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The 9x girl overcomes prejudice to conquer more than 50 provinces and cities

Having received mixed opinions because she is a girl who loves “dust” travel, Hoang Anh has traveled through 51 provinces and cities across Vietnam, witnessing many beautiful roads with her own eyes.

Five years ago, Nguyen Khanh Hoang Anh (1997), living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, decided to start his travels. This journey was made when she was in her freshman year of college and had a chance to meet a group of school friends who loved to travel. They depart for the western provinces to discover the idyllic scenery and friendly people, while conquering the southernmost tip of the country. That trip left Hoang Anh with many memories, thereby rekindling her passion for discovery and travel later. Up to now, the 24-year-old girl has set foot in 51 provinces and cities. Currently, Hoang Anh is a media office worker with a left-hand job as a travel blogger, taking the name Mavis Vi Vu Ky.

Hoang Anh, 24 years old, has conquered 51 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

In his journey, Hoang Anh has passed many beautiful roads, from coastal roads to winding passes. The girl is passionate about conquering them and then collecting them in photos as a priceless inheritance. “Vietnam has many beautiful places. The mountain road is winding with majestic passes, the mountains are layered towards infinity, making people small in front of nature. The coastal road has many beautiful places. The gentle beauty is very poetic, with the different blue colors of the water. The feeling of listening to the waves crashing makes my soul comfortable and peaceful”, Hoang Anh confided.

Sharing with VnExpress , Hoang Anh has a lot of sympathy for the most beautiful roads in Vietnam and is famous in the travel world such as the East – Northwest palace in the ripe rice season, Ha Giang – Dong Van – Lung Cu, and Binh Thuan coastal areas. – Ninh Thuan, along the coast of Da Nang – Lang Co – Hue, the route through the Central Highlands provinces…

Hoang Anh checked-in the roads from the sea to the mountain.
The golden season in the northern mountains is one of Hoang Anh’s long-standing dreams of discovery.

The most impressive Hoang Anh route is the 12-day journey to the East – Northwest in the ripe rice season. Since childhood, the girl has longed to set foot in the golden season of the mountains. Here, Hoang Anh is free to admire the ripe golden terraced fields, famous rice “hunting” spots such as Sa Pa (Lao Cai), Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) and Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang), explore Discover the unique features of the highland culture, admire the majestic mountain scenery of the mountainous provinces.

And the route that makes the most difficult for the girl to conquer is Dien Bien – Lai Chau to the westernmost point of the country – A Pa Chai. “The road is remote and deserted, the mountains are winding and winding and there are very bad sections. In addition, the humid weather of the Northwest also sometimes makes the journey difficult. But when you conquer it, , I feel endlessly proud.I got to touch the sacred westernmost point, ride on the windy Pha Din pass, listen to the heroic victories of Dien Bien Phu and explore the untouched villages in Lai Chau. “, Hoang Anh smiled as he recalled what he had received after the journey.

Dien Bien – Lai Chau is the most “challenging” route for Hoang Anh.

Having gone through many such roads, the 24-year-old girl has experienced “bad crying and laughing” situations. Hoang Anh recalls the dark nights when he lost his way without a network, without street lights, only having to follow the glimmer of electricity from people’s houses. The girl also recalls the time she got lost on the sandy roads and “can’t get out, can’t get in”. Or the time Hoang Anh had his wheel punctured in the middle of the forest, there was a warning sign “The area often has forest elephants”.

Hoang Anh at Me Pja Pass, Cao Bang.

Faced with many difficulties, but the girl was fortunate to receive help many times from kind natives. After many events, the young girl learned the ability to stay calm, survival skills and better handle situations. “Talking about the memories with the roads I’ve been through, a few lines are impossible to tell. Looking back on the trips, I have great memories, like making a lot of new friends from the North to the South. , learned a lot of interesting things when living with indigenous people, experienced many things that are not in books. Unhappy memories and events in the journey are all valuable lessons for me. become more mature and positive”, Hoang Anh shared.

Hoang Anh at Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang.

As a girl who loves backpacking, Hoang Anh has received mixed opinions from everyone, including her parents. They were worried when they knew that their children had gone to explore many unspoiled places, but through many trips, Hoang Anh proved her ability and became more mature. In addition, the motivation for her not to falter is many messages from her friends, respecting the girl who can go and conquer so many places. The girl is often accompanied by friends, sometimes alone. Hoang Anh’s companion is not fixed. The pictures are taken by friends, sometimes just a pre-built tripod.

Hoang Anh shares the secret to having beautiful pictures with roads, which is to create a balance of content. According to her, a good photo needs a balance between people and scenery. A good photo will be taken in a mild sunny day, avoid taking midday because it will cast shadows on the subject. The composition of the photo should have the horizon not tilted, the character not too out of the frame. It is important that the photo contains emotion. “Try to create a situation so that the character can be most comfortable and natural, then capture beautiful moments and emotions,” Hoang Anh said.

The coastal road in Ninh Thuan.

The journey continues when the girl from Generation Z still wants to explore all 63 provinces. Hoang Anh is not afraid but feels great when she overcomes her limitations, happy to gradually conquer the roads she once dreamed of discovering in Vietnam. “My country is still very vast with many wild landscapes and cultural beauties waiting for me to discover. Currently, I am still the most curious about the Northeast region, after the epidemic I will plan my next plan. Continue to explore this beautiful land. I always want to remind everyone that take the time to travel, discover and learn many new things from the roads when you are young. This complicated disease, please stay at home to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

The roads are still there, when the situation is good, we can freely roam around the country road!”.

Hoang Anh at the “dinosaur spine” Ta Xua.

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