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The team that loves to eat, don’t miss an appointment with the top 4 delicious restaurants in Mang Den

Coming to Kon Tum, you must definitely stop at the delicious restaurants in Mang Den to feel the quintessential flavor of local cuisine.

Mang Den is an ideal stopover for many tourists when it has beautiful and poetic roads with two sides of the road are tall green pine forests, fresh and cool climate with many beautiful scenes. poetic, majestic. Perhaps because of that, this place is also a culinary paradise when converging many delicious traditional dishes that anyone who enjoys must remember and love.

And if you have not yet located a quality address to enjoy Kon Tum cuisine? Then pin the delicious restaurants in Mang Den below!

The team that loves to eat, don’t miss an appointment with the top 4 delicious restaurants in Mang Den
Delicious restaurant Mang Den you should try

Delicious restaurants in Mang Den that you should not miss

1. Co Sinh grilled chicken shop

As one of the delicious restaurants in Mang Den , Co Sinh grilled chicken restaurant is enjoyed by many tourists. This is a grilled chicken shop that has existed for a long time. And the owner of the grilled chicken shop is Ms. Sinh – formerly the chef of a famous restaurant. After that, because of her passion for cooking, she opened her own shop located on the main road at number 24 leading to Mang Den town.

The outstanding dishes of the restaurant are: roasted village pig, grilled chicken with lam rice, forest banana salad… These are all outstanding dishes and make up the typical brand here. Especially, grilled chicken and lam rice are the most popular dishes that tourists order and are also prepared quite specially with grilled pepper leaves. So when enjoying this dish, you will feel the special aroma, a little pungent and eat very well.

Price list of dishes:

  • Grilled chicken: 200,000 VND/head (Half sold)
  • Roast pork: 250,000VND/kg
  • Lam rice: 10,000 VND / portion (serving for 2 people)
  • Soft drink: 10,000 VND/can.

How to get to the grilled chicken shop:

Co Sinh grilled chicken shop is located in the middle of Mang Den tree and Mang Den market on the main street No. 24. The shop is quite easy to find and is located near Hoa Sim hotel and Bach Duong cafe.

  • Opening hours : 9:00 – 18:00 (may close earlier if out of food)
  • Address : AH132, Dak Long commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province

Co Sinh grilled chicken shop

2. Mang Den Lu Quan

Referring to the delicious restaurant in Mang Den , surely the name Mang Den Lu Quan is also a name that leaves many impressions in the hearts of diners. The restaurant is designed close and familiar to the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. And this eatery serves breakfast – lunch – dinner for everyone.

In particular, the most outstanding dish here is Mang Den pepper hotpot. This type of hot pot is divided into 2 sides: non-spicy and spicy. Each side of the hot pot tray uses a unique flavor of hot pot, but it is quite delicious. The hot pot ingredients are full from: mushrooms, shrimp, vegetables, meat, tofu… This hot pot dish is eaten when it’s cold at 16-20 degrees. Besides, the restaurant also serves many other delicious dishes such as: grilled beef with e leaves, shredded chicken salad with bamboo shoots… a central dish.

Besides, visitors can also add other rich menu when eating hot pot such as: rice, chicken… In particular, Party Sam’s chicken stew is as delicious as Xuyen Tieu hot pot. In addition, they also serve more ice cream, coffee … to make visitors enjoy after eating.

Price of Mang Den pepper hotpot:

  • Price of hot pot dish : 220,000 VND – 600,000 VND/piece
  • Opening hours : 11h:00 – 20h:00
  • Address : Highway 24, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

Mang Den Lu Quan is famous for Tieu Xuyen hot pot

3. Mang Den A Kay snakehead fish soup shop 7

One of the delicious restaurants in Mang Den that is extremely famous that you should not miss is A Kay 7 snakehead fish soup cake shop. And this is also the name of the typical specialty dish of Mang Den town that you visit. At homestay or hotel, every motel is introduced and reminded about it.

This dish is prepared on the stove with an earthen pot. When diners enter the restaurant to order, the owner turns on the stove, heats up the broth, then puts in slices of pre-cut fish and banh chung to cook together. Therefore, you will enjoy a bowl of hot snakehead fish soup while blowing and eating.

The broth of this dish is very flavorful, and clear when there is the delicious sweetness of snakehead fish mixed in the starch of banh chung. There are two types of banh chung here: flour soup and rice flour soup. With rice flour cake soup, it will not be tough, but in return, it will be more crispy and greasy. Depending on the preferences and dietary needs of each guest, you should choose the right cake soup.

Price list of snakehead fish soup with Mang Den A Kay 7:

  • Cake soup: 25,000VND/piece
  • Quail eggs: 5,000VND/bag
  • Extra snakehead fish head: 20,000VND/ pot

Address of A Kay Mang Den snakehead fish soup:

To go to A Kay 7 snakehead fish cake soup shop, visitors can find the way on Google Map. And the way to the shop is quite easy, the shop is located in the alley next to the Kon Plong market sign.

  • Opening hours : 6:00am – 8:00pm
  • Location : Mang Den Market – Dak Long Commune – Kon Plong District – Kon Tum Province

A Kay snakehead fish soup cake shop 7

4. Son Lam Quan Restaurant

Also on the list of delicious restaurants in Mang Den, it is certainly impossible not to miss Son Lam Quan restaurant. The restaurant is designed according to the rustic wooden house architecture, the old way with a close, light and airy space. Outside the restaurant, there is a very spacious Koi pond built on campus.

The restaurant mainly serves mountain-style dishes such as: snakehead fish sour soup, braised fish, stir-fried forest vegetables, popular rice… at a very reasonable cost. And if you want to enjoy grilled chicken with rice lam, you should book in advance so that the shop can take the initiative to do it.

