12.10.2022, 08:09

Want to hunt clouds but can’t get up early, don’t miss Mang Den and these “paradise”

Surely the group of people who like to “sleep in” will love it!

Not only attracting lovers to explore, but now, cloud hunting seems to have become a trend, a new type of tourism chosen by a large number of young people. Some “paradise” is always packed with people waiting for clouds from 3-4 am, such as Ta Xua, Ta Chi Nhu, or Lao Than.

Seeing the online community jostling for clouds like that, the association of those who are afraid to get up early will be a little warm in their hearts. But not too sad because there are still seas of floating clouds ready to wait even though you wake up at dawn.

Hau Thao – Sapa

Coming to Sapa, O Quy Ho pass is a famous cloud hunting spot, but the success rate is not too high. How many people when seeing the sun rush out but have to leave sadly because it’s full of dense fog?

However, according to the experience of those who are “addicted to Sapa”, Hau Thao is the ideal “paradise”. Even if you wake up at 6:30 am, eat breakfast until 7-8 o’clock and see fog, don’t rush to “turn the car”. Because, when the dew melts, a sea of ​​clouds will appear before your eyes. Sometimes, the journey to wait for the dew and sea of ​​clouds will repeat until 12 noon, visitors are free to take pictures “virtual life”.

Want to hunt clouds but can’t get up early, don’t miss Mang Den and these “paradise”

In addition, it is also suggested that another place is on the top of Fansipan. Many people who were disappointed when sitting in the cable car cabin had to break down when they officially set foot on the “roof of Indochina”.

Photo: Ta Xuan Huong

Black bamboo shoots

Among the places in the Central Highlands, Mang Den has not been exploited for tourism much. Because of that, this place has a lot of forests and is very unspoiled, the atmosphere is also much more pleasant than in other lands.

Photo: Hung Mang Den

Because the weather here is cool all year round, just looking for a “pointer” is that visitors can encounter the sea of ​​white clouds at any time of the day. Sometimes, after the rain, moves on the passes, the scene of clouds overflowing and embracing the mountains also appears right in front of your eyes, as if you were lost in a fairyland.

Pu Luong

Many people when coming to Pu Luong – Northwest of the North Central region were surprised by the natural scenery and gave this place the name “forgotten cloud paradise”. Compared to a few years ago, there have been more homestays serving tourists, but the pristine, majestic but equally idyllic beauty is still intact.

One of the most expensive frames that anyone coming to Pu Luong wants to catch is the moment when the clouds are floating in the sky, in harmony with the green terraced fields below, creating a beautiful picture of nature. .

three island

Only about 2 hours by motorbike from the capital, Tam Dao is known as the Da Lat of the North of Vietnam. The weather here is always very cool, gentle and blends with the European scenery.

Tam Dao is also very convenient when there are many beautiful and comfortable homestays. Even if you quickly book an apartment with a view, right in the room, visitors can still watch the smooth white clouds like silk floating, making the valley below appear and disappear.

Mai Chau

Instead of having to crouch in the early morning cold to wait for clouds at Hang Kia – Pa Co, visitors can leisurely stop at Da Trang Pass (also known as Thung Khe Pass) to wait for the clouds to come. A small note, this pass is quite crowded with traffic, so just stop and check in at a cafe or allowed area.

In addition, if you are at Da Trang Pass with clouds spreading, you can move to a place not far from Lac village – Mai Chau. Clouds here often appear in the late morning or afternoon, although not too thick, but very poetic.