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Looking back on the journey to conquer the roof of Indochina

 Standing in front of a magnificent Sun World Fansipan Legend, filled with flowers and bustling with the taste of highland life, few people know that this appearance was created from a arduous and persistent journey.

Those who have been attached to Sun World Fansipan Legend since the first day of building the cable car route are still reminded of the old days. Those were the days when standing in front of a desolate Fansipan as high as the eye could see, the “crazy guys” were willing to cross the forest to open the way, spending more than 800 days and nights carrying each stone to the top of the sky.

Standing in the middle of the jungle, struggling in the rain and snow, fighting against the cold and harshness of Hoang Lien makes people seem helpless. Standing in the middle of a deep abyss, on the other is the desire to create a century-old project on the roof of Indochina, the little people have made a miracle that even the world’s top experienced cable car experts Hats off too.

On February 2, 2016, Fansipan cable car – a symbol of Vietnam’s strength and wisdom, the first item in the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist complex was inaugurated, gliding between thick white clouds, passing through the sky. every blue mountain. The road from Sa Pa to the peak of 3,143 m has now been shortened from 2 days to 15 minutes, satisfying the desire of many people, bringing an unprecedented experience from above.

For the first time, the dream of conquering the roof of Indochina that was thought only for “photographers” has come true for the masses. It was the day on which Fansipan peak witnessed the sparkling eyes of many young people, the elderly, children and above all, the smiles of the indigenous people. For them, the dream of setting foot on the peak of 3,143 m, thought to have fallen into oblivion in the place of forest trips in youth, suddenly came to life.

After two years of Fansipan cable car conquering the “Roof of Indochina”, on January 30, 2018, the spiritual complex on the top of Fansipan officially opened. Designed by professor and architect Hoang Dao Kinh, the complex consists of 12 spiritual architectural works stretching from the height of 1,600 m to the top of Fansipan, bearing the typical architecture of Vietnamese pagodas of the 15th-XVI centuries. , like the mountains that were located in the sacred source at the top of the country hundreds of years ago.

The outstanding work of the spiritual complex of Fansipan is the great statue of Amitabha Buddha, which currently holds the record for the highest height of the bronze Amitabha Buddha statue in Asia. The Great Buddha has a height of 21.5 m, made up of tens of thousands of 5 mm thick copper plates with a total weight of 62 tons. The great Buddha statue is machined on site on top of Fansipan and clad according to mechanical pressure techniques on an iron frame structure with a volume of nearly 1,000 m3, with decorative motifs in the form of reliefs bearing the artistic breath of the Tran Dynasty. Up to now, this is still considered as the most miraculously crafted bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam.

In addition to the iconic works, after 5 years of operation of the cable car, many new tourism products have also taken shape such as “Dance in the clouds”, “Spring festival opening the sky gate”, “Azalea Festival”. … The wild Fansipan peak was blown to life, becoming “the world’s leading cultural tourist destination” for two consecutive years in 2019, 2020 by the world’s leading tourism award organization World Travel Awards.
Looking back on the journey to conquer the roof of Indochina

Undeterred by the harsh weather and terrain with Fansipan’s trees, the green tree staff both researched the varieties, and persevered in planting, incubating, and transferring each flower to the top. The dream of turning the foothills of Fansipan mountain into a valley of colorful flowers has repelled difficulties from the aridity of rocks or the sudden fall of storms and frost.

The mountain slopes were covered with colorful flowers. The pure white snow seasons on the top of Fansipan have now left the footprints of travelers. The natural treasures of “Roof of Indochina” are sent to everyone, which is also the reason why WTA continues to award Sun World Fansipan Legend the award “World’s leading natural scenic destination 2020”. Mr. Graham Cooke – Founder and Chairman of WTA said: “Sun World Fansipan Legend has made the experience of conquering the highest peak in Indochina, where there is overwhelming beauty, easy for everyone. Thanks to that, the work won a convincing number of votes from the World Travel Awards, to achieve this title”.

Four seasons on the side of white clouds, festivals of spreading skirts and flowers, Fansipan is now considered to be more Northwest than before. Sun World Fansipan Legend has entered the world after 3 years. The achievements of that journey are likened by many to the miracle of the miracles named “Vietnam”, of perseverance, resilience and pride like the red flag with a yellow star with the color of the Fatherland still proudly flying every day. According to zingnews

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