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Admire the beautiful catholic church on Thanh Lan Island

The Catholic church on Thanh Lan island (Co To, Quang Ninh) started construction on October 13, 2014. This is the first church built to serve the parishioners on this island.PhatTurn on the sound

In the years 1990 – 1991, some parishioners from the Bui Chu diocese set foot on Thanh Lan island (Co To, Quang Ninh). Then, on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, 1991, these parishioners gathered at the house of Mr and Mrs. Phero Nguyen Van Thuan to pray for peace for the new year and pray for their ancestors. After that, they elected 4 people to set up the field and remember the great holidays.

Initially facing many difficulties both physically and mentally, in 2009, Thanh Lan parish, belonging to Co To parish, Hai Phong diocese was officially established with more than 600 parishioners on behalf of the community.

Due to the needs and to respond to the longing and longing of the parishioners, on October 13, 2014, the Co To island district government built the first church on this island.

There are about 600 Catholics on Thanh Lan Island. There are more than 400 Catholics on Co To island. Catholics on Thanh Lan Island as well as Co To are mostly relatives from Hai Hau, belonging to Bui Chu Diocese, Nam Dinh province.

Thanh Lan Island is about 27km2 wide and is one of three communes of the Co To island district. Thanh Lan Island has about 1,200 people living, most of the families here are from Nam Dinh and Thanh Hoa. People on the island mainly live by seafaring, in recent years, there have been tourists to the island but not as many as Co To island.

Although this is a small church, it is the only church on Thanh Lan Island, one of the attractions that tourists can visit when traveling on the island.

Currently, Mr. Dominic Mai Cong Dam is holding the position of Boss at Thanh Lan church.

Sophisticated and sophisticated motifs on the wall of Thanh Lan church.

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