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Impressive historical destinations in Gia Lai for a discovery trip 

Not only beautiful natural landscapes, but historical destinations in Gia Lai are also attractive destinations for tourists, especially those who have a love for history and culture and want to understand more about the land. This.

Gia Lai has long been an attractive destination on the Central Highlands tourist map with many famous stops. Besides the wild and rustic features of the mountains and forests, this land also has famous historical sites associated with different historical periods, which are also witnesses to the heroic days of the nation. Stopping at historical destinations in Gia Lai, visitors will have the opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in the pieces of heroic memories, experience the atmosphere of the old historical period through stories and exhibits. .. all will create a special experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Historical destinations in Gia Lai are great for a memory trip 

1. Stơr Village

Stor village is located peacefully beside the To Tung stream of the Kbang district, which is one of the historical destinations in Gia Lai and attractive in the eyes of tourists. This village is the hometown of the hero Nod, who led the Bahnar people against the French colonialists and the American imperialists.

Impressive historical destinations in Gia Lai for a discovery trip 
The peaceful Stor Resistance Village is a fascinating historical destination in Gia Lai. Photo: @nga_sweet92

Visitors here will be able to visit the hero memorial house with many different construction items, exhibits, and pictures about the life of the famous hero. Along with that is a space to display the culture and life of the indigenous Bahnar people such as brocade, wine can, crossbows, bows and arrows… Visitors can also explore the daily life of the Bahnar and the Bahnar people. enjoy attractive specialties such as grilled chicken with rice lam, wild vegetables, bamboo shoots.  

The hero memorial house was built spaciously. Photo: Gia Lai Newspaper

2. Pleiku Prison

Compared to a living hell for revolutionaries in the resistance wars against the French and Americans, Pleiku prison is a historical destination in Gia Lai that visitors will hardly miss. Pleiku used to be a military hot spot during the war, this place is associated with many historical periods and is also the birthplace of many heroes, and Pleiku prison was built in 1925 located at Yet Kieu street, ward. Dien Hong, used to be the detention center for political prisoners before 1975.

Pleiku Prison is the place to keep the horrifying memories of a hell on earth during the war. Photo: vnexpress

Referring to this prison, people can’t help but shudder when remembering the crimes of the invaders, the barbaric and cruel tortures, thereby showing the brave, indomitable spirit and boundless patriotism. of soldiers and people in the Central Highlands. The prison has a size of about 7ha with 20 cells, each room is 10m2, the room is divided into 2 floors with cells and guard towers. Up to now, Pleiku prison is not intact but still retains many artifacts and traces of a dark period under the brutality of the colonialists.

There are many scenes of reconstruction of the old prison. Photo: vnexpress

3. Gia Lai Provincial Museum

As a place to store, display and briefly introduce the history, land and people of Gia Lai, so this is a very attractive historical destination in the eyes of tourists, the Museum is located next to Dai Doan Ket square, central Pleiku city center with an area of ​​1200m2, divided into 6 galleries with about 700 original artifacts including many types, in which there are many artifacts of high cultural and historical value, typically the collection of gongs. gongs, drums with an average diameter of 1m of the Jrai and Bahnar people, the collection of ancient jars of the people is extremely rare.

Gia Lai Provincial Museum is located right in the heart of the city. Photo: @haihanguyen1211

At the museum, there are also many other valuable artifacts such as Cham pa stone reliefs, dug-out boats, stilt houses, models of tomb houses, An Thanh bronze drums or pictures and documents about traditional festivals and life. living the spirit of indigenous peoples, thematic images about the resistance wars against the French and against the US of Gia Lai army and people.

The exhibition space of the Museum is very lively. Photo: @phamthiphuongthaohd

4. Tay Son Thuong Dao historical site 

This relic is  an impressive historical destination in Gia Lai located in An Khe town of Gia Lai province. This is the land of experimentation and also the base where the Nguyen brothers and paper soldiers rebelled against Lord Nguyen in Dang Trong. This base is located in the districts of An Khe Kbang, Kong Chro and Dak Po districts with the advantage of a large mountainous area, rugged terrain protected by the Ba river with forest products and land. to feed soldiers.

Tay Son Thuong Dao historical site is an impressive destination in An Khe. Photo: Bien Phong Newspaper

Currently, Tay Son Thuong Dao relic still preserves a lot of precious works and antiques from the Tay Son period at the end of the 18th century and has been granted the National Historic Landmark. Visitors coming here will have the opportunity to visit and discover many interesting things, works items, and unique monuments.

This place keeps many vestiges of the Tay Son uprising. Photo: @hanh_gau2011

5. Jackfruit garden-Cohou field

As one of the unique historical destinations in Gia Lai , Jackfruit Garden – Co Hau Field is gradually becoming an attractive destination in the eyes of history-loving tourists, especially those who love to learn about the uprising. of the three Tay Son brothers. Jackfruit Garden – Co Hau field is located in Mo Dieu forest of Tu Thuy village, Nghia An commune, K’Bang district. 

The space of the jackfruit garden – The field of Co Hau is full of green. Photo: Ka Outdoor

This used to be a place to produce food for the Tay Son insurgent army and was associated with the story of Ms. Ho, the wife of Tay Son leader Nguyen Nhac. She was the child of the previous clan in Co Yem village, she used to mobilize people to reclaim land, plant jackfruit to feed the army until Nguyen Nhac ascended the throne, and brought her back to be a concubine, but later she returned to her hometown with her husband. the familiar and departed jackfruit fields and gardens, the local people still remember her merits and the jackfruit garden is left as a witness to the life of the daughter of the Ka Nak highland. Currently, there are more than 10o old jackfruit trees scattered and become an attractive attraction for tourists. 

Visiting historical destinations in Gia Lai, tourists will learn more about the culture, history as well as the dedication and sacrifices of his father’s generation to love and appreciate the present peaceful life more. When coming to Gia Lai, you should definitely not miss these fascinating historical destinations. 

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