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Discover the wild beauty in the land with the longest border in Nghe An

Upstream from Nam Non, we went up to My Ly commune, the highland border area of ​​Ky Son district (Nghe An), where many wild features and mountains and forests were still preserved.
Discover the wild beauty in the land with the longest border in Nghe An
Coming to My Ly border commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An province, visitors have the opportunity to ride on the canoe … 
Then pass the waves on the Nam Non stream to experience the “dangers” that this river creates. This Nam Non river originated from Laos and poured into Vietnam.
My Ly is also a commune located upstream of the Ban Ve hydropower reservoir, where the Nam Non stream flows through. In the area, there is also a large stream flowing into Nam Non, namely Bath slot. (Photo: Ho Phuong).
Visiting My Ly commune with a fresh atmosphere, the ethnic minorities here have regularly raised their awareness of protecting forests and the natural environment. Therefore, many birds have come here to sleep and develop. Currently, Tay Nghe An street running through My Ly has created very favorable conditions for tourists to have many opportunities to visit and experience the lives of people in My Ly commune. (Photo: Dao Tuan – BNA).

Coming to My Ly, we will see flocks of birds looking for prey in the morning and returning to sleep in the afternoon.  
And more specifically, coming to the land of My Ly commune, visitors can also admire the thousand-year-old tower in Yen Hoa village, with beautiful and unique Buddhist architecture. Yen Hoa village, inhabited by the Thai community, has more than 100 households living by the bank of the Nam Non River. The people here rely mainly on shifting cultivation, fishing …
My Ly commune is also the commune with the longest border with Laos with 43.5 km.
My Ly has a total area of ​​27,000 hectares located on high mountainous terrain. My Ly commune has 12 residential villages with a population of 5,590 people in 1,250 households. 90% of the population of My Ly commune belongs to the Thai ethnic group, the commune has 3 Hmong villages, including: Nhot Loi, Pha Chieng, Pieng Vai; One village in Kho Mu is Huoi Pu. The central village of My Ly commune is Xieng Bath. 

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