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Inside the Vietnamese restaurant in the top of the world famous

La Maison 1888, located in the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, is one of the top 2,000 culinary destinations in the world with a variety of premium experiences.

La Maison 1888, a fine-dining restaurant inside the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort of Sun Group, once again resonates in the world of international luxury cuisine, when it entered the prestigious Top 50 Best Discovery.

50 Best Discovery was voted by World’s 50 Best – An international academy with more than 1,000 culinary experts including chefs, food book writers, food critics, restaurateurs, and famous food lovers around the world. Global.

Being named with this prestigious award means that La Maison 1888 has been included in the list of 2,000 leading culinary destinations in the world.

Previously, La Maison 1888 was also impressed when it owned a collection of many major international titles, including the Top 10 best restaurants in the world voted by CNN, or the Top 10 Fine Dining restaurants in the world according to CNN. World Travel Awards.

What makes La Maison 1888 world-class comes not only from the famous French cuisine in cooperation with the famous 3-Michelin-star chef – Pierre Gagnaire but also from the beautiful location, luxurious and unique architecture and exquisite service.

La Maison 1888 is located on the Earth floor of a total of 4 floors Heaven, Sky, Earth, and Sea of ​​InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, a resort created by Sun Group and “resort king” Bill Bensley.

Every Bill Bensley design tells an impressive story and La Maison 1888 is no exception. Like an elegant old French villa with black and white tones, La Maison 1888 stands out among the deep green of the primeval forest on Son Tra peninsula, and possesses a panoramic view of the entire poetic bay.

The restaurant’s architecture tells the fascinating fantasy story of a French aristocratic family in French colonial Vietnam, and each room in the restaurant emulates a different member’s personality. Because of that, from architecture to interior and decor items are personalized, specifying the personality and special preferences of the owner, bringing an unprecedented unique culinary space to diners.

The accountant’s Room is for the son who works as an accountant, who is also the one who keeps the key box, manages family expenses, with typical items such as a money box, a calculator. Traveler’s Room is the room of the oldest brother who loves to travel and explore, where there are unique decorations such as suitcases, cameras, and coins from many different countries around the world.

The youngest sister’s room, named Le Boudoir de Madame, depicts the character of a red-haired girl with haughty pride. Every detail, from the contour of the ceiling to simple objects such as trash cans, tables, and chairs, to staff uniforms… is taken care of by Bill Bensley. When entering La Maison 1888, diners seem to be going back to the past, living a luxurious and elegant life of the Indochina aristocracy in the 1888s, in the middle of the wide and high sea.

As the first and only French restaurant in Vietnam in cooperation with the famous 3-Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire, La Maison 1888 stands out with the art of fusion cuisine – a style that harmoniously combines cuisines from all over the world. create unique, creative recipes that surpass traditional standards.
With a menu that changes seasonally, the talented chefs at La Maison 1888 have selected the most typical local ingredients, bringing the unique flavor of Vietnamese cuisine combined with the quintessence of famous French cuisine. to unforgettable experiences for music lovers.
The fresh and sweet seafood of Son Tra sea, under the skillful skill and boundless creativity of the chefs, is transformed into unprecedented culinary masterpieces such as Hokkaido-style grilled scallops, Vietnamese boiled snails, etc. in Italian Cannelloni pasta…

In addition to premium French dishes, La Maison 1888 is very famous for its superb wine cellar, which “stores” a variety of unique wines.

This is one of the reasons why La Maison 1888 has been continuously honored by the prestigious Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence from 2018 until now.

Top-notch French cuisine, classy space, and premium 5-star service have made La Maison 1888 a familiar rendezvous for the elite, politicians, famous stars, and the most discerning diners. The name of the restaurant in the world’s most luxurious resort in Da Nang has also grown to become one of the leading international culinary destinations, contributing to bringing Vietnam’s culinary tourism industry to the next level. world. Follow vnexpress

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