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How beautiful is the heart of Toong Dam Kon Tum lake!

With a charming and poetic landscape when surrounded by a system of green primeval forests, Toong Dam Lake has become an attractive destination for all visitors from near and far when returning to Kon Tum.

Those who have ever set foot in Mang Den will fall in love with the pure and wild beauty of this place when it is covered with green by the towering pine forest with the strong smell of plants and flowers. The weather here is also very pleasing to people when owning a fresh and cool atmosphere. The natural picture in Mang Den continues to open up with many attractive destinations such as: Pa Sy waterfallDak Ke lake, pink grass hill… And of course, anyone who comes to Mang Den must be curious about the legend. Lake 3 waterfalls with the thrilling, mysterious appearance of Toong Dam lake.

How beautiful is the heart of Toong Dam Kon Tum lake!
The lake scenery is so beautiful!

About  Toong Dam Kon Tum Lake

Toong Dam Kon Tum Lake is one of 7 famous lakes in Mang Den – Kon Plong – Kon Tum eco-tourism area. Possessing a lovely beauty with a system of primeval forests surrounded by green, this lake has become an ideal relaxation spot for all tourists who want to enjoy the peace in the heart of the immense lake.

“Toong” in the Mo Nam language is a branch of the Xe Dang ethnic group, meaning lake. There are many legends and legends about these 7 lakes and 7 lakes, respectively, named after 7 brother gods: Toong Po; Toong Ro Poong; Toong Zo Ri; Toong Ziu; Gasoline Tongs; Toong Ly Lung and Toong Dam. In particular, Toong Dam Lake is the largest lake with the most beautiful scenery. Therefore, the story of 7 lakes here keeps causing curiosity and curiosity for everyone when they first come to Kon Tum.

People compare Toong Dam with the beauty of the heavenly country. Because this lake has a vast lake, it is covered with blue color with the high blue sky of the primeval forest. The water surface has also since become clearer and more sparkling. That is also the reason why this place is always cool, fresh and there is a close connection between people and nature.

The lake is clear

Where is Toong Dam Lake Kon Tum?

Location: near Mang Den ecological area – Dak Long commune – Kon Plong – Kon Tum

Toong Dam Kon Tum Lake has coordinates located on Highway 24, near the old field airport in the time of Kon Plong fighting foreign invaders and right near Mang Den ecological area in Dak Long commune – Kon Plong district – Kon Tum province.

From Kon Tum city, move to Mang Den town via Highway 24 about 60km with a travel time of more than 1 hour. Coming to Mang Den, you will admire and release people’s hearts when blending with the dreamy nature of the pine forest, the wildness of the mountains. Interspersed with that are the chirping sounds of birds. Plus the coolness of the weather here makes everyone feel comfortable, comfortable and removes all worries and calculations from the busy life out there.

Floating house

What is the best time to visit Toong Dam Kon Tum Lake?

Kon Plong is likened to the second Da Lat of the Central Highlands. Therefore, the climate here is extremely cool and temperate. So you can visit Toong Dam Kon Tum Lake at any time of the year.

However, the best time to admire the beautiful and poetic picture of the lake is when people often come back to April – May. At this time, the grass and trees on the lake are covered with green fat; The scenery of the blue sky is wonderful, the lake bed is deeply visited with cool and airy weather. Just walking around the lake, watching the scenery here also makes you more gentle and lovely.

As for those who like to combine tourism to Toong Dam Lake with watching golden fields and vibrant festivals, they can visit from October to December.

Release your soul into nature

Picturesque scenery by Toong Dam Lake

Previously, the lake was not planned, so the road to the lake was quite wild, the grass was dense and not many people visited. However, when Hoang Vu Mang Den tourist area came into operation, Toong Dam was put on a poetic, clear beauty that made all visitors excited when returning here.

Toong Dam Kon Tum Lake  becomes greener and more charming when owning an area of ​​​​7ha combined with 20h of primeval forest area, bringing a charming picture in the middle of the Central Highlands.

Wooden bridge

Walking around the poetic lake

The road built along the lakeside with soft curves covered with shaded trees is an ideal place for visitors to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the lake. Just taking a leisurely walk, while admiring the clouds, sky, and mountains will help you release all the worries outside and return to nature in a peaceful and gentle mood.

promenade around the lake

Catch the sunset by the lake

Many young people discover Toong Dam Lake not because of the poetic beauty, but when the sunset falls, the picture of Toong Dam becomes dreamy and peaceful. From the high clear sky above, the sky is blue, when the sunset appears, the picture of the lake here becomes quieter and the dark gray color with red streaks appears on the horizon. At this time, the lake becomes more mysterious and thrilling than ever.

Catch the sunset by the lake

Fishing at the lake

Not only that, coming to visit Toong Dam Kon Tum lake , visitors will have a wonderful relaxing fishing experience. The lake has been stocked by the investor with more than 2 tons of fingerlings of all different types, naturally raised in combination with the release of mallards. Therefore, visitors coming here can relax by fishing at the lake.

Experience entertainment services

In addition to walking, fishing, watching the sunset…, this place also serves many different entertainment services such as camping, duck riding, ferris wheel, hydraulic plane….

What to eat when coming to Toong Dam lake Kon Tum?

In addition to the dreamy scenery at the lake, when you come here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many local specialties, authentic dishes prepared with local flavors such as grilled chicken with lam rice, roasted pork, leaf salad.. .Definitely, when enjoying this dish, you will be recharged with new capacity to explore other attractions too!

Leaf salad

Toong Dam Lake always brings fresh colors, charming beauty and highlights the characteristics of the natural picture in the mountain town of Kon Tum . This will be a peaceful resort that every visitor does not want to leave when they arrive!

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