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‘Little Sa Pa’ of Nghe An

Muong Long, in the border district of Ky Son, is likened to Da Lat or “small Sa Pa of Nghe” because the summer temperature is only 22-28 degrees Celsius.

Nguy Dinh Ky, a native of Nghe An, at the end of June, had the opportunity to return to his hometown for the 20-year class after graduating from school. I have heard a lot about Muong Long but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to come here.

“I came to Muong Long on a June afternoon with the scorching heat of the central region. But when I walked through the Muong Long heaven gate, I felt like I was lost in another space with the cool, pleasant air, not to be missed. Da Lat or Sapa”, Ky said.

‘Little Sa Pa’ of Nghe An
Dragon Waterfall is located about 5-6 km walk from the center of Muong Long commune. Photo: Nguy Dinh Ky

Muong Long, in Hoang Lien Son range, Ky Son border district, is likened to Da Lat or Sa Pa of Nghe country because of its cool climate. This is an area also affected and swept by the Lao wind, but at an altitude of nearly 1,500 m, surrounded by many high mountains, Muong Long has a very cool summer climate. The peaks here are covered with clouds all year round. One day, Muong Long has 4 seasons.

In the summer period, the communes are hot and stuffy, but when you arrive in Muong Long, you will feel comfortable and cool and at night you have to cover yourself with a blanket. The temperature in Muong Long always fluctuates from about 22-28 degrees Celsius in the middle of summer.

Dinh Ky was taken by the guide to discover Dragon waterfall, the waterfall is located about a 5-6 km walk from the center of Muong Long commune. There is no motorbike road here, so you have to follow the trail along the mountainside to get to the waterfall.

The waterfall is located in a valley, to get there to explore the experience requires a local guide. There are two routes for you to choose from. Shortcuts will be faster but harder to go, and conversely, easier will be farther. The waterfall has two layers of water at an altitude of about 30-40 m, creating a cool green flow. The lake at the foot of the waterfall is not too deep, so it is suitable for swimming. At the foot of the waterfall is a rocky beach large enough to organize eating and drinking picnics.

Around the waterfall is still unspoiled around the waterfall is the primitive vegetation. Coming here, you can experience wading along the stream where the waterfall flows to catch rock crabs, a specialty of the mountains. The stream at the foot of the waterfall is also an experience point to explore the natural mountains and forests for those who love nature. From the foot of the waterfall along the stream are rocks that create a very beautiful stone stream, the water is clear and cool.

At the foot of Dragon waterfall is a stream, you can experience mixing with the mountains and forests and participate in catching rock crabs in rock caves to enjoy specialties in the mountains. Photo : Nguy Dinh Ky

Dragon Waterfall is located in the ecotourism development planning of Ky Son district, where it is a “check-in” experience point for those who love nature. Coming here, you are free to drop yourself by the waterfall to mingle with nature in the remote region.

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