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The special fruit of the King can be “dressed” as a Tet gift, serving gourmets

Xa Doai orange is wrapped in a foam shell and placed in a luxury box as a gift for Tet. Each box of 9 oranges can cost up to a million dong.

This orange species originated from abroad, “becoming” with the parish of Xa Doai in the mid-19th century through a missionary.

Xa Doai orange is famous near and far with its aroma, golden intestine, and succulent, sweet taste.

The special fruit of the King can be “dressed” as a Tet gift, serving gourmets
On the occasion of the Lunar New Year this year, Xa Doai Orange Recovery and Development Center provides the market with about 10 tons of fruit, each orange is sold for 70,000 VND. ($1=24,000 VND)

Also because of its delicious taste, this precious citrus species was first a product to advance to the King. Since then, Xa Doai oranges are also known as “King’s oranges” as a way of affirming the delicious orange brand in Vietnam.

A strange thing is that only planted in the land of Nghi Dien commune, oranges have this characteristic flavor, if grown elsewhere, the yield can be outstanding but without the famous aroma and sweetness.

After a period of shrinking in area, this specialty orange has been restored and developed. According to Mr. Phan Cong Duong – Chairman of the Nghi Dien Commune People’s Committee, the whole commune currently has 172 households in Xa Doai oranges, totaling 33 hectares, of which nearly 19 hectares have been harvested.

If last year the output of oranges in the whole commune for the Tet market reached 20 tons, the heavy rain lasted in early October 2022, causing many areas of oranges to be flooded and lose fruit. Therefore, the output of oranges for the upcoming Lunar New Year has decreased sharply. 

Of course, it’s “advance to the King” orange, so not all people have the opportunity to enjoy it. Currently, the selling price of an orange is 70,000 VND, equivalent to 2kg of oranges sold on the market.   

Xa Doai orange has thin, smooth skin, essential oil content, characteristic aroma, and sweet taste. This is a type of orange whose selling price is calculated by fruit instead of by weight like other oranges.

With an area of ​​9ha, Xa Doai Orange Restoration and Development Center is the unit with the largest planting area of ​​”Tien King” oranges in Nghi Dien commune. In this year’s Tet crop , the Center has 4 hectares of oranges for harvesting, serving domestic and foreign markets.

From the beginning of December, the oranges have turned yellow, starting to “fall into the water”. Thanks to the application of modern care technology with the technical support of leading experts in high-tech agricultural production from Japan, this specialty orange variety not only increases in area, but retains its original flavor. but also improve productivity year by year.

In the hands of VIP consumers, the king can “wear a shirt” with foam…

“The care process is strictly followed by technology transferred from Japan, the fertilizer is also chicken manure, imported from Japan. In addition, we use fermented soybeans and fish, mixed with Clean water in a certain ratio to fertilize orange trees. Each orange is covered with peels against pests and insects.

This year the weather is not favorable, but oranges are not affected in terms of yield, there are trees with 200 fruits, 4 fruits / kg”, said Mr. Le Van Thang – manager of Xa Doai Orange Restoration and Development Center. .

Taking care of appearance helps oranges improve their value when becoming a luxury and quality Tet gift.

Also because of its unique flavor and high price, this orange is often bought as a gift for Tet by customers. Along with the traditional way of selling, now, Xa Doai oranges reach customers with luxurious designs and packaging, worthy of the “noble orange”.

After being harvested, washed, wrapped with a foam shell, and neatly folded into a hard paper box, meeting the requirements of aesthetics and luxury for Tet gifts. “From planting, tending, harvesting, and packaging to customers, oranges care for no less than Miss Contestants”, Mr. Thang laughed.

Xa Doai oranges are packaged in paper boxes, sold by boxes or by “lightning” including boxes of oranges and orange wine for Tet gifts.

Depending on the customer’s request, oranges can be packed in boxes of 6 or 9 fruits. Of course, with this canning, the cost of each orange will be significantly increased. Guests can buy each orange box or order “lightning” including a box of oranges and a bottle of orange wine.

Mr. Thang revealed that the demand for canned oranges is quite high. In addition to 4 regular workers, during the harvest season, especially from the full moon in December, the Center employs more than 10 workers for the harvesting and packing of oranges. “Since the beginning of December, we have packed goods to send to customers in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. This year the center has about 10 tons of oranges to serve the market,” said Mr. Thang.    

According (Dan Tri)

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