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Self-driving to explore the west of Nghe An

In 6 days, visitors travel by self-driving car, explore 6 western districts of Nghe An, enjoy local specialties.

As part of the plan to develop Nghe An tourism in 2022 and restore tourism activities in a new normal state, the Provincial Department of Tourism in collaboration with the National Administration of Tourism and related units has just built caravan tours “Explore tour” breaking the western road of Nghe An“.

Self-driving to explore the west of Nghe An
Visitors to the top of Pu Xai Lai Leng will enjoy the view of floating clouds. Photo: Nguyen Dao

Western Nghe An includes 11 districts and towns with 6 ethnic groups living for a long time, with many historical and cultural relics with customs, practices, culinary culture, costumes; This is the potential for the development of the community, ecological and adventure tourism, especially suitable for the current hot caravan tourism.

The natural, wild and majestic beauty of western Nghe An will bring visitors rich experiences such as sightseeing, enjoying specialties, cuisine, experiencing cultural activities with local people. .

Seven-tiered waterfall, tourist attraction. Photo: Phuong Linh

Among the planned tours this time, Nghe An introduces a 6-day 5-night tour for tourists traveling by self-driving cars with a journey from Vinh city. Guests, in turn, arrived in 6 districts including Con Cuong – Tuong Duong – Ky Son – Que Phong – Quy Chau – Nghia Dan. Each place has different natural landscapes.

The first is to try kayaking down the blue John River. The next highlight is the climbing experience to conquer the peak of Pu Xai Lai Leng , the highest mountain of the Northern Truong Son range, with an altitude of 2,720 m above sea level, located on the border of Vietnam and Laos in Ky Son district. . Standing at the mountain, guests can freely “hunt the clouds”, feel the dim space…

Guests also have the opportunity to learn about Chin Gian temple in Que Phong district, featuring 9 stone buffalo statues kneeling in front of 9 cauldrons of water, representing 9 Muong preparing to sacrifice; or the magnificent landscape with the most beautiful Seven-Tier waterfall in Nghe An in Hanh Dich commune. When staying at the homestay, you will enjoy local products such as rice lam, buffalo meat guarding the kitchen ; cool fish in the river, bitter bamboo shoots..

Nine Gian Temple: Featured with 9 stone buffalo statues kneeling in front of 9 cauldrons of water, representing 9 Muong preparing to sacrifice. Photo: Nguyen Hai

A representative of the Department of Tourism said that depending on the needs of tourists, travel agencies can shorten the time and attractions. In addition, visitors can experience a 3-day 2-night caravan tour through districts such as Con Cuong – Tuong Duong – Ky Son; Que Phong – Quy Chau – Nghia Dan or Thanh Chuong – Anh Son – Tan Ky – Thai Hoa – Quy Hop.

In the first two months of 2022, Nghe An welcomed 700,000 visitors (equivalent to 96% compared to the same period in 2021). In which, staying guests reached 430,000 turns, equaling 80% compared to the same period in 2021; international visitors reached 700. Total revenue from tourists reached VND 640 billion, of which tourism revenue was estimated at VND 288 billion (equivalent to 83% over the same period in 2021).

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