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In April, Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest “changed clothes” new, as beautiful as Europe

This season, Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest in the season of changing leaves. The whole forest suddenly turns into a yellow-orange color, breaking a little gray, bringing a mysterious beauty.

In April, the forest is odd in the season of changing leaves

This season, people love to go to the beach to cool off the hot and sweltering feeling. But going to the jungle is also a good choice. Especially when Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest is in the season of changing beautiful leaves. This is the destination in the Central region with peaceful and relaxed beauty.

In April, Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest “changed clothes” new, as beautiful as Europe

Nghe An has many beautiful and peaceful destinations. Photo: phuanhthu

Tuong Duong odd petrol forest is located about 140 km from Vinh city center. To get here, tourists go in the direction of National Highway 7A is coming. As a species of natural value, this forest is strictly protected.

Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest is 140 km far from Vinh city center. Photo: Thanh Cuong

Not only is a small forest, Tuong Duong gas forest belongs to the world biosphere reserve in the west of Nghe An province. This place concentrates thousands of large and small chrysanthemums with an average height of 30-40 meters.

The beauty of Tuong Duong Nghe An odd forest when viewed from above. Photo: Tien Phong

In addition to growth and development in Tuong Duong district, odd chrysotile also proliferates in many other areas of Nghe An, typically Tam Dinh forest. This plant is characterized by slow growth. Therefore, the forest full of big trees in Tuong Duong is hundreds of years old. This place is suitable for exploring on weekends or short vacations.

Lagerstroemiatomentsa Presl (Lagerstroemiatomentsa Presl) Every year until April, Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest enters the beautiful leaf changing season. The foliage in the forest begins to turn yellow, then turns orange and then turns red.

The peaceful and green forests of Nghe An. Photo: Itlyy

Looking down from above, you will see a beautiful dreamlike picture like Europe. In the middle of the forest is a wide highway running long, creating a wild, strangely smooth scene. Each season of the year, the beauty of Nghe An odd gas forest is different. But the most beautiful forest is in the summer.

The beautiful scenery of Tuong Duong floating forest on a sunny day. Photo: Song Lam Magazine

Having the opportunity to travel to Nghe An in April, remember to take some time to return to Tuong Duong. At this time, the whole forest is like a mural with many colors with a unique transition. It is the immense green color of the tall and odd chrysanthemum trees, dotted with the pale gray color of the tree trunk.

The odd and tall trees in Tuong Duong. Photo: a_to_fu

Then, when the summer really comes, it’s also the time for the yellow color to cover the tall and odd trees. Gradually, the leaves turn reddish-yellow, creating a picturesque scene.

Romantic picture like European sky of Tuong Duong petrol forest. Photo: Thanh Cuong

Even more beautiful when visitors have the opportunity to admire the odd gas forest Tuong Duong Nghe An from above. Films and photos taken from the flycam will make you satisfied with the majestic, majestic beauty of this forest.

Today, Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest is a very popular destination. This place has a fresh and cool space. A whole picture of pristine nature exists, bringing peace to the soul. At the same time is an interesting virtual living coordinate in Central Vietnam.

Traveling to Nghe An, you can not ignore this destination. Photo: toai.luong.1996

Discovering this forest, visitors can hear trees whispering, hear the wind chirping happily, and hear the sound of wild birds squeaking in their ears. Going deep into the forest, you can also see a beautiful green vegetation. If you are lucky, you will still see fresh streams flowing.

Small beautiful corners in Tuong Duong Nghe An odd gas forest. Photo: Thanh Cuong

Many couples choose to choose a single forest as the place for wedding photography. You can save many beautiful and romantic moments amidst the fresh and pristine natural picture in Tuong Duong. Especially in the odd season, the leaves are replaced with enough green and golden colors in the summer sun.

The beautiful zigzag road inside the odd gas forest. Photo: hoathai19

According to the experience of discovering Nghe An by many travelers, visitors to Tuong Duong can also go to exchange and meet the Thai ethnic people living here. Although Thai people still have difficulties in life, they always preserve traditional cultural values ​​and are especially hospitable.

Many couples come here to take wedding photos. Photo: Nghe An newspaper

If you spend the night in the village, you will enjoy a traditional canned wine. Especially participating in community activities in bustling space at night.

Back to Nghe An, you should take the time to explore the odd gas forest. Photo: Thanh Cuong

Nghe An not only has the beautiful Cua Lo beach or the prosperous city of Vinh, but also beautiful destinations like Muong Lang and Tuong Duong. This summer, you should try to explore the odd gas forest in Nghe An to have more memorable experiences in Uncle Ho’s homeland.

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