17.01.2022, 14:11

Ky Son valley welcomes spring

NGHE AN – On the weekend, many visitors come to the valley of plums to bloom white flowers at “heaven’s gate” Ky Son.

Muong Long commune (Ky Son) with an altitude of 1,500 m (above sea level) is likened to the “gate of heaven” in western Nghe An.

At this time, the valley of thousands of hectares is the garden of the Mong people, covered with white plum blossoms.

Plums in Muong Long are called tam Hoa plums, when ripe, they are dark red in color, slightly acidic in taste. People harvest plums in the middle of May (solar calendar). Plums are mainly used to eat, a few are soaked in alcohol.

Plum flowers in Ky Son have all bloomed after the Lunar New Year.

The climate in “heaven’s gate” is cool all year round and lower than in the plains. This place is ideal for those who like to experience it. On weekends and Tet holidays, many groups travel more than 250 km from Vinh and Ha Tinh cities to come here.

The young girl keeps memories of her visit to the plum valley.

Interspersed with many plum roots are vegetable gardens that also bloom, giving off a sweet fragrance.

Villagers and owners of the gardens here do not charge visitors to visit and check in. They lend local living tools for guests to decorate and rent out dresses and props, each outfit for 100,000 VND/day.

Mr. Va Cha Xa, Chairman of Muong Long commune (Ky Son), said plums are distributed the most in Muong Long 1 and Muong Long 2 villages with about 300 households with thousands of hectares. In which many plum trees are over 30 years old.

For the Mong people, the chicken is a “sacred animal” that plays an important role in spiritual life.

Visitors from all over the world save the lead stele at “heaven’s gate”.

In addition to Muong Long, Pu Xai Lai Leng peak in Na Ngoi commune (Ky Son district) is 2,700 m high, which is also an adventure point for those who like adventure and community tourism. In the morning here, you can “hunt clouds” with irresistible beautiful scenery.Follow (vnexpress)