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Running along the river to pick up the “golden fortune” after the flood

After the historic flash flood in Ky Son district, Nghe An recently, people living along the Nam Mo river stopped a lot of driftwood from upstream. “Sailor” also brings a little “lucky flood” to compensate for damage.

The flash flood that occurred on October 2 in Ta Ca commune, Muong Xen town (Ky Son district, Nghe An) not only swept away soil and rocks but also a large number of trees and wood from upstream.

In the picture are three men in Hoa Son village, Ta Ca commune, who intercepted a large tree from upstream along the stream of Hui Giang.

According to local people, the flood water on the Nam Mo river swept along the trees from Laos to Vietnam… After the flood receded, the people along the Nam Mo river stopped saving a large amount of wood, including many trees. Body diameter up to 50-60cm. 

“These are the trees that drifted back from the upstream during the recent flash flood, which are “a blessing from heaven.” Having these logs, we bring them back to be sawed to rebuild the house,” said Mr. La Van Th. ., residing in Chieu Luu commune, Ky Son district said.

Running along the river to pick up the “golden fortune” after the flood

Mr. La Duc Thoai, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Chieu Luu Commune, said that people in the commune are now taking advantage of a little “gift from heaven”, making up for the heavy damage caused by natural disasters. 

“Many people have collected huge logs. For ordinary and mixed woods, it’s okay, but for valuable ones, we coordinate with forest rangers to make records, clarify and avoid disputes. later,” said Mr. Thoai.

There are logs tens of meters long that were picked up from the Nam Mo River.

Talking to Dan Tri reporter , an officer of the forest ranger of Ky Son district, Nghe An said that during the recent flood, many people in the area “caught” driftwood from upstream. 

“People pick up driftwood from the river, which is mainly trash. Some of the wood is valuable but insignificant. In these cases, first of all, local forest rangers coordinate with local authorities to make a boundary. There is still no precious log found, only a few people who went to pick up the wood caught a few pieces of driftwood belonging to a certain family that had been drifted …”, district ranger officer Ky Son added.   

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