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Pink church in Nghe An – sweet architecture with thousands of likes

The pink church in Nghe An easily attracts the attention of visitors thanks to its ancient architecture but is dressed in a lovely, modern pink coat. 

About the pink church in Nghe An 

If you’ve been “shaken” before the super sweet pink color of Tan Dinh church in Saigon, now you will continue to be mesmerized by the beauty of the pink church in Nghe An, also known as Nghia Thanh parish. . This project is located in Nghia Trung commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An. The church was officially established in 1929. Currently, the parish has nearly 2,000 parishioners. 

Pink church in Nghe An – sweet architecture with thousands of likes
Nghia Thanh Parish
The church is covered with a super sweet pink paint 

Hours of operation at the pink church in Nghe An 

The pink church in Nghe An is open to the public every day of the week. Visitors do not need to lose entrance tickets here. 

The church is open every day of the week (Photo: Huyen Duong)
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The unique architecture of the pink church in Nghe An 

With a lovely, modern pink color, it is like blowing a new breeze into the ancient church building. It is known that before putting on that lovely color, the pink church in Nghe An had a familiar yellow paint color. 

Nghia Thanh Church has a rather ancient design, which is reflected in the arched doorways, the roof of the communal house is quite special. After the renovation process, the architecture of this church was put on a new, fresh, and full of vitality. Since the completion of the restoration, the pink church in Nghe An has also become an interesting virtual living coordinate for young people in Nghe An. 

The church has an ancient architecture 

The harmonious combination of pure white color and youthful pink color, Nghia Thanh parish has become an outstanding religious work in the countryside of Nghe An. On the pink wall, there are bright white painted windows, exuding the romantic beauty of the church. 

Around the church is decorated with bas-reliefs containing relics, eye-catching statues. At the top of the work, there are round doorways, towers, … all carved by delicate flowers. 

The outside of the church is decorated with eye-catching reliefs

Check-in at Nghe An pink church 

Just standing in the background with the dreamy pink wall of the majestic cathedral, you can buy yourself a different virtual live picture. The space around the pink church in Nghe An is quite airy, spacious, with many rows of trees. Here, you can pose from any angle. On sunny days, the beauty of the parish is even more attractive. If you want to take a good photo, wear bright colored clothes. 

If you have a chance, come here to check in!
Every angle on the picture is “sweet”

Visit the purple, brown church near the pink church in Nghe An 

Purple Church 

Not far from the pink church in Nghe An, there is a parish that is also extremely famous in recent times. It is Xuan Yen church, also known as the purple church. Previously, this church had a normal gray color, after being remodeled, the work was put on a dreamy and impressive purple paint.

Purple church seen from above 

Standing from a distance, a purple architectural block appears exactly like a fairy house. With European-style architecture, the church exudes a beauty that is both magnificent, palatial and close, youthful thanks to the very Asian purple color. Purple is the dominant color, but it is not sad and melancholy but also brings a fresh beauty to the whole parish. In addition to the outstanding exterior, purple also has many special meanings in Christianity such as removing sadness, aspiration to live, … 

Just like a fairy castle in real life
The scene at the church is so romantic

Brown Church 

As famous as the purple church is the brown church in Tan Thanh commune, located not far from the pink church in Nghe An . If you have the opportunity to come here to visit the two beautiful churches above, do not miss this majestic brown architecture. If you come on a sunny day, you will definitely have a set of photos like in the West because of the splendid glass windows, many large and small towers, and extremely prominent white-brown walls. The area of ​​this church is quite large, surrounded by many trees, so the space is quite cool and quiet. 

Brown Church in Nghe An
The architecture in this church is very special 

Did the virtual team want to visit the pink church in Nghe An yet? Guaranteed you will “faint up and down” before the photo corners are so pretty here. “Buying” a set of photos at this pink church is absolutely beautiful. 

Photo: Internet

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