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Travel experience Cua Lo Nghe An self-sufficient 2021 attracts tourists by the enchanting beach

Sam Son is known as the busiest beach in the North of Central Vietnam, but Cua Lo, Nghe An is the most popular beach, simply because there is the little situation of cutting and cutting. Services such as hotel rental, car rental, or fresh seafood dishes are always at the most stable prices. That is the reason that you should “backpack up and go” to immediately travel to Cua Lo beach before the rainy season. The time of October to November is the right time to travel to the sea because it is cheap, tourists are not too crowded. Let’s save the most attractive Cua Lo travel experiences in 2021  for a complete sea tour.

Experience in Cua Lo tourism

Time to travel to Cua Lo

The characteristic of Cua Lo is sea tourism, so the summer from May to September is the most ideal time to travel to Cua Lo . However, those who have experience in Cua Lo tourism previously shared that, for a more convenient trip, you should go in early May and early October. Because at this time, tourists are not too many, not too crowded, you will not need to be crowded when coming here, helping you to explore the experience at Cua Lo to the fullest. 

Travel experience Cua Lo Nghe An self-sufficient 2021 attracts tourists by the enchanting beach
Time to travel to Cua Lo
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Means of travel to Cua Lo

To get here there are many vehicles for you to choose from.

  • Cua Lo tourism by plane : Currently, Nghe An has its own airport, so some provinces such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Da Lat, Saigon and Buon Me Thuot can come here by machine. Can you fly? Travel time by plane takes about 2-3 hours, but the procedure is complicated and moreover, the distance from the airport to Cua Lo is quite far, about 10km, so very few people travel by plane. .
  • Travel guide to Cua Lo by train : From Hanoi you can move to Long Bien station or Hanoi station and buy a ticket to Vinh station, with prices ranging from 200k – 350k / one-way ticket. Depending on the type of hard seat or soft air-conditioner seat.
  • Experience of traveling to Cua Lo by passenger car : If in Hanoi, you can move to My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam bus station, Luong Yen bus station, … and take the bus to Cua Lo. Ticket prices range from 170k – 200k / person. After arriving at Cua Lo, take a taxi or motorbike taxi to the hotel you rent to stay.

Staying at Cua Lo

Cua Lo is a famous tourist destination in Nghe An , that’s why the system of motels and hotels here is thriving, there are many places to choose from, from low-cost motels. Cua Lo , to high-end hotels are enough to serve the accommodation needs of tourists. If you are wondering where to stay when traveling to Cua Lo , you can refer to the following suggestions:

  • Homestay Summer: Located in Binh Minh, Cua Lo.
  • Homestay Hai Hoa: Located at 160 Binh Minh, Cua Lo.
  • Homestay Thien Nhan: No. 38 Nguyen Canh, Cua Lo.
  • Hon Ngu Hotel: Located at 228 Binh Minh. Door Lo.
  • Green Hotel: Located at 2 Mai Hac De, Vinh.

Places to visit and play in Cua Lo

Cua Lo Beach :

What is interesting about Cua Lo tourism? Cua Lo owns a clear, clean and beautiful beach, with gentle and calm waves, this is an ideal place to relax on a summer day. You can immerse yourself in the cool seawater to have fun, swim, … Or participate in many interesting games and experiences right at the beach such as: water motorbike, skydiving, night squid fishing, …. If you travel to Cua Lo with children, you can take them to the nearby Hoa Cuc park to participate in many interesting games.

Play by motorbike at Cua Lo beach

Lanzhou Island:

One of the ideal places to visit and travel in Cua Lo is Lan Chau Island. With its unique shape, many people imagine the island looks like a giant toad, reaching out to the sea, extremely impressive. In particular, Lan Chau Island tourism with unspoiled natural scenery here is also a highlight attracting more tourists to Lan Chau Island. Besides, on the island, there is a floor of King Bao Dai, you can move to the highest position of the floor, take your eyes away to see the whole landscape of the mountains and the sea.

Lanzhou Island

Ngu island :

Cua Lo tourism experience should go, what to play? Located only about 4km from Cua Lo beach, Ngu island is also on the list of famous tourist attractions in Cua Lo you should not miss . Visitors coming here will be captivated by the impressive beauty of the island, with clear blue sea water, shallow places that can see through the bottom, gravel beaches stretching for kilometers, … creating a beautiful sight. In addition, on the island of Ngu island, there is a sacred Song Ngu Pagoda, people often come here to pray for good luck and good health. You can come here to immerse yourself in a peaceful, tranquil space, watch nature with old trees, help you always feel relaxed and comfortable.

Ngu island

Sen village from Uncle Ho :

A famous place to visit in Nghe An and not to visit when traveling to Cua Lo, it is Sen village from Uncle Ho, located in Kim Lien commune – Nam Dan – Nghe An. The village is the place where Uncle Ho was born, with peaceful natural scenery, green bamboo rows whispering in the wind, rows of red-dot hibiscus flowers, white areca flowers, … a beautiful natural picture.

Uncle Ho’s lotus village

Delicious food, specialties in Cua Lo

Like other marine tourist destinations, seafood dishes are always the main dish when traveling to Cua Lo. However, to have a really perfect trip, do not miss ca c mon delicious, famous specialty in Cua Lo Nghe An as:

  • Squid dish : A favorite dish of people here, there are many dishes made from squid you can enjoy such as: Steamed squid, grilled squid, fried squid, squid, …
  • Steamed crab dish with tamarind : Cua Lo specialty is indispensable that steamed crab dish with tamarind. With its delicious taste, chewy crab meat, sweet meat blends with tamarind sauce, creating the ultimate delicious taste.
  • 7 dishes of cobia : what should you eat in Cua Lo tourism? Traveling to Cua Lo without enjoying 7-course cobia is a major omission. Because cobia is food containing high nutritional content, it can create up to 7 different dishes, each with its own flavor. This dish is sure to make you remember Cua Lo cuisine forever.
  • Eel porridge : Referring to the specialty in Nghe An , no one is unaware of the eel porridge. The dish has a separate recipe, using fresh eels, freshly processed and cooked with non-glutinous rice. The private secrets here, have created a taste of Nghe An eel porridge completely different from other regions, making diners eat once again want to eat more.
  • Crab growing dish : Not only is a nutritious dish, but growing crab is also a delicious dish that is loved in Cua Lo . To make this dish quite complicated, first, choose a fresh and delicious crab, then mix well crab meat, ground meat and marinate with fish sauce, salt, dried onions, shiitakes, … to drown the fishy smell, helping The dish adds attractive flavors. Finally, put the mixture into a crab shell and steam.

Crab growing dish

In the hot summer, and planning a vacation to Cua Lo Beach, what is better? Please save the information and travel experiences in Cua Lo super detailed above, to know how to go? Where to stay, what to play and what to eat when going to Cua Lo. Do not forget to leave your comments after the trip let us know through the comment section below the article. Have a nice trip!

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