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The 9x girl who left the city and returned to her hometown to help reduce financial pressure and find happiness in her soul

Ngoc Loan’s life has changed a lot since the decision to “leave the town to go home” 3 years ago. However, Loan feels that this is a wise and right decision.

What made this young woman decide to leave the city and go back to her hometown?

Le Thi Ngoc Loan (born in 1993, currently living in Binh Thuan).Photo: NVCC.

Each person will probably have their own reasons to return to their homeland. For Le Thi Ngoc Loan (currently living in Binh Thuan), in addition to the pressures of work and the streets of foreign countries, the time that made her worry about returning to her hometown, especially when her grandmother had a stroke.

Ngoc Loan’s grandmother has 4 children and Loan’s father is the youngest, all siblings are close to each other. When she was ill, her brothers and children in the family always took care of her. At this time Loan was thinking, if one day her parents get old and sick like that, who will take care of her parents (because Loan’s family has only 2 sisters). Both Loan and his brother work in the city to earn a living.

” I thought like that and decided to put my work in town and go back to my hometown, to my family. At this time, I am not married, so my decision is also independent, quite easy, without being dependent. belong to anyone.

In the early days of deciding to return to my hometown, my parents were very upset by this decision. Obviously my parents didn’t know what the reason was. My family and I have had to go through a long time so that there are no controversies around going away or going back to work , “said Ngoc Loan.

“Leaving the city to go to the countryside” is more difficult than imagined, income is reduced

In the early days of returning to her hometown, Ngoc Loan had a really hard time finding a job in the right banking major.

” At that time, I was unemployed, didn’t have a job, just stayed at home selling online and got very few applications. My family situation was not well-off, so my parents were even more bored with this situation. I have always struggled and been very consistent about my path, starting to rebuild my career from scratch is like planting a tree, the roots will take root after a long time and stick in the ground “.

Not long after that, a credit fund in Ngoc Loan’s hometown needed to recruit people and also specialized in banking. Ngoc Loan got a job. Although income has decreased compared to the city, but compared to the standard of living here is much better because food and drink are cheaper, housing costs do not have to be worried.

The 9x girl who left the city and returned to her hometown to help reduce financial pressure and find happiness in her soul

Every month, Loan’s family has her husband’s working income, income from online sales, growing mushrooms, raising pigs, growing sprouts, and making soapnuts. Average will be from 20-25 million VND/month.

If the previous day worked as a bank in the city, Ngoc Loan’s income was about 10 million. Then, after returning home, the income decreased more, falling in the range of 7-8 million.

After 1 year of working, Ngoc Loan continued to stop working at that credit agency. She decided to spend all her time selling online from home. After getting married, the main work of both husband and wife is farming and self-employment.

The current couple’s income comes from many different sources: husband’s working income, online sales income, pig raising, farming. Average will be from 20-25 million VND/month.

” This is not a high enough number to be rich and rich, but I feel free, happy and comfortable with my current job, with past decisions. Thanks to returning to my hometown, family, I have the opportunity to be with my loved ones, go through hardships and difficulties, and be a spiritual support for them ,” Ngoc Loan added.

Growing mushrooms also brings in income for Loan’s family.

Life changes a lot, especially in terms of personal spending

Up to this point, Ngoc Loan has been back home for 3 years. Looking back at the past time compared to the days living in the city, she clearly saw that she had changed a lot. It can be said that going back to the countryside is the first decision for a green and minimalist lifestyle later on.

If in the past, when in the street, every day was busy and busy day and night, working without rest, now it is no longer the case. No more – it’s not about not working, but being productive and still having time for yourself and your family.

In the street, a month of partying a few meals with friends, returning home rarely partying because you are not here and there are not many crowded places like the city.

In the street, I go shopping for a few office dresses for a month, and when I go out, I just go back to my hometown to buy enough. 1 year also only buy a few times calculated on the fingers.

In the street, in addition to clothes, you also have to buy cosmetics, lipstick, cream, serum, … then back home, you don’t buy much, sometimes you make a face mask and wash your face with 1 type. Skin care is also only three things are enough.

In the street, every month, I go back and forth to watch reviews of shower gels and shampoos to change, then go back to my hometown to stay faithful to the line of natural soaps and shampoos, and rarely waste time thinking about what to change. If before, every time I go anywhere, I need to put on makeup, apply lipstick, and blush, then when I go back to my hometown, I only have a bare face and very little makeup.

In the street, buy this and that to clean the floor, wash the dishes, do the laundry. Now, in the countryside, just soak the soapy water to make dishwashing liquid, clean the floor, wash clothes. 1 type that has many features, benign, economical.

The items used for life are mainly from the home garden, so the cost is negligible or free.

In the street, headache and headache every day open my eyes “What to eat today? What to buy? What to go to the market?” then in the countryside, I grow a few seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, cook whatever I like, if I don’t, I can just cut vegetables and eat through the day.

“I have returned to my hometown and really feel like I have simplified a lot of things. For me, that is really great. I have reduced a large part of industrial waste into the environment, saving quite a bit of money to save money. I buy things I don’t need and still buy. And most importantly, I save time, spend that time with my family, for myself to feel more loving in this life,” Ngoc Loan shared. shall.

Ngoc Loan also sends a message to young people, don’t make a hasty decision because you love a rustic beauty in a moment. If you have a goal, take your backpack home, otherwise keep working on the street. Wherever you are, there are costs to be paid, there is still work to be done. It’s also fun in the street, in the countryside, it’s also fun, each different joy comes from what “heart” wants to receive.

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