiet space and make a mark. idyllic moments of nature here.

When reaching the small boat dock deeper inside the forest, visitors are transferred to three leaves, rowed by the indigenous people.

From here, the women in Ba Ba shirt, wearing conical hats, skillfully waving paddles… will bring visitors to the area with many green duckweed wings covering the water surface.

In the green, quiet space, visitors can listen to the sound of paddles moving and birds chirping.

The green color of each carpet and hundreds of species of storks chirping to call their flocks on the luxuriant, shady melaleuca trees… create a peaceful scene.

According to local people, the best time to admire the melaleuca forest is at 7am-9am or at sunset around 5pm-18pm from September to November every year.

This destination also has a tall tower. There is a telescope with a view of 25 km, allowing visitors to admire the vastness of the whole forest.

After participating in the experience, visitors do not forget to enjoy the rustic dishes and specialties such as grilled hamsters, hot pot with fish sauce, steamed snails, grilled snakehead fish … prepared by the local people.

Sitting on a leaf hut in the middle of the river, enjoying many delicious dishes is an unforgettable memory when visitors come to the Tra Su Melaleuca forest.

photo: Khanh Thien

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