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Dak Ha season when rubber trees change leaves

KON TUM – Walking among the straight trees, branches and leaves intertwined, I was bewildered by the poetic orange landscape of the Central Highlands.

One sunny day, I decided to visit my best friend who is practicing in Dak Ha district. The trip came as a surprise when we received the decision to practice in a completely foreign land. On the sleeper bus, I envision Dak Ha as the land of the Central Highlands, full of sunshine and wind and sweet and bitter with the taste of coffee. The car passed through Kon Tum city to the north 20 km, I got off at dawn. Dak Ha welcomed me with a cool hug, the typical cold of the highlands at the end of the year. My best friend welcomed me with a warm hug, the warmth of dear friendship.

My friend quickly dragged me around Dak Ha with all his joy, like an excited host wanting to introduce each beautiful space in his newly built house to guests to celebrate the housewarming. Dak Ha at the end of winter and early spring has pure white coffee flowers, interspersed with the gentle pink color of reed flowers. That idyllic flower gently leans in the wind, playing with the sun in the middle of the blue sky.

Dak Ha season when rubber trees change leaves
The rubber forest along the road is changing leaves, the scenery of Dak Ha is flooded with romantic orange. Photo: Hang Vo

Still overwhelmed by the hills of white coffee mixed in the sweet fragrance, I felt like going through space and time, lost in the fairy garden. This time is also the season of changing leaves of Dak Ha rubber forest. Walking among the straight trees, branches and leaves intertwined, I was bewildered by the poetic beauty of this land. Every time there is a breeze, the leaves leave the branches like a flock of butterflies. The ground was covered with a carpet of bright orange butterflies.

We went through the rubber forest, visiting a small village. She thoughtfully prepared for me a costume of the local people. The old people and children looked at us with curious eyes mixed with hospitality in their eyes and smiles.

An old man invited us to visit the communal house of the village. The communal house is located in the center, where the villagers gather, exchange and discuss. I walked barefoot around the communal house, feeling every fiber of color lightly touch my body, listening to the story of the village and feeling like I was living in a unique culture here. Next to the village, there is a small stream gurgling, a few fish swimming in the cool, clear blue water. All form a very peaceful picture of the mountains and forests.

We wore costumes of indigenous people taking pictures in the rubber forest. Photo: Hang Vo

High point 601 in Dak La commune is a famous historical relic in Dak Ha district, imprinted with the victories of our army and people in the resistance war against the US, especially the victory in April 1972 in the liberation campaign. Dak To – Tan Canh.

Listen to her friend, many fierce battles have taken place at this important strategic position, so the locals also call this place “Skull slope”. I froze with immeasurable gratitude as I looked up at the High Score 601. My pride rose and reminded our generation to live up to your father’s heroic sacrifice.

We also visited one of the largest Buddhist works in the Central Highlands, Ky Quang pagoda, located in Dak Ma commune. Walking around the temple, I deeply felt the spiritual space with the quiet, deep look of the massive and majestic palaces. The pagoda is like a bright spot, adding to the diversity and richness of cultures and religions in the beautiful highland.

Plei Krong hydroelectric lake near Dak Ha has fresh water, surrounded by hills and mountains, peaceful scenery brings a sense of relaxation and lightness to visitors. Photo: Hang Vo

The last night before returning, the small district of Dak Ha seemed to stay awake with us, listening to the life stories of the trainees away from home. For me, this is not only a meaningful trip but also a journey of friendship. I was able to visit and experience this land with my best friend and enthusiastic tour guide.

Dak Ha has in itself the beauty of the sunny and windy Central Highlands but still exudes its own brilliance. The unexpected journey that year and the majestic beauty but extremely poetic and peaceful of Dak Ha will forever be a beautiful memory in my youth. Follow vnexpress

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