  • Address: Highway 24 – Dak Long Commune – Kon Plong District – Kon Tum Province
  • Opening hours : 08:00 – 22:00
  • Price: 50,000VND – 150,000VND

Son Lam Quan Restaurant

Some other restaurants you can refer to:

  • Hanh Level Restaurant: Road No. 1, Mang Den eco-tourism area, Dak Long commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province
  • Quan Suong restaurant: Road No. 6, Mang Den eco-tourism area, Dak Long commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province
  • Tra Giang restaurant: Road No. 6, Mang Den eco-tourism area, Dak Long commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province

Coming to Mang Den, you can not only admire the wonderful picture of nature, mountains and forests but also enjoy the authentic and authentic cuisine of the Central Highlands that delicious restaurants in Mang Den bring.

A series of must-try specialties when coming to Mang Den

Grilled Chicken with Mang Den

Listed in the “Top 50 delicious dishes to try” in the Guinness Book of Vietnam Records, grilled chicken is a worthy dish for you to enjoy when coming to Mang Den. This dish is unique in that it is marinated with spices from some roots, leaves, honey and forest trees in this land to create a special flavor. After marinating the chicken, the whole child will add a handful of wild pepper leaves inside and then bake it on a rotating charcoal stove until golden.

Photo: @_anhthu58

Mang Den grilled chicken is enjoyed properly when served with salt and pepper or large grains of salt, hot peppers and bep leaves. The sweet and fragrant chicken mixed with the herbs of the roots and leaves of the forest creates a unique and delicious flavor for this dish. Diners can eat grilled chicken with bamboo tube rice to make the dish round in the way of the Central Highlands.

Black rice with bamboo shoots

Com lam is a familiar dish in the Northwest and Central Highlands. However, Mang Den Lam rice has a different flavor because it has more sticky leaves. First, people will soak upland sticky rice with glutinous leaves for one night and then put the rice in a bamboo tube. When the rice is two-thirds full, cool spring water is poured in. Next, they will strip the old forest banana leaves that are smelling of yellow, heat the fire and close each bamboo tube. Finally, the bamboo tube is grilled on the pink ash stove.

Mang Den lam rice dish attracts diners by the rich taste of rice and the aroma of pandan leaves mixed with the scent of young bamboo. When eating, you will feel the rice grain is firm but flexible, fleshy, not bored.

Black rice with bamboo shoots. Photo: @vaan.lee.31

Roasted Pork with Mang Den

This Mang Den roast pig is made from a wild pig breed – a type of pig raised by local people in a natural grazing style. Wild boar has thin skin, little fat, fragrant meat, firm and very nutritious. 

Photo: @jenis_nguyen

Pigs are cleaned to remove their organs, marinated and processed into special dishes. Then people marinate the pork with spices such as coriander, coriander root, lemongrass, chili, … and then turn the whole chicken over charcoal fire until the skin is crispy and golden. Enjoying a piece of Mang Den roasted pork, you will feel the crispy aroma of the pork skin and then the greasy, soft and sweet meat to the aftertaste.

Pack of Black Bamboo shoots leaves

Leaf salad is considered a specialty of Mang Den that any visitor who comes here must try once. The most special feature of this dish is that the ingredients to make the salad are taken from more than 50 types of leaves, in the rainy season the number of salad leaves can be up to 70 types. The leaves for making salad are easy-to-find leaves such as mustard greens, lettuce, basil, cinnamon, plantain, guava leaves, figs, cloves, guava, apricots… to the typical leaves of the region. this land such as: lost fairy, bamboo leaves, huts, bear bile leaves, brooch leaves…

Full leaf salad with bacon, shrimp, bacon and dipping sauce. Photo: vneconomy

Leaf salad is often served with pork, pork skin, shrimp and dipping sauce. In particular, the dipping sauce is the highlight that makes the dish delicious. Leaf salad dipping sauce is made from fermented glutinous rice incubated with batches, pork belly, dried shrimp and then pureed. Then, people heat this mixture on a small fire with spices such as salt, pepper, and satay until the sauce is thick and yellow.

Enjoying leaf salad also requires ingenuity. You need to take the big leaves like fig leaves, cabbage leaves to roll into a funnel shape and then arrange the smaller leaves inside. Next, people add pork, pork skin and shrimp. Dip the leaf salad and enjoy, you will be surprised with the cool, acrid taste of the leaves mixed with the fleshy, sweet taste of shrimp meat and fatty and sour sauce.

How to enjoy Mang Den leaf salad. Photo: @pyzamadeinpoland

Some addresses to enjoy specialties of Mang Den

Son Lam Quan Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves mountain-style dishes such as braised fish, snakehead fish sour soup, fried forest vegetables, etc. at reasonable prices.

Photo: @minhhang2206

– Address: Highway 24, Dak Long Commune, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

– The price is аbout: 150,000 VND / person

Co Sinh restaurant

The restaurant specializes in serving fried rice and grilled chicken. Grilled chicken is stuffed with wild pepper leaves in the belly, so the smell is quite fragrant. Lam rice is flexible, served with peanut salt, so it is very delicious, not bored. 

Photo: nld.com

– Address: Highway 24, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

– Price is аbout: 150,000 VND / person

Mang Den Lu Quan

It mainly serves dishes such as chicken, hot pot, rice, forest specialties. The most special is Party Sam chicken stew, Xuyen Tieu hot pot.

Photo: foodinmyblood.jt

– Address: Highway 24, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

– Price is аbout: 150,000 VND / person.

Mang Den not only has a peaceful and romantic picture of nature, but also attracts tourists by its unique cuisine. The above specialties will help you have a memorable experience with unique flavors.