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Go to Mang Den, do not miss your appointment with Dak Ke Lake!

As one of the 7 lakes in the Mang Den tourist area, Dak Ke lake always brings peace and comfort to visitors with beautiful scenery in the bright colors of blooming flowers against the blue sky.

Any visitor coming to Kon Tum mountain town will hear about the legend of 7 lakes and 3 famous waterfalls in Mang Den ecological area. It is also a curious episode, attracting attention for many travelers to explore here. The scene here must be said to be beautiful and beautiful, so poetry makes everyone upset. Dak Ke Lake is one of the lakes possessing a green, dreamy natural landscape surrounded by green trees and red flowers.

So there is no reason that you do not travel to Dak Ke lake when you return to Mang Den, right?

Go to Mang Den, do not miss your appointment with Dak Ke Lake!
Clear lake

About Dak Ke lake

Dak Ke Kon Tum Lake is also known as Toong Ro Pong Lake. This is a lake belonging to Mang Den eco-tourism area with an area of ​​up to 3ha (the largest of the 7 lakes here). The lake is located in Kon Plong – Kon Tum district. 

Here, everything from natural scenery, roads, lakes, mountains, vast pine forests, blooming flowers all over the lake … are like the artist’s favorite drawings to the painting. Dak Ke lake is nothing more than a stream of picturesque, charming and beautiful paintings.

The lake is beautiful and poetic

The fascinating legend of Dak Ke Kon Tum lake

In addition to seeing the clear picture by Dak Ke lake, surely the legend of 7 lakes and 3 waterfalls in Kon Tum also makes many visitors curious and attracted. And people say that the waterfalls and lakes in Mang Den are the embodiment of heavenly gods.

In the past, Mang Den was originally an uninhabited land; So the god Yang Plinh sent 7 sons here to set up a village and live. And the wife of these 7 boys will have to transform into animals to look after. The god Yang Plinh told his sons not to eat the flesh of the animals that his wife had incarnated. If not, it will be severely punished.

Life in 7 villages in Mang Den is more and more full and happy. However, due to being too engrossed in play, the 7 boys forgot their advice and ate the animals that their wives turned into. At that time, the god Yan Plinh was furious and punished his son as said.

Shen Yan Plinh has set up 7 pillars of fire to punish 7 boys. After that, the 7 pillars of fire turned into 7 lakes as now; including 3 fire columns sold to the sky into 3 majestic beautiful waterfalls at Mang Den. And one of the 7 lakes can not fail to mention Dak Ke lake .

The lake is beautiful and poetic

Guide to Dak Ke lake

From the city center. In Kon Tum, visitors moving in the northeast direction along Highway 24, about 54km range, will arrive at Dak Ke lake eco-tourism area . One of the means to get here is motorbikes, taxis, and cars

  • Taxi: the reputable car company you should choose is Vinh Son, Mai Linh.
  • Car: you can rent a self-drive or a driverless car.
  • Motorbike: rental price is 150,000 VND / day.

How to go to the lake?

Ideal time to visit Toong Ro Pong Lake

In Kon Plong, Kon Tum is blessed with a cool and temperate climate, so visiting Toong Ro Pong Lake at any time of the year is fine.

However, around April – May is an ideal time for you to visit Dak Ke Lake with the cold, airy air, the clear blue lake water resonating with the gentle scent of forest flowers, trees, resin. The morning dew drops on the leaves of the trees, sometimes falling to the ground, have created the sound of the melodious songs that fascinate people.

In October; November; In December, the picture of Dak Ke Lake becomes more beautiful again when it is covered with the golden color of ripe rice fields.

Ideal time to visit the lake?

Where to go to Dak Ke?

At Mang Den, there are many great places to stay for visitors to explore many interesting destinations here. You can rent a pine forest villa from hotels such as Hoa Hong Hotel, Doi Thong Hotel, Lan Rung Conference Center, or Hoa Sim Villa.

The cost of the rooms is as follows:

  • Single room: 220,000 VND / night
  • Double room: 280,000 VND / night
  • Triple room: 350,000 VND / night
  • Vip room: 400,000 VND / night

Or you can stay at Trung Hieu hotel with a softer price from 150k / single room; 200k / double room.

What is attractive about Dak Ke lake tourism?

Cool green space

Traveling to Dak Ke lake , visitors will be immersed in a wild and fresh space of mountains and forests. The lake is vast with clear water. Add to that the appearance of undulating and beautiful mountains covering the vast green forest. Around the lake are planted with colorful flower bushes like cherry blossoms … All of which create a very poetic mountain and forest picture.

Cool green space

The paths at the lake winding winding with the appearance of wild flowers, green grass … will be the ideal place for you to take a leisurely, leisurely look at the natural scenery here. The feeling of fatigue vanishes by the peace, immense space of trees.

The winding road shady trees (Photo: Me Mang Den)

Architecture on stilts

At Toong Ro Pong Lake, visitors will admire the uniqueness and characteristics of the Central Highlands people through traditional stilt houses, or skyscrapers. These houses are built from wood materials, leaves are extremely sure to bring the rustic beauty, familiar characteristics of the indigenous people here.

The houses on stilts and Rong houses are hidden by the lake

Check-in virtual live

Going on the right occasion of the peach blossom season, you will surely own a lovely photo by Dak Ke Lake with fading pink peach petals looking very dreamy.

Check-in at the lake next to the cherry blossoms

In addition to the vast lake surface, long green forest trees, sometimes undulating leaf huts and a small bridge over the lake is also one of the beautiful background that makes many visitors check- print.

A bright background for visitors to take photos
Photo: Me Mang Den

Attractive entertainment service

At Dak Ke Lake tourist area , there are also many recreational services, attracting tourists such as coffee, canoeing, fishing, duck riding, cycling, camping … and ideal catering services. In addition, you can experience the feeling of riding a horse carriage, buffalo cart around the lake to enjoy the scenery.

Duck ride, row boat

What to eat when coming to Dak Ke lake?

Traveling to Dak Ke Lake , visitors will enjoy the famous specialties that the Kon Tum plateau brings. These dishes are very rustic mountain nature such as Mang Den grilled chicken, grilled chicken with rice lam, Mang Den roast pork, wine can … These dishes are enough to fill a hungry stomach after a day of greed. officials, playing at the lake.

Grilled chicken rice

As one of the ideal destinations when traveling to Kon Tum , surely after the visit to Dak Ke Lake, you will be able to enjoy the unique scenery here; Tourists will better understand the customs, culture, cuisine … typical of the local people here bring.

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