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The enchanting charm of Thac Ba Lake in the floating season

Liked as “Ha Long on the mountain”, Thac Ba lake (Yen Bai) is one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam with a capacity of about 3.9 billion cubic meters of water.

Thac Ba Lake is located in two districts of Yen Binh and Luc Yen. The lake covers nearly 20,000 hectares of water surface, including more than 1,300 large and small green islands, and a beautiful cave system hidden deep in the heart of limestone mountains.

The enchanting charm of Thac Ba Lake in the floating season

Due to the characteristics of the Chay river and the water treatment function, the water level of Thac Ba lake fluctuates greatly, averaging about 13 m (from 45 to 58.5 m). Every year, from the beginning of autumn, the lake begins to store water to serve production and power generation in spring and summer (when there is little rain).

When the lake accumulates water (flooding season), the hills, large and small rocks on the lake will be completely flooded to form green islands. The color of the trees and plants mixed with the color of the water creates a very beautiful green landscape.

Anyone who has once visited Thac Ba Lake in the floating season will surely be surprised and attached to the poetic and magnificent landscape of the lake.

From the original goal of water treatment and electricity generation, now Thac Ba lake has become a multi-purpose lake when both serving electricity generation, providing clean water for people, and developing aquaculture. In particular, the lake has become an attractive tourist destination.

Coming to Thac Ba lake, visitors will be transported by boat to admire the river and enjoy the fresh air in the vast, shimmering water surface reflecting the endless islands.

The surrounding flooded hills are planted with eucalyptus trees, acacia trees in rows, trees are evenly spaced, making the scenery on the lake more beautiful.

When coming to Thac Ba Lake, in addition to visiting Thac Ba Hydropower Plant, visitors can also visit Thac Ba Mau Temple, located on Hoang Thi Mountain, with its back to the mountain, overlooking the Chay River in the East East direction. North, far away is Cao Bien mountain. For a long time, Thac Ba Mau Temple has been famous as a sacred place, recognized as a Provincial Cultural and Historical Relic in 2004.

Continuing the journey, visitors discover the magical beauty of stalactites and strange natural stone statues at the complex of limestone caves on the lake such as Xuan Long cave, Bach Xa cave, Thac Ba, Thac Ong. ..

Especially Thuy Tien cave, located in the middle of the lake, flooded on all sides, the rocky mountain is about 100m long, several tens of meters wide, in the heart there are sparkling stalactites, in which there are pictures of nine fairies, each with a unique look. with thrilling, fascinating love lore.

Along with the cave system, visitors can go to Cao Bien mountain, the largest and longest mountain range in Thac Ba lake. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can zoom in to see the lake covered in mist with shimmering beauty, feel the majestic beauty of nature.

Not far from the Chay river, visitors will come to the land of Ngoc Luc Yen with famous landscapes such as Chua São cave, Dai Cai temple, gem market…

The charming landscape, rich in aquatic resources, the lakeside is also home to many ethnic groups such as Kinh, Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan… catch shrimp)

One of the rest stops on Thac Ba lake

Besides the wild and magnificent beauty, many landscapes on the lake are also changed or broken due to human impacts, such as quarrying at quarries along the lake.

Thac Ba Lake has been approved by the Prime Minister for the planning project to become Thac Ba Lake National Tourist Area by 2025, with a vision to 2030. The project aims to develop Thac Ba Lake into an attractive destination of the region. Northern midland and mountainous regions with typical tourism products associated with traditional culture and lakebed ecology. Currently, there are investors in research and preparation for investment. In the near future, Thac Ba lake (Yen Bai) will be more attractive to tourists near and far.

(According to VOV)

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