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Eat and play at Sap Mountain

AN GIANG – Visiting tourist sites, enjoying pancakes, and staying at a homestay close to nature… are experiences in Sap Mountain.

Nui Sap town belongs to Thoai Son district, An Giang province, about 24 km northeast of Long Xuyen city center. This place is not really famous for tourists, but it is a peaceful destination with many distinct historical-cultural values; Mountain scenery, charming rivers and countless typical dishes…

Where to play?

Eat and play at Sap Mountain
At this lake, you can leisurely ride ducks, canoe, and enjoy watching the sky, the clouds, the water, and the schools of Koi fish swimming around… Photo: Ha Lam

Ong Thoai lake tourist area has 3 large lakes, the lake area is about 9 hectares wide. These are deep and wide pits caused by quarrying at the foot of Sap mountain, now developed by the local government as one of the tourist attractions. Which, the largest and most beautiful lake is called Ong Thoai lake, which is a place to commemorate the merits of discovering An Giang land and digging the Thoai Ha canal of Thoai Ngoc Hau. On Ong Thoai lake, iron bridges were built connecting spans across the “oases” in the middle of the lake.

Located on the slopes of Sap mountain, right outside the tourist area of ​​Ong Thoai lake is the temple of Thoai Ngoc Hau. This is the place to keep precious artifacts such as the ancient Thoai Son stele with an article marking the construction of the Thoai Ha canal in 1818. The ancient features and temple space are arranged in harmony… for you. many interesting things when discovering the history here.

Eat what

Nui Sap town is also home to many typical dishes, including broken rice. At a restaurant on Nguyen Hue Street, a plate of broken rice including grilled meat, skin, and eggs is sold for only 25,000 VND.

If you like to have breakfast with water, fish noodle is one of the dishes you should try. This is a Western-style dish because of the rich flavor of the broth cooked with wormwood noodles and fresh turmeric, adding a piece of snakehead fish that is both sweet and firm. This noodle dish is served with a variety of typical country vegetables such as grated morning glory, grated banana, bean sprouts, laksa leaves, cotton bud, herbs…

In the afternoon, you can enjoy pancakes – one of the specialties at Sap Mountain. The bowl of Banh Cano scores the sweetness in the broth stewed with bones, squid, and dried shrimp, mixed with the sweet and salty taste of shrimp, and the mild spicy taste of chili peppers. If you like the sour taste, you should squeeze more lemon wedges in.

In Sap Mountain, there are two famous places selling Banh Banh Chung, located near the police station, and Tam Hoai, opposite the Protestant church on Nguyen Van Troi street. Each bowl costs 15,000 VND. On this street, there is also a shop selling very typical jaggery cakes, priced at 2,000 VND each.


Coming to Nui Sap town, you can stay at a number of hotels such as Phuong Nam, Dong Xuyen, Thien Thanh, Ngoc Minh Hoa, Hoa Kieng or Friendship guesthouse… Families and couples want a space. Stay close to nature, low cost, can stay at a number of homestays, including Nui Sap homestay on Tran Quang Khai street, Bac Son hamlet residential area.

Homestay serves light breakfasts such as red bean porridge served with braised pork belly with pepper, pickled fish sauce… or a typical fish noodle dish; lunch can be made together and enjoy pancakes; In the evening, you can have a campfire with your family and friends, hold a barbecue and chat in an airy and peaceful space. The price of a night’s stay is from 350,000 VND to 400,000 VND.

Homestay has a spacious campus, with many trees and fruit trees. Photo: Ha Lam

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