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Hundred-year-old rose garden in Nghe An attracts young people

No need to go to Da Lat, visitors can still visit and check in a series of beautiful photos in the hundred-year-old rose gardens in the mountainous Nam Dan district (Nghe An province).

Nam Anh commune is considered the “capital” of growing persimmons for a long time, with the largest area in Nam Dan district (Nghe An province). The whole commune has more than 100 hectares of persimmon plantations, which are concentrated in hamlets 5, 6, 8 and 9. Persimmons here mainly include varieties such as persimmons, persimmons and persimmons… Persimmons are grown scattered. In households, there are even trees that are hundreds of years old.

From the 10th lunar month, when the rose gardens in Nam Anh commune begin to ripen, put on a brilliant yellow color, beautiful and romantic like the gardens in fairy tales, it also becomes a tourist destination. think thousands of people love.

In particular, these rose gardens are located right on the road to Dai Tue Pagoda – one of the sacred temples with very beautiful scenery. On the way to visit the pagoda, many tourists stop to record moments in the romantic rose gardens, enjoy the fruit that is a specialty here.

Hundred-year-old rose garden in Nghe An attracts young people

The persimmon trees at the foot of Dai Hue mountain (Nghe An) are in the main season, the fruit has golden, crispy, and cool taste.

Although she planned to go to Dai Tue Pagoda, when she went through the rose gardens in Nam Anh commune and noticed the beautiful scenery, Ms. Lam (a tourist in Vinh City) took advantage of stopping to visit.

“These rose gardens are very beautiful, the fruit is fragrant and sweet. In addition to the beautiful pictures, I also bought a few fruits to give as gifts”, Ms. Lam shared.

With romantic and poetic scenery, the rose gardens in Nam Anh commune welcome hundreds of visitors every day

Mr. Ho Viet Hoa – Chairman of the Farmers’ Association of Nam Anh Commune, Nam Dan District – said that there are currently 3 tourist attractions in the commune, with ticket sales for visitors to visit the rose gardens, with a Ticket price 30,000 VND/adult. From October, when the leaves gradually fall, revealing the heavy fruit bunches, the locality starts selling tickets. On average, there are about 100 visitors per day, especially on weekends, the number of visitors increases many times.

Although this year, the price of persimmons is higher than in previous years, but the output is only half that, so farmers still do not have persimmons to sell. Persimmons are harvested wherever they are bought.

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