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Blue lake near Sapa

LAO CAI – Lake Seo My Ty is located at an altitude of more than 1,600 m above sea level, with beautiful wild scenery in four seasons.

Seo My Ty is a small mountain village in Ta Van commune, about 20 km from the center of Sa Pa town. This place has an area of ​​150 hectares, is the residence of the Mong people in the region. In the village, there is a clear blue Seo My Ty lake created by blocking the dam to build hydroelectricity. The water in the lake flowing from Hoang Lien Son National Park is very clear and cool, people in the area also take advantage of this place to raise sturgeon and salmon species.

Blue lake near Sapa
Surrounding Seo My Ty village is mountains. Photo: @quabongbonglan/Instagram

The four seasons in Seo My Ty have their own beauty and cool and pleasant atmosphere. In the autumn days of August, September, the sky here is clear blue, with white clouds floating gently. The water of Seo My Ty lake is high and green, the rice in the terraced fields by the lake is also in the golden season, along the road leading to the lake there are many flowers blooming, especially the romantic purple flowers.

Autumn is also the most beautiful season of the year at Seo My Ty, visitors can experience fishing, grilled fish, chicken and lakeside camping, kayaking on the 60-hectare water surface, swimming, and immersing in the water. cool water. Until the weather changes from winter to spring, Seo My Ty village again attracts tourists to hunt clouds and enjoy the scenery, at this time trees such as cherries, plums, pears bloom all over the mountains and hillsides.

Check-in by the blue lake, romantic scenery at Seo My Ty. Photo: The direction of Sapa

Vu Thi Ngoc Huong, born in 1999, from Ta Van village, Sa Pa town, is a local freelance tour guide. Huong said that the road before was difficult, so few people knew about Seo My Ty. In recent years, the road has been repaired and concreted, so visitors can easily travel by motorbike or car. Even Seo My Ty lake also has a homestay for guests to stay overnight with the scenery in harmony with nature. “Usually tourists will visit during the day at Seo My Ty or stay for a day and a night, some people like the peaceful feeling of the village and also stay for about a week,” Huong said.

Flowers are blooming at Bai Bang in Seo My Ty village. Photo: The direction of Sapa

In addition to enjoying the lake view, there is also a nearby Seo My Ty stream which is also loved by many tourists or you can walk around the village, watching the daily life and the houses of the local H’mong people. According to the share of visitors, you should enjoy salmon specialties with delicious and attractive meat raised by people at Seo My Ty lake. Follow vnexpress

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