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The journey of 18-year-old schoolgirls roaming around the villages doing volunteer work

On the cub car, Le Anh Thuy Trang (18 years old) traveled around the villages in Gia Lai, bringing gifts full of love to the elderly, children, and people in difficult circumstances.

Born and raised in poor countryside, Le Anh Thuy Trang (18 years old, in Blo village, A Dok commune, Dak Doa district, Gia Lai province) always cherished the desire to help many people in difficult circumstances. difficult. When she was in 9th grade, Thuy Trang started her volunteering journey. On the cub car that was bought by her father, this little girl roamed the villages to share the gift of love to those who still had many difficulties. With those meaningful actions, Thuy Trang is likened to a Po Lang flower in the middle of the Gia Lai mountains.

Dream of creating a world full of laughter – The beginning of a volunteer journey 

Being a volunteer, and doing things that help in life is what Thuy Trang has always wanted. Trang said that her friend’s volunteering journey was born from the dream of “creating a world full of laughter” and great love for the village. 

“When I was young, I had a very silly dream that was to ‘create a world full of laughter’. Volunteering, doing many things that can help people who are still in difficulty is how I fulfill this dream. Currently, I feel very happy, honored and happy to be able to say that I have been a grain of sand in this ocean dream,” Thuy Trang shared. 

For 4 years now, on a cub car, Thuy Trang roams around the villages. Trang couldn’t remember all the villages she had visited. On each trip, the luggage she brought with her was bags of clothes for the elderly and candy for the children. Not only that, Trang also visited, encouraged and talked to them as if they had known each other for a long time. 

As a student, she did not have much money, Trang used to skip breakfast to save money, save some money to buy gifts to give to people in difficult circumstances. 

After 3 years since her first volunteer trip, in 11th grade, Thuy Trang founded the Flowers volunteer group with additional contributions from donors to help the charity trips go further and be more effective. higher.

The motivation for Trang to be able to maintain regular volunteer trips during the past 4 years is the joy and happiness of the people in the village every time they receive gifts. Thuy Trang shared: “What makes me maintain volunteering trips is the smiling and talking eyes of the children and people in the village. They are very happy and happy when they receive the gift. Many people when I come, they are happy and when they come back, they are moved to tears, constantly saying thank you and hoping to meet again one day. 

Volunteers in Trang’s Flowers volunteer group.

4 years of volunteering has given Thuy Trang the opportunity to visit many places and interact with many situations. “Witnessing difficult situations, many children do not have enough to eat and clothe, I wish to be able to contribute a little bit of youth energy to make life more joyful and laughter. Especially for disadvantaged people in remote villages ,” Trang added. 

Spending a lot of time and enthusiasm on the volunteering journey, Thuy Trang still has a good academic record. Trang achieved 11 years of being an excellent student, consolation prize in the “elegant female student” contest in 2022 and the contest “I and the volunteer project” organized by the Provincial Youth Union in collaboration with the Gia Lai Department of Education and Training.

The heart will touch the heart 

On her volunteering journey, Thuy Trang also encountered many difficulties, such as: On the way to carry clothes, it rained, the car ran out of gas, broke down on an empty road… She shared: “Difficulty This is not a barrier for me, can’t make me falter. Because my heart is always towards bringing good things to people. Really, the love for the village, for the less fortunate lives in me is so great… Even many days I feel tired, but just thinking about everyone’s happy moments, everything melts. variable”.

Although regularly roaming the villages doing charity work for 4 years, but in each trip, Trang still has a feeling of excitement mixed with a bit of anxiety. “The night before I went to volunteer, I often worried and prayed for favorable weather to help people move, sometimes I could not sleep forever. When I was in the car, I was very excited and eager to meet everyone. It was tiring at the time, but a lot of fun. Every trip, I feel very happy, always grateful to the sponsors for trusting and sowing the charm” , Thuy Trang added. 

Sharing about her desire when doing charity projects, Trang said that her friend wants to spread positive energy and love to everyone so that somewhere in difficult situations they can feel more. more care and sharing. “Heart will touch heart. I believe and hope that what I do now will spread positive energy to everyone. Me and Flowers will try harder to do a lot of useful things for the community , “Thuy Trang said. 

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