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Come to Gia Lai to discover Ayun Ha Lake – the ‘muse’ among the clouds, mountains, rivers, and highlands

As a large artificial lake formed in 1994, Ayun Ha is not only a large irrigation dam and water reservoir for agricultural production, but also becomes an attractive destination for tourists because of its poetic scenery. considered one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Gia Lai. 

For those who travel, when traveling to Gia Lai, if you mention the poetic lakes and dams to check-in, you will certainly remember the Lake of the Lake or the Tan Son Dam. But few people know that Gia Lai has another lake with a dam that is equally beautiful and poetic, which is Ayun Ha. Ayun Ha Lake possesses a poetic and peaceful beauty between the windy banks surrounded by green primeval forest trees, this is a dream place for those who are on a journey to discover Gia highland. Lai. 

Come to Gia Lai to discover Ayun Ha Lake – the ‘muse’ among the clouds, mountains, rivers, and highlands
Ayun Ha Lake is an attractive destination in Gia Lai. Photo: FB/Ayun Lower Me

The poetic Ayun Ha Lake – an attractive destination in the mountains of Gia Lai 

Ayun Ha Lake is located 70km southeast of Pleiku’s center, with the main dam and water supply gate in Chu A Thai commune, Ayun Pa district and the main flooded area of ​​the lake in H’Bong commune, Chu Se district. . This is an artificial lake that was formed when the Ayun River was previously blocked to build Ayun Ha hydropower plant. This lake has a lake bed area of ​​37km2 with a length of 20km and the widest place is 2km, the depth of the lake bed is 20 meters, the capacity is 153 million cubic meters of water. 

This is the largest lake in Gia Lai. Photo: Check-in Gia Lai

 Ayun Ha is likened to a gentle muse lying in the embrace of towering mountains with poetic and timid beauty. The lake water is deep blue, the banks are primeval forest trees, the big dam creates a majestic and attractive look that is hard to take your eyes off. 

The poetic beauty of Ayun Ha Lake. Photo:@deeda_ellen
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In Ayun Ha Lake, there are many deserted islands, each island is a few kilometers apart, most of these islands are uninhabited, there is only one island in the middle of the lake with 10 inhabitants who are men. living here, there are no women, that’s why people named this island lonely island.

Previously, many local residents, as well as tourists, did not know the existence of the lonely island, only recently did people know of its existence. To get to the lonely island on Ayun Ha Lake, you need to take a motorboat with a travel time of about 20 minutes. Lonely Island in Ayun Ha is not too poetic, but it has a mysterious and mysterious look very different from dry tree trunks or ramshackle thatched huts. 

The lake stretches to 20km, so there are many small islands. Photo: Gia Lai

According to local people, Ayun Ha Lake is most beautiful from November to April every year, at this time the lake water is at its clearest and the scenery also becomes extremely charming. To fully enjoy the beauty of Ayun Ha, visitors can go up the large rocks around the lake, the dam blocking Ayun Ha or take a motorboat around the middle of the lake. The feeling of being floating on the lake bed, watching the unspoiled natural scenery, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the cool breezes is a great experience that will make you feel peaceful and relaxed. 

The shores of Ayun Ha Lake are always full of green trees. Photo: Ayun Lower Me

The bridge leading to Ayun Ha Lake is visited by many people. Photo: Ayun Lower Me
Hydroelectric dam site at Ayun Ha Lake. Photo:@ayunhatoi

Especially if traveling Ayun Ha correct the festive season, in addition to the short scene, tourists can participate in exciting activities colored local culture here as fishing, sailing … Is the material in Ayun Ha Lake is also very rich with types of carp, catfish, halibut, strabismus, which is an attractive choice for tourists to stop and enjoy. 

Products from the lake bed are very rich. Photo: Gia Lai Newspaper

Instructions to check-in Ayun Ha Gia Lai lake 

Ayun Ha Lake is located quite far from the center of Pleiku, so if you are visiting for the first time, you should update your travel experience to check in smoothly to avoid getting lost. Although located far from the center, the road to Ayun Ha is quite easy, you can travel by car or motorbike. 

From Pleiku, you can easily get to Ayun Ha by many means. Photo: Check-in Gia Lai

From the center of Pleiku city, if you want to go to Ayun Ha lake, you just need to follow Highway 14 to the crossroads of Chu Se district, then turn to Highway 25. With only about 1 hour of travel time, you will reach the center. center of Ayunpa district, a beautiful plain with poetic scenery. From the district center, you just need to move a bit more to reach Ayun Ha Lake . When exploring Ayun Ha, you should not miss the surrounding landscapes with green meadows or vast picturesque fields. 

Plains by Ayun Lake in Ha Gia Lai. Photo:@kyuubei.nguyen

The field has scenery like the European sky in Ayun Ha. Photo: FB/Thang Canh Gia Lai Review

Ayun Ha Lake has a rustic and attractive beauty unique to the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, where there is no bustle, or poetic beauty, but still makes people fall in love with its simplicity, generosity and simplicity. that plain highland.

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