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Hunting clouds on the top of the pass in Bao Loc

LAM DONG – With an altitude of nearly 1,000 m above sea level, Loc Thanh Pass in Bao Loc city is a place for tourists who like to hunt clouds.

Loc Thanh Pass is located about 12 km south of Bao Loc city center. From the city, visitors move along Highway 55 in the direction of Binh Thuan, at the junction of Loc Thanh B primary school, turn right and go straight for about 3.5 km.

Pham Kim Nhan (27 years old, living in Da Lat), often hunts clouds. He is also the author of many beautiful photos of clouds in Sa Pa and Da Lat. Nhan said: “I happened to know this new cloud hunting spot in Lam Dong through a friend and was impressed, so I got up early and moved here to witness and record the best images.”

The road to the place in the early morning had thick fog, few street lights, steep slopes and a lot of mud. Please note that you should travel by car and the steering wheel must be firm.

“To hunt for clouds, you must be at the pass before dawn. This season, Bao Loc’s weather is beautiful, so it is easy to get cloudy, just follow the forecast without rain or low pressure or storms, then the rate of hunting clouds will be very high,” Nhan shared.

At 5:30 a.m. the sun began to shine, the sea of ​​clouds covering the whole pass gradually appeared, the clouds became thicker and thicker.

Cloud waterfall drifts through the hills at dawn, around 6am.

On the pass, there are natural cliffs for visitors to pose and take pictures.

After hunting for clouds in the early morning, visitors can explore more places in Bao Loc city such as: Linh Quy Phap An pagoda, Bat Nha monastery, Damb’ri waterfall, Tam Chau tea hill…

The population here is very sparse and there are no shops or services. Nhan recommends that everyone should dress warmly and bring food and water to protect themselves.

A strip of white clouds gives a gentle hillside
A gentle floating dream in the middle of dawn
Man’s mark is like the heart of heaven,
Looking at the path connecting the dream of life.

This willow shadow sees the clouds as reality.
Still with the pass, welcoming each sunrise.
The moon has given clouds a memory –
Where do you go, where are you weaving pictures?

Leave or stay? When people don’t want to remember,
I have to let go, even though I can’t let go.
The hope of a pink velvet blooms
And a stream of poetry washes souls.

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