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The beautiful valleys of Vietnam have a charming painting, if you don’t check-in, you will only regret

This spring, you must once visit the beautiful valleys of Vietnam to immerse yourself in the beautiful and peaceful scenery of nature, heaven, and earth. 

1. Muong Hoa Valley – Vietnam’s beautiful valley in the Northwest  

Muong Hoa valley is one of the beautiful valleys of Vietnam , located in the southeast of Sapa town. Today, this is a favorite destination for tourists when visiting Sapa. With a beautifully natural picture, cool climate, and quiet space, this valley is truly a beautiful coordinate for you to visit. 

Muong Hoa valley is 10 km from Sapa town. Photo: @ ttaammtttt

Muong Hoa is the main living area of ​​the Black H’Mong, Red Dao, Giay ethnic minorities… To get here, you have to cross high mountains and challenging zigzag roads. However, do not be discouraged because the beautiful scenery of Muong Hoa will be a gift for those who are patient.

Muong Hoa has terraced fields, mountains, and peaceful houses. Photo: @dinh.continue_9

After a journey of 10 km when starting from Sapa town, you will see Muong Hoa valley present with immense green terraced fields stretching endlessly. In the distance is simple small houses, a gentle and beautiful flower stream. All mixed together, painting a picture rich in poetry, full of dreamy charm.

The beautiful valleys of Vietnam have a charming painting, if you don’t check-in, you will only regret
Beautiful picture of Muong Hoa valley. Photo: @linh.993

Each season of the year, this beautiful valley of Vietnam brings a different beauty. Spring is the time when Muong Hoa is full of brilliant flowers and grass. Summer is the season of water pouring with sparkling terraced fields. And autumn is the season of ripe golden rice, beautiful and infinitely romantic. 

Muong Hoa stream is peaceful and poetic. Photo:

Visiting Muong Hoa, in addition to experiencing the beautiful scenery and breathing in the cool air, visitors also have the opportunity to explore many interesting activities. Typically, there is an ancient rock field dating back to 3000 years – where the vestiges of ancient people are kept. Or you can participate in the traditional festivals of the ethnic minorities here. 

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2. Mai Chau Valley – Vietnam’s beautiful valley with magnificent mountains

One of the most beautiful valleys in Vietnam is the Mai Chau valley of Hoa Binh province. This place is located about 130 km from Hanoi capital – a place that tourists often choose to “hide” because of the extremely romantic natural scenery. A vast and green land and sky appear as if to hug, comfort, and protect the little souls. 

The heart-stopping beauty of Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh. Photo: @thiennguyen1012

Mai Chau valley is surrounded by majestic mountains. In the middle of the valley are rice fields separated by tiny roads. In the distance are the gardens of houses, the eaves are peaceful in the early morning sun. Mai Chau has something very poetic, very loving, very peaceful that not all beautiful valleys of Vietnam have. 

In Mai Chau there are beautiful resorts. Photo: @viphuonglinhdan

Temporarily away from the city streets, temporarily leaving all the chaos of life, you should travel to Mai Chau once to be immersed in the green picture of nature. It is the green of the mountains, forests, gardens, and rice fields. In the early morning, Mai Chau valley is engulfed in mist, exuding a magical and romantic beauty. 

Tourists are excited to discover the beautiful scenery of Mai Chau. Photo: @maichauecolodge

According to the experience of many tourists, the ripe rice season from May to June is the most beautiful time in Mai Chau. The golden rice fields nursed in the sun appear brilliantly, opening up many beautiful virtual living contexts for visitors. Coming here, you can choose to stay at homestays or stop at a resort to both enjoy the facilities and immerse yourself in the beautiful Mai Chau heaven and earth.

Coming to Mai Chau, you can explore the white stone pass. Photo: @tony_khoa

In addition to the impressive scenery, Mai Chau also offers many fascinating experiences for visitors. Come here, try to visit the indigenous people, shop, and enjoy local products. If you have time, go to the White Stone Slope to sink into the beautiful space of white pebbles like a wonderland. 

3. Bac Son Valley – Vietnam’s beautiful valley with picturesque terraced fields

Among the beautiful valleys of Vietnam , Bac Son is a valley with charming scenery, anyone who visits once will fall in love with it. Bac Son valley is located in the northwest of Lang Son province, where there are many beautiful terraced fields. From the top of Na Lay mountain 600 meters high, visitors can zoom in to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bac Son.

The breathtaking beauty of Bac Son valley. Photo: @vietnamtravel_vn

Every year, in the ripe rice season, tourists flock to Bac Son valley to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golden season. It’s the same valley, it’s also the rice field, but how is Bac Son different from Muong Hoa or Mai Chau? Perhaps the difference here is that the rice field is not a terraced field, but a flat field like a plain. 

The most beautiful place to see Bac Son valley is the top of Na Lay mountain. Photo: @xuantoan18

If you want to see the panorama of Bac Son, you have to climb to the top of Na Lay. Looking down from the top of the mountain, visitors can see the whole beautiful scene of Bac Son appearing before their eyes. The rectangular and square fields are close together. The high and low undulating mountains, the simple tiny houses and the beautiful winding river. 

Peaceful little corner in Bac Son village. Photo: @mjfinelli

August – September is the time when Bac Son valley is the most beautiful and attractive. The golden fields stand out with the green color of the mountains and trees. If you climb Na Lay mountain early in the morning, you will see the scenery of Bac Son floating in the clouds. The magic of the early morning mist, the distant mountains, the golden morning sun, etc. paints a beautiful scene. 

Tourists take pictures in Bac Son’s golden season. Photo: @marukochan7012

Today, Bac Son tourism has developed strongly with community cultural villages. If you want to learn more about the local culture, come here every January to have the opportunity to participate in the unique festivals of the people of Bac Son valley.

4. Dalat Love Valley – Vietnam’s beautiful valley full of colorful flowers 

One of the widest valleys in Vietnam is the Valley of Love – which is known as the flower paradise of Da Lat. This is a tourist destination that every tourist is fascinated when visiting the foggy city. 

Valley of Love is a famous destination in Da Lat. Photo: @hth.hanhh

In the past, this valley was called the Valley d’Amour. Later, the valley was renamed Hoa Binh and in 1953 changed to Love Valley until today. It is this name that partly shows the romantic, sweet, and poetic beauty of the valley. Coming here, visitors are immersed in the beautiful scenery of trees, flowers, green pine and dreamy sky.

A romantic and peaceful scene in the Valley of Love. Photo: @tamtiutit1701

Today, Valley of Love is planned as a tourist complex with many beautiful scenes and fascinating experiences to serve visitors. Coming here, you can explore the colorful flower gardens, discover the love bridge – where the love traces of couples are saved. 

There are green pine forests, hills, and lakes. Photo: @phamvunh6868

In particular, coming to this beautiful valley, visitors can also participate in diverse and fun activities such as shooting, horseback riding, camping, duck riding with friends and relatives. All will bring visitors many memorable memories during their trip to Dalat. 

Coming to Da Lat, you remember to visit the Valley of Love. Photo: @diemtrinhmaithi

Each beautiful valley of Vietnam has its own beauty to attract tourists. Whether it’s Muong Hoa, Mai Chau, Bac Son, or Love, these are all beautiful valleys that you should once visit to be more proud of our Vietnamese homeland. 

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