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The temple displays 9 buffaloes

NGHE AN – Nine Gian Temple in Que Phong stands out with 9 stone buffalo statues kneeling in front of 9 cauldrons of water, representing 9 Muong preparing for sacrifice.

Nine Gian Temple is located on Pu Pom hill in Kim Khe village, Chau Kim commune with an altitude of 186.4 m above sea level, a total area of ​​2 hectares including many items such as main temple, festival yard.

A three-step path leads to the temple courtyard area with two large dragons on either side. Legend has it that the Chin Gian temple was built around the end of the 14th century, the beginning of the 15th century in Muong Ton (the original Muong or the master). At the beginning of the 18th century, the temple was moved to Pieng Hello village, Chau Kim commune, Que Phong district. Experiencing many historical changes, the relic has been lost. In 2004 the temple was restored.

The temple is built in the style of a traditional Thai stilt house. Two stairs go up and down, each staircase consists of 9 steps. The campus of Chin Gian temple is more than 800 m2. The most prominent in the yard is a stone statue carved with 9 buffaloes (including 6 black buffaloes, 3 white buffaloes) facing the temple. Visitors are reminded not to touch artifacts on the premises.

In front of the heads of 9 buffaloes are 9 cauldrons of water placed with stones, the size of the cauldron is 60 cm high and 80 cm in diameter. 9 buffaloes and 9 cauldrons of water represent nine Muong preparing for sacrifice.

Inside the temple is divided into 9 altars with an area of ​​​​over 138 m2. The harmonious architecture of materials creates a very unique beauty for the Thai people. According to custom, the interior of the temple is strictly ordered, arranged according to each compartment.

In the nave is placed a finely carved incense, including 3 levels, each level has a set of wooden and porcelain five items. The main hall is to worship Then Pha (Heaven), Nang Xi Da (God’s daughter) and Tao Lo Ỳ (who was instrumental in building the Lap Muong village).

The remaining 8 compartments are the same, each room has an incense burner, brocade cloth, bamboo umbrella, bamboo tube containing water, silver compress… The compartments are the place of worship of 8 muong brothers: Muong Pan, Muong Mieng, Muong Ha Quen, Muong Chon, Muong Puoc, Muong Quang, Muong Chun, Muong Chong.

Next to the main temple is the church, one-room worships the heroic spirit of President Ho Chi Minh, the other room worships Buddha.

Camp area, a stopover for tourists. According to the People’s Committee of Que Phong district, the Chin Gian temple festival takes place from 14 to 16 (February of the lunar calendar). This is the largest spiritual festival in the region, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. On this occasion, guests can enjoy the solemn ceremony, imbued with the national identity of the western region of Nghe. Besides, there are folk games such as tug of war, crossbow shooting, stilt throwing, bed carving contest, gong addition, a singing contest to meet and greet…

From the temple yard, visitors can hunt clouds and enjoy the cool air from morning to noon. Guests can also combine community tourism experiences at Co Muong village, Chau Kim commune, Long Thang village, Hanh Dich commune; Eco-tourism at Seven Floor Waterfall complex…

Nine Gian Temple was ranked as a Provincial Historical – Cultural relic by the People’s Committee of Nghe An Province in 2008. The Nine Gian Temple Festival was included in the category of national intangible cultural heritage by Culture, Sports, and Tourism. 2016.

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