09.01.2021, 19:47

Peaceful nature among Tra Su Melaleuca forest

AN GIANG – The green color of water, water, and dozens of birds reside, creating a romantic and idyllic natural picture between Tra Su cajuput forest.

Many tall buildings have sprung up, occupying a lot of sky for birds, even many trees are trimmed, affecting the habitat of these animals. This is one of the reasons why each flock of wild birds migrated to the mountainous areas, including Tra Su.

Peaceful nature among Tra Su Melaleuca forest
Rare and precious individuals are nourished and cared for in a flooded green paradise. Photo: Thanh Phong .

Recently, a herd of about 5 cranes was discovered by a group of tourists passionate about exploring the wild nature, choosing this as a safe haven. The group of tourists said: “Perhaps they are still afraid, so it is very rare that we can see this rare bird with our own eyes”. The beautiful name “heavenly bird” symbolizes the eternal life of these birds, always heading to a flooded blue paradise, a warm common roof where they are protected and cherished by the hands of travel travelers. calendar.

Find out to nature

As life becomes more modern and developed, people want to return to nature to find balance and Tra Su is always one of the destinations that invite visitors to experience the most in the South.

The investor of Tra Su Melaleuca forest tourism area said, setting the motto as a safe destination, this place always maintains the application of green tourism standards with a safe process, performed synchronously and gradually consensus. forming a new tourism culture, gaining the confidence of visitors. “Only respecting nature can master nature” has become a guideline, helping investors to build ecological ethics on the values ​​that nature has generously bestowed upon Tra Su.

Painting is woven from wings

Running along the poetic road leading to the tourist area of ​​Tra Su Melaleuca forest, the two sides are rice fields covered with immense carpet, adorned with tall palm trees, showing off unique shapes … easy to make visitors immersed in the peaceful scene here. The western girls in Ba Ba shirt, covering their conical hats, swinging the rowing machine, slowly take visitors to explore the green forest. You will have the opportunity to admire the ancient cajuput roots that show off their roots like a graceful spread dress, or each water will shake softly with the ripples, the sun is constantly dancing, reflecting the passionate colors .

Tuong Vy – A Vietnamese ao dai beauty in 2020 is excited to check-in at the most beautiful Melaleuca forest in Vietnam. Photo: Ba Phuc .

Tra Su’s scenery will comfort everyone who likes to explore and find a simple and poetic life. About Tra Su immersed in chlorophyll – a beautiful scenery adorned with vivid natural elements. Visitors will see the woven painting made of wings in the reddish afternoon clouds, white storks, green forests in harmony with the cool breeze … The space just weaves a peaceful and poetic carpet.

Existing on the symbiotic relationship for hundreds of years, wild birds – water fishes thanks to the peaceful common roof of Tra Su. That is why they compete to gather to multiply, forming a rich vegetation cover. Visitors will be impressed to see the Indian pheasant with noble cobalt blue feathers, walking thoughtfully with the cauldrons on the lotus leaves, the image of nesting birds, incubating eggs on the layers of duckweed. floating water.

Tens of thousands of white wings beat in rhythm with green leaves, others flying in the blue sky. When they saw the couples coming to take their wedding photos, they quickly arranged the heart shape against the clear blue sky, creating a unique artistic moment, bringing happiness and sublimation to reunite the dragon.

Tra Su – Vietnam’s famous and beautiful Melaleuca forest, the green lungs of the mysterious That Son region always transform in a green and green space. Visitors to Tra Su can enjoy the fortune that nature offers, with wide-open eyes on the horizon, embracing the cool picture, to bring peace of mind to each visitor when stopping. foot